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Nationwide Visas claim to be and have many things, like a 100% success rate. They clearly set a potential client up with great expectations. Our Nationwide Visas Review measures if they can meet these high standards.

Website and Services

Our initial look at the website can only be described as a visual assault. On every page you will find blinking buttons and moving banners, it is quite a lot to take in. The way information is ordered on their websites is also very intense, the pages are long and winding with tons of information. The multiple fonts and font sizes make for a very hard read. We highly recommend Nationwide Visas to invest in a new web designer – it will do them and their clients wonders.

Nationwide Visas Review of their website

In terms of services, the company provides the standard collection of immigration services. Impressively, you will find information on nearly all the various programs you can use to migrate to Canada. The content is very lengthy, dense and difficult to understand, because of the overwhelming number of spelling and grammatical errors. They also offer immigration services to:

  • Australia:
  • New Zealand
  • The U.S.; and
  • The U.K.

The company has two eligibility calculators, one for immigration and the other is for permanent residency. We found this interesting as most consultancies don’t offer the latter service. Nationwide Visas refer to these services as free and comes with a 100% success rate. Later on in out Nationwide Visas review we will discuss these claims further.

Apparently, they have an immigration lawyer who is registered with the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) working for them. We could not find any reference of this person’s name or RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant) number on their website. Eventually, we turned to the ICCRC’s registry to track this person down. We found a person called Vishal Shukla when we searched for a company called Nationwide so we aren’t entirely sure if this person is the so-called “immigration lawyer” in their employment.

It is frustrating that they aren’t clear about who their immigration lawyer is because it makes them appear untrustworthy. We recommend that they should be upfront with who is in their employment so that prospective clients can protect themselves from fraud by verifying the identity of the people they want to hire and pay for immigration services.

Initially we were happy to see that they have a privacy policy and terms and conditions on their page; however, once we followed the links we were very disappointed. The terms and conditions of the company are merely two short paragraphs long. Besides the short length, it is written in such an incoherent mess of English that it is impossible to understand what they are saying.

We were similarly shocked by their poor privacy policy. The policy only covers the intellectual property of Nationwide Visas and it makes no mention of they handle the personal information of their clients. If you want to use their services, be careful, because there is no guarantee that your personal details will be kept safe and confidential.

Apart from making no mention of their client’s information the privacy policy also refers to another company called Continental Immigration. It said that all of the content on their website is “sole property of Continental Immigration”. We weren’t sure if this was intentional or if they copied this information from another company. Elsewhere on their website, they make no mention of being affiliated with Continental Immigration, so we found this fact very concerning. It left us asking, who is Continental Immigration and do they have to do with Nationwide Visas?

After being left disappointed by all the issues mentioned above we were not hopeful while investigating their news and blog sections. Again, we were left in shock but this time it was a positive reaction. Nationwide Visas have fantastic news and blog sections that are regularly updated with current and relevant immigration news and trends. This is truly the redeeming feature of their website.

Social Media and Reviews

The main social media platforms Nationwide Visas uses is Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


On Facebook, they have 38,593 followers and an average user score of 4.8 out of 5 based on 29 people. They are really active on this social media platform. They regularly post articles and they quickly respond to their followers. When we took a look at their reviews we noticed something quite concerning, a particularly bad review claims that the company provided them with incorrect information and refused to refund them or respond to them.

Nationwide Visas Review of their Facebook

We found this particularly strange given that the company claims to offer free evaluations and a 100% success rate. Clearly, this is not what Atir Husain experienced when signed up for their services.


On Twitter, they only have 87 followers. We don’t know why, but instead of posting their own content on their account they retweet other immigration company’s content. This is bad for their business and frankly, we would like to let them know that they should stop that. It’s in the best interest of their success.


This is one of the few businesses we have come across that actually uses this social media platform, well they used to. Up until June 2018, they regularly posted some of their great blog posts.


When we finished our Nationwide Visas review we were left quite disappointed. Apart from their blog and news section, the company leaves much to be desired. It almost seems as if they are new to the world of Canadian immigration, but they claim to have over 11 years of experience.

Are they scammers? It’s hard to say, the testimonials on their website are clearly written by them and not by actual customers and they have very little else to show to convince you that they are the real deal. To answer the question, we would say that they probably aren’t scammers but people could probably find a much better, clearly and professional and trustworthy company elsewhere. You can find our list of reviewed, trusted agents here.

If you have any experience with Nationwide Visas, please let us know in the comments below.

The Review

7 Score


The Good

  • Active Facebook
  • Good News and Blog Section

The Bad

  • No Clear RCIC
  • Bad Web Design
  • Poorly Written Content


  • Great News and Blog 100%
  • Good Facebook 100%
  • Bad web design and badly written content 20%
  • No clear RCIC 60%
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