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The excitement of change and immigrating to a new country can sometimes be a daunting process. One company that tries to minimize these challenges is Migration Expert.

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According to the website, Migration Expert was established in 2002 and has offices around the world…well four offices in four countries. The company’s sole purpose is to help people achieve their migration goals with ease, while providing a wide range of services for many visa types and categories for Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.


Migration Expert offers different services from premium study visas to working holiday visas and premium short travel visa applications.

According to their website, the company also offers Corporate Visa Services to assist Canadian organisations in recruiting skilled talent from all over the world. Boasting 10 years of experience, it is no wonder that Migrate Experts is where corporate organisations go for help. Migration Expert offers corporate services such as:

  • Employee Sponsorship
  • Staff Relocation
  • Talent Recruitment


The company offers a free visa assessment questionnaire as well as an online interview to gather enough information about the client to be able to assist them. The company also insists on a face-to-face or telephone consultation.

Migration Expert Canada

The website is very detailed – from the Terms and Conditions to the Privacy Policy, which are all easy to understand and extremely detailed. One does need to read the Terms and Conditions carefully as it states so many terms that you need to know before signing a contract with the company.

Even though the website is so detailed, it does not specify how much anything costs – so clients will find out when they get their contracts.

There is a refund policy section on the website, however, it states that there is a ZERO PERCENT REFUND. A client might get a refund if a written request is sent in through the Client Area within 8 hours of payment. The client might also get their money back if services were not rendered. There is also a service fee which is non-refundable following 72 hours of payment.

Qualified Immigration Consultants:

Migration Expert assists people in immigrating to four different countries, Australia, Canada, UK and the US. The company even has qualified immigration consultants for all four countries which you can check with the respected countries. Caroline Velasque is the qualified immigration consultant for Canada and is registered with the ICCRC; RCIC Number – R420863. According to the website, Velasque has over 15 years of experience in handling all types of visa categories. She is also fluent in English and Spanish.

Migration Expert ICCRC

The company also provides information on the different Canadian embassies and their whereabouts in whichever country you are situated in. Therefore, you can always go and find out a few things from the embassy itself if you are ever unsure about anything.

Social Media:

Migration Expert Facebook

Although Migration Experts have set the standard extremely high for immigration consultants, it seems like the company does not have much of a social media presence. Each country has its own Facebook page and Google Plus page, but nothing has been posted.

Reviews and Testimonials:

Everything about Migration Expert looks so legitimate and it looks like the company give a premium quality service, so why do they have so many bad reviews? Most of the reviews we found online were customers complaining about getting a refund and how costly the company is.

One of the clients even said, “Migration Expert had no problem charging me $399 in Australian dollars for help with Canadian immigration. Total charge $415.33…To date I have not received any services from migration expert. However, because I logged in two times on their website, they say that I utilized their service.”

Don’t lose hope, as there are a few good reviews for the services provided. We do however urge people, before signing anything and handing over any money, to read the terms and conditions.

Besides the few bad reviews about money, Migration Expert is a reputable company with qualified immigration consultants.

Have you had any experience with Migrate Experts? If so, leave us a comment telling us what you thought about Migrate Experts services.


The Review

5 Score


The Good

  • Qualified immigration consultants from all four countries

The Bad

  • No social media presences at all


  • Company Identity 30%
  • Legitimacy 90%
  • Service Feedback 40%
  • Features 30%
  • Published Content 60%
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10 Discussion to this review

  1. hikan says:

    I especially liked the evaluation they conduct to potential clients in order to determine if one is a good candidate for the skilled worker’s visa. During the entire process I always got the answers I needed, and the response time (especially e-mails) is amazing at first first i was in sri lanka on couldnt trust a foriegn company so i consulted the local agent in sri lanka asset gold pvt ltd, where they were the communication between migration expert and me, first i through it was done all through asset gold acting as an agent for migration expert

  2. Zahid nadeem says:

    Yes!! We are interested in talking with one of their companies …. and we have also filled all the requirements which they asked and we are also sending the payment to their account which they have Emailed us … because in libya is very hard and dangeroud warzone we hope that they contact us and give us visa as soon as possible we will be very thankfull in our hole life we are here with family we are five family members …from zahid nadeem from libya

  3. ahtashamul haq says:

    Hi sir im in bahrain 12 year and im workiig Construction company is a supervisor i have a good experience for the construction so how can I get the information about the visa and i like to work in Canada so if possible please send me all of your details

  4. Manidul Mondal says:

    Please help me .I like to work Canada long back I try to get visa but I can’t got please help me. I am working at Oman 5 years. I’m a cook. It’s my number +968 96387436

  5. mamun says:

    i nidd 1visa please ser

  6. Hantz Rodiguez Phillips says:

    I don’t have a website but I would love to live and work in Canada am a certified electrician and have a wonderful wife and two kids really needs to eleavate my self want my kids and my wife successful also my life am hard working honest and ambitious

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