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My Visa Source is an immigration law firm based in Vancouver. There is basic information about the partners, the firm and their educational backgrounds. Sunny S. Dhillon is a graduate from London School of Economics and the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. Sonia Mann is a lawyer and a registered RCIC agent that is in good standing with the ICCRC, her RCIC number is R415813. Sonia attended Law School at the University of Victoria and she is the head of the immigration cases at the firm.

The About Us page talks about the partners and their experience and how they are devoted to their clients. But what we found quite peculiar is that there are only two people listed, no one else.


View the My Visa Source website here:


The Website

The website for My Visa Source is professional looking and easy to navigate. However we do feel that the website is lacking information about other lawyers at the firm, if there are any. If they cover as many law related issues as they say, even your DUI, how can Sonia Mann man all of the cases?


The website was only created in March 2013 so we are unsure if this is an indication of how old the firm is. The website has a privacy policy, a terms and conditions but no refund policy.

What we thought was a very nice touch to the website is that for each visa program, there is a short video that explains what the visa is about. There is also a Forum page where people can ask questions and get an answer from Sonia. However, the last post was from the 17th of March 2014.

5 Star Ratings

The My Visa Source website does provide you with a Testimonials page where you are able to read a few testimonials from previous clients. But every single client has rated My Visa Source as 5 out of 5. We found this a bit strange.


Thank you for not only helping me with sponsoring my spouse but for always keeping me informed of what is going on. My husband and I appreciated you always sending emails with updates and being available on the telephone to answer any questions that we had. We would recommend you to our family and friends who need immigration help.”

     5 out of 5 Rating by Laura


Social Media

We looked on the website for any signs of social media links and we came up empty handed. We looked for a Facebook account and we couldn’t find anything. There is a Twitter account but it was private and we obviously couldn’t see anything. The account was created in 2013.

We did find quite a few videos on YouTube where Sonia is speaking about the various immigration visas, the videos are also available on the website. However the last video was posted a year ago.


 The My Visa Source website provides you with the basic information about the different visa programs and the two employees. The fact that there is no refund policy available on the website is worrisome but it could be a simple mistake.

The social media presence for My Visa Source is quite poor and the fact that the Twitter account is private seems pointless as possible clients will not be able to view what is posted.

Sonia Mann is a lawyer and an RCIC agent which does not happen often. She does check out as an RCIC agent but there is nothing on the My Visa Source website about whether Sonia Mann is recognised by a Lawyers Association of any kind.

We do not necessarily think that My Visa Source is a scam but we do feel that there could be small improvements made to the website and their social media presence.

If you have dealt with My Visa Source please let us know what your experience is was like and leave a comment in our comments section below.

The Review

6 Score


The Good

  • Sonia Mann is a registered RCIC agent
  • Sonia Mann is also a lawyer

The Bad

  • There is no refund policy
  • There is a poor social media presence
  • All posts and videos are over a year old


  • Company Identity 60%
  • Legitimacy 70%
  • Features 40%
  • Service Feedback 70%
  • Published Content 60%
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