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Started in 2003, More Visas is a company mainly based in India where they guide their clients in applications from family visas to business visas.


They claim to provide excellent immigration services as well as job searches to ensure that you have the right guidance on your journey.  We put their claim to the test with our More Visas review.


About More Visas

more visas review website

More Visas deliver immigration and job recruitment services to a long list of countries like:

  • The U.K.;
  • The U.S.;
  • Denmark;
  • Australia;
  • Switzerland;
  • Canada;
  • Hong Kong; and
  • South Africa


To keep up with their clients, More Visa has multiple offices around the world to assist with the immigration process. From the start, the company is clear that these immigration services are not for free and state that their customers will know about the costs before they start their application.


We noticed that the company claims to hire visa consultants for their company, so we decided to check out their statement.


We searched their About Us page trying to find out more about their mystery consultants, but we came up empty handed. Apparently, Mrs Radhika Reddy is “a guiding force behind the success of the company in the field of immigration and visa services”. This was highly worrying as we could not find any of her qualifications for this position.


In case you didn’t know, only an authorized representative like a Canadian immigration lawyer or RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant) can legally charge for immigration services.


We also tried to find if More Visas was a registered company with the  ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council), but came up with no results.


It turns out that Mrs C. Haritha Reddy is another director of the company. She is a lawyer for the company, unfortunately, her degree does not let her practice either U.S. or Canadian law, so she cannot legally assist with your Canadian immigration.


Their Services


More Visas appear to offer a wider selection of immigration services. Here is a list of the services they promise to deliver on.

  • Canada Student Visa;
  • Canada Federal Skilled Worker;
  • Business Visa;
  • Canada Family Immigration;
  • Manitoba Provincial;
  • Quebec Selected Skilled Worker; and
  • Visit visa


Major concerns come up when we looked at their service page. It seems that you can buy a visa, not apply for one. This sets off immediate warnings as no company can guarantee that you will receive a visa after your application.

more visas review services


Anyone offering to let you buy a visa is not to be trusted. Anyone who says that you are 100% guaranteed to get a visa, should not be trusted.


As we looked more into the information they provided about certain visas we found that the information they give is vague, limited and in general does not help you find out more.


For the business visas, it seems that the company has not updated their information, or know that two of the three investment programs in Canada have already closed.


So not only does the company not seem to have any immigration lawyers or RCICs, it does not seem to even keep updated on the latest immigration news either.


We also get the feeling that the company just wants your money more than anything else, thanks to the spam-like feel some of the website gives.

more visa review spam

At least the company includes a Terms and Conditions document. As we read their policy we found that they do not offer refunds for any of their Evaluation reports and if you do apply for a visa application refund, at best you can get 25% of your original payment back, if you qualify


At least we can say that their Terms and Conditions is detailed –  if nothing else.


Another surprise is that the company is GDPR compliant, which is, for those of you who do not know, a way for you to know how your personal information is used, stored and protected by a company you sign up with.


Their Blogs


The company really does not seem to keep current when it comes to Canada immigration since its blog was last updated in January 2018.


Just like their website, it seems that their blog, although it has useful information, is mostly underutilized or plainly ignored by the company.


More Visas Social Media Reviews


If you want to learn a bit more about a company, then taking a look at the company’s social media accounts is a good place to start.


Turns out that More Visas has quite a few social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


It seems that More Visas does at least keep up to date on Facebook through regular postings, unfortunately, that is mostly all they seem to do on their page.

more visas review facebook 1

There is little to no customer interaction on the page and any shares on the blogs are actually done by the company itself.


Another possible issue is that the company has not enabled their reviews on Facebook, which could mean that the company may have major issues in this area.


We then researched further and found some really telling reviews online, which gave the company a mixture of 5 star to one star ratings. Here are just some of the reviews we found.


Some reviews were also negative when it came to the company’s services like the ones below.

more visas review social media

Some reviews were also negative when it came to the company’s services like the ones below.

more visas review facebook


Overall they ended up at an average three-star rating, which is not terrible but is not great either.


Conclusion –  Can You Trust Them?


Our More Visas Review has delved into the company and here are our findings. The company gave us a weird mixture of things that really made us doubt them.


The company does not clearly state who will be assisting with your immigration and seems to be more oriented towards taking your money more than anything else.


Not only did we find the information on the actual website lacking but it was also seriously outdated and doesn’t let the customer make an informed decision before they have to “buy a visa.”


As soon as we see the word “buy” that sets off immediate alarm bells. It makes More Visas come across as a scam and at the very least unprofessional.


Although the company does give some background into their directors in the About Us page, this is not really useful in general terms and the fact that the company states that these individuals are part of the immigration process, while having no real authorized qualifications to help with the immigration process, is baffling at best.


We found with our More Visas review that there is little or no public customer interaction between the company and their clients. Questions by customers on social media are mostly either ignored or left unanswered, which speaks volumes about their customer service.


The fact that the company has disabled their comment section on Facebook does not help their image and, based on the reviews we found from other sources, the company has a mixture of great and really terrible reviews.


The only thing that we can say about the company is at least they have legal documentation like a Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions that are up to standard with the latest regulations.


Don’t think that More Visas is the company for you? Check out our other trusted reviews of Canadian immigration companies and find the right one for you!

The Review

3.5 Score


The Good

  • Updated legal documents like Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditions

The Bad

  • No clear RCIC or immigration lawyers mentioned
  • Poor or lacking information on their website for immigration programs
  • Option to
  • Poor customer interaction online
  • Mixed customer reviews


  • No clear RCIC or immigration lawyers mentioned 10%
  • Poor or lacking information on their website for immigration programs 30%
  • Use of 10%
  • Poor customer interaction online 10%
  • Mixed customer reviews 50%
  • Updated legal documents like Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditions 100%
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