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North American Services Center has been around since 1986 and has years of experience. MS Kathryn MacDonald is the CEO of North American Services Center and she lives in Dubai where the head office is. Besides the head office in Dubai, they have 9 other branches all over the world. North American Services Center is the largest immigration company in the UAE. They provide immigration services to Canada, the UK, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and St Kitts & Nevis.


The website

The home page for North American Services Center is quite busy and distracts you from the information that they provide you. There is so much to take in that you get distracted. The home page is a bit off putting and for a company that has so many years of experience, we feel that the website is a bit too sloppy.

North American Services Center drives home their experience by telling you that their consultants speak at least 12 different languages. Over the years, North American Services Center has been responsible for the successful immigration of 10 000 families. On the website they also tell you that besides the countries that they tell you about, they have also helped people immigrate to 72 other countries.

The client testimonials that North American Services Center provide are all video testimonials, which is extremely helpful for those possible clients that cannot understand English properly. We feel that this is a personal touch that may work in their favour. The privacy policy, refund policy and terms and conditions are very straight forward and explain anything you may have questions about. They clearly indicate their terms on refunds and it is easy to find.NASC vide

When you start going into the Canadian immigration options the information provided North American Services Center is very useful. The information is also easy to understand, which is helpful if your first language is not English.



Social Media

The social media presence for North American Services Center is quite good. Their Facebook page has 480 523 likes and their last post as on the 22nd of August. Their posts receive a lot of likes and comments so they are reaching their target audience. They also reply to user’s comments and assist them with their queries and direct them in the right direction. Their Twitter page has 738 followers and their last post was on the 26th August.

North American Services Center also posts their client testimonials on YouTube so you are able to watch them there too. They have a LinkedIn page as well as a Google + page with all the important information on it.


What we think

North American Services Center has a good company identity and they have years of experience to back it up. Their website is a bit basic and cluttered and could do with a revamp to make it flow more smoothly. The information provided is informative and helpful and is easy to read and understand even if English is not your first language. MS Kathryn MacDonald, the CEO, is registered and in good standing with the ICCRC, her RCIC number is R414887.rcic ccim

You can visit their website here:


The Review

6.4 Score


The Good

  • They are also registered with the ICCRC

The Bad

  • Their website is a bit cluttered and outdated


  • Company Identity 70%
  • Legitimacy 90%
  • Service Feedback 50%
  • Features 60%
  • Published Content 50%
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19 Discussion to this review

  1. NASC Client says:

    Very unprofessional, scammer, money makers they are…they should be sued over charge of money laundering case…I ve been ther client from 2014 and as of now nobody ever called me to inform anything even my credentials are very good and qualifying, n i called them every time to get updates but always lame excuses.. I ve sent many emails and many reminders but they don’t give a damn now im further proceeding towards legal action against them as I have paid huge amount but didn’t get services..
    at the beginning they will assure you that your credentials are good and ther r very good chances to get visa but u have to be quick n we have offer blah blah blah n once u signup ,they all will disappear and nobody will respond u and whenever u visit ther ofc u ll find new staff…they ll just waste ur time n money for a year then they will say ur profile expired pay our fees again otherwise cancel agreement…morons..useless pplz..these pplz ruined my years and money and hope..
    for proof of my all statements call my personal mob number and also those who wish to take any action against them contact- 0566806996
    together we can save many…

  2. Mohamed Salem says:

    NASC is robbery organization, they never replies to any call, This ROD disappears once got the money and signs the contract. Kathryn ans well never replies to a call or email.


  3. Shaw says:

    Any hope to keep from NASC is like inviting trouble. They play games with applicants. They guarantee you everything until he money is taken but what the money is in their account then simply forget everything. U will be asked to pay more and more…

  4. Muhammad Waqqas says:

    Hi, i want to know the legitimacy of this company. They are conducting a free seminar in Muscat and i have registered to attend the seminar. Based on the above comments it seems that the company is suspicious. Kindly confirm me so i can make my mind to start my process through them or not?
    Thank you

  5. Shahida says:

    NASC International Company conducts FREE SEMINARS every week in Dubai to trap the innocent people with their different payment models. Pay today and avail 50% discount on total service fee or else this price is not available if you make up mind tomorrow. I was trapped with this tempting offer and when realized that they had hidden additional clauses of extra payment terms and conditions which they let me sign after taking payment, i immediately contacted them the next day morning to cancel and refund. Mr Rod Murtada, first agreed to refund full amount except AED 500 but afterwards he backed up from his verbal wordings and refused to pay anything.
    This company calling themselves legitimate and reputable, is a big SCAM, a money making company.They are least bothered about any client who submits payment. You wont get any response from them when it comes to refund or payment. There is no response from Kathryn or Mr. Rod since the cancellation in March 2016.

  6. Sameh Elmesalamy says:

    Your representative Sylvia did not say truth in Cairo about IELTS required score she said min score required is 5 then after we paid she said by email 6 each module then you sent fake letter from Gmail not CIC say you rejected and required score 6.5
    U stool our money.
    And your director Dr Rod say ‘ we are cowboys’. Not political and live in our country and get our money .
    Arab Emirates, Egyptian, KSA people not cowboys.
    He will pay too much for this

  7. Thank you for your review, I can attest that in this industry with the evolving immigration programs it’s a challenge to stay on top. Clients must understand that any legitimate company does not sell visas, we process the clients applications based on the current rules. It is the ultimate decision of the respective government. Sincerely Kathryn MacDonald , RCIC

    • Heba says:

      you are just cheaters especially Rod. have the courage to press the link below to know what I mean. I will sue you very soon in both canada and the UAE. fraud
      I need my money back cheaters

  8. Fatemeh says:

    U r cheating company u stool my money for nothing

    • It appears you may have not met the English language requirement as such you blame the consultant.

      • Rashid says:

        It seems to be yours consultant trained to cheat people .Many negative feedback all over
        the net and at social happy person and hundreds of unsatisfied customers.
        Why to tell many people score 5 then after they paid and suffer another email from yours co asking them for score 6 and above.Also once they paid the full fees no body bother to follow with them and for those who stop paying because they discover but late that they have been fooled, the collection company start threatening them to pay
        the outstanding .What kind of such company.I’m sure in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES they will not keep such company and they will investigate soon.

        • Shahida says:

          Had this company been genuine or legitimate, would I not have got an action on my complaint and calling them for refund which they intentionally refused to pay all just because of signing the papers where they included every possible clause to trap applicant leaving them with no options to claim money. Can they show me any law that will legally confirm to me if they can retain full amount even if someone cancels the agreement during the cool off period which means right within 24 hrs time. The only service they gave me was letting me sign papers and on next day when I approached the guy Rod who u is always running the show in free lectures confirmed that they will prepare a cheque of 5500 and will deduct 500 to which I agreed and was asked to email him for the same which I did within an hour to which he replied after 9 days after my follow up saying the refundable amount is 500 not 5500….it left me speechless for a minute and went in shock how he changed his statement. This is most ridiculous company. I wud say they r be fooling people in every week’s free seminar. They are earning for no cost borne. I however have already taken action and waiting for the response from CIC authorities.

        • Shahida says:

          Heba, i have done that & waiting for an outcome from ICCRC.
          Can you please advise if what legal options you have considered for actions against them in Dubai?..

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