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NextDestination Canada seems to be a legitimate immigration consultancy. Based in Montreal, Canada, they offer all of the standard immigration services you can expect from an immigration company. Our NextDestination Canada review details all there is to know about the company. Discover if they are right for you.

Website and Services

We start our NextDestination Canada review by answering the most important question. Do they have a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC)? We are happy to answer with a resounding yes!

Eivy Joy Quito is their RCIC and prime associate. We checked her RCIC license number, R512178, with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and found that she is indeed registered with them. This means that Eivy is legally authorized to assist you with your immigration application.

Our initial impression of their website was a good one. It makes great use of minimalist design to create a user-friendly experience. All the links work and it is very easy to navigate. However, the bare design also means that there is very little content on their website.

You will only find information on who the company is and what services they offer. There is no mention of life in Canada or the specific requirements for any of the visa options. They do not have a news section or a blog section, so it is easy to start wondering if the company is up to date with the latest immigration news and trends.

NextDestination Canada’s biggest selling point is their “100% Refund Guarantee” policy. They claim to refund you if you do not qualify for any of the immigration options once you have been evaluated. However, in their Terms and Conditions, it is clear that their refund policy is a lot more complex. The policy seems to say that NextDestination Canada still has the discretion to issue refunds under certain conditions. We recommend you to read more about their policy here.

Talking about fees, the company is very upfront with their pricing. Their “Setup Package” will set you back $750 USD and submitting your application will cost you somewhere between $3000-$4000.

We really appreciated the extensive terms and conditions of the company as well as their privacy policy. You can trust that they will handle your personal information with professional care.

Our NextDestination Canada review homepage

Social Media

NextDestination Canada have three main social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Their Facebook profile is certainly impressive, with a following of 358,249. Seeing as they have such a large following, you would think that the company provides their followers with some exciting and relevant content. However, all of their posts are merely made up of standard Shutterstock photos with a brief description of some current immigration news and a link to their landing page.

If you are interested in finding out more about immigration by following a professional consultancy, you will not find that here. Perhaps they share more useful information on Instagram and Twitter? Unfortunately, it is exactly the same thing, just an image with a link to their landing page

Our NextDestination Canada Review of their Social Media


You might be wondering why such a seemingly reputable immigration consultancy warrants such a brief review. The reason our NextDestination Canada review is short is because they have very little to review online.

There are no testimonials or online reviews of any kind to be found. The only way we could measure the customer interaction of the company is through their social media. On Facebook, they have disabled the review option, but you can see that the company responds to all of the comments on their posts.

We liked their website and that they employ an RCIC. However, we were left disappointed by the bare information found on their site. We believe they are a legitimate company, but they are definitely lacking in some departments.

If you are not convinced that NextDestination is for you, please have a look at some of the stellar reviews on our website here.

Have you had any experience with this company? If so, comment below.

The Review

7.4 Score


The Good

  • RCIC
  • Large following

The Bad

  • Bare information
  • No reviews


  • RCIC 100%
  • Easy to use website 100%
  • No blog or news section 50%
  • Bare information 60%
  • No useful content on social media 60%
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