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Is Nexus Immigration & Recruitment Reliable?



Nexus Immigration & Recruitment is a member and recognized by the ICCRC and they have qualified RCIC agents with more than 20 years of experience. Nexus Immigration will help you with visas to study, work, and visit or even become a permanent resident in Canada.

But is Nexus a legitimate immigration and recruitment company and are they reliable?


The website

The website is easy to use and it is nicely laid out. Everything that you need can be easily found which is helpful. However when you start looking at the different options provided you realize how limited the information provided is. The information provided on the various visa applications is extremely limited and basic and in the end, quite unhelpful.

There is information on available jobs that is posted but there are only 6 jobs posted. There is an application form to fill in for the jobs and that is a good sign. There is also an option for companies to post jobs that are available. It also requires the basic information, which is understandable.

There is a privacy policy but no refund policy or terms and conditions. However there are no client testimonials. After 20 years in the business you would expect to see something from previous clients. We couldn’t find anything anywhere.


Some problems we found

Nexus Immigration & Recruitment claim to be recognized by the ICCRC and have registered RCIC agents. Who are they? We searched for RCIC agents for Nexus and we came up empty handed. This raised a huge red flag and it was very unsettling. There is also no indication who started Nexus Immigration & Recruitment. We are told that they have over 20 years of experience but where are these people?

They do provide an address, a phone number and an e-mail that you can contact them on. The office for Nexus Immigration & Recruitment is situated in Calgary. But when we looked to e-mail Nexus it said that the offices were closed. They do provide times that the office is open, between 10AM and 5PM, we were within the office times.

There is a free online assessment that you can take so we thought that that would be a good indication of their knowledge. But unfortunately we could not look at the assessment because Nexus was no longer taking submissions for assessment. There was not even an option to take the assessment as many other immigration companies still allow you to take the questionnaire.

There are links to social media pages but instead of taking you to the social media pages for Nexus, it allows you to share the link for the website. We searched for the social media pages and what we found is not reassuring. The Twitter page for Nexus Immigration & Recruitment has 42 followers and the last Tweet is from the 26th of June 2013. The Facebook page is a group with 3865 members. You cannot see who the admin people are and there are no posts or comments from Nexus.

When we searched for client testimonials we found another company called Nexus Canada Immigration Consulting nexus logo 2Services. Nexus Immigration & Recruitment has the exact same logo. This was extremely concerning when we also found out that Nexus Immigration & Recruitment’s website was only created in 2011. This is a little suspicious for a company that has over 20 years of experience.


What we think

We think that you should definitely proceed with caution if you want to use Nexus Immigration & Recruitment. There are no client testimonials, the website is only a few years old even though the company has over 20 years of experience.

Their social media pages are not well maintained and Nexus does not post or respond to what their followers ask.

The Review

1.4 Score


The Good

  • Privacy policy available

The Bad

  • The same logo is used as another company
  • No refund policy or terms and conditions
  • No client testimonials


  • Company Identity 20%
  • Legitimacy 10%
  • Service Feedback 10%
  • Features 20%
  • Published Content 10%
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