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A pretty website with no relevant information.


Migrate WorldwideWhen looking for agents to help you immigrate to Canada (or any other country), it is important to try establish the legitimacy of the company behind the website. While Migrate Worldwide does has an attractive website, do they deliver on their promises, or are they just a pretty face?

Migrate Worldwide is a newly established immigration agency located in Cape Town South Africa, which promises to help with recruitment, relocation and immigration. Sounds amazing right? Kill three birds with one stone!

When a website offers immigration to several different countries, but only seems to have accredited and qualified immigration advisers in two of those countries, then something isn’t right. The company only has licensed immigration advisers for Australia and New Zealand, with nobody representing South Africa, Canada, U.S.A or the U.K.
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Migrate Worldwide offers assistance in immigrating to Canada (and other countries), helping you find a job in Canada (and other countries) and also helps you with your relocating.
According to the immigrations section on the website, the company is affiliated with worldwide immigration professionals that keep them updated with what is happening in the world of immigration. The recruitment side helps you find a job and the relocation side helps you find the correct bank and cost budgets that will suit your needs.

One Question…who are these affiliations that assist with the immigration and how do we know that they are qualified and recognized by any government?

The website, although professional and beautiful, is a little difficult to read with the light grey wording on the white background. It is easy to navigate and takes you to all the right pages.

The terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy are easy to understand. It says nothing about the documents needed or refund policies.

According to their Google+ page, they have immigration attorneys, yet on the website it says the consultants/staff are trained daily on the latest immigration news and laws. So what are they? Consultants or attorneys? If they are consultants, then how are they qualified to assist you in immigrating to Canada or anywhere for that matter? If they are attorneys then do they know all the laws for the different countries?

One of the consultant agents, Denis Otto is registered and Licensed by Immigration Advisers Authority, while Karl Walder is said to be registered by the Migration Institute of Australia. However, we cannot find him on the website when we search for his name or immigration agent number. So what about Canada? Who is processing applications for Canadian Visas?

Although they have two licensed advisers, we do not know if we are dealing with consultants or lawyers. They do not have any consultant that is registered with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) or Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC).

Because Migrate Worldwide’s website was only registered in 2014, there are few reviews about their services on the web and none on their website which makes it difficult to know about the level of service that they provide. Fortunately, there are two positive reviews found on Facebook, stating that their services are good.MigrateWW FB

The Social Media engagement seems to be good and they respond to people, except for Google + (there has been no form of engagement or posts). The blog is updated constantly and has good articles. There is no information on the website about the steps involved in immigrating or what the entire process entails for the various countries. You will have to sign up to learn more about their services.

The Review

4.6 Score


The Good

  • Free Consultation
  • Engaging Social Media and active blog

The Bad

  • Not made clear if you are working with attorneys or consultants
  • Don't list consultant for All countries immigration services are offered for
  • No RCIC numbers for Canadian Immigation Agents


  • Company Identity 50%
  • Legitimacy 30%
  • Service Feedback 40%
  • Features 60%
  • Published Content 50%
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26 Discussion to this review

  1. morgan says:

    I had no idea what to expect after the LMIA i received from rodney gnanamanay but in the end I could not have chosen a better firm to use the LMIA to get the PR then i selected migration world wide

  2. Albert says:

    I paid R15000 in January and MW will not answer my call since April. I will be flying to Capetown to get a refund. They don’t know what they are doing and the worst part is that they keep changing the agent allocated to me.

  3. Alexei van Rensburg says:

    We went on the internet In September 2015 and started researching Migration companies. Migrate Worldwide was one of our options. Clinton Hendricks phones us and the sales pitch was brilliant. He asked allot of questions, which we answered truthfully and which he noted incorrectly. (We are still waiting for the voice recordings). He said things like: wow, no one ever answered yes to so many questions and you are such good candidates. How do you feel about the fact that you will be going to Canada within 6 – 8 months. Well needless to say, after we paid R30,000.00 the case manager went throught eh file and the details where wrong, after correcting the details we suddenly did not qualify for express entry and HAD to get work to be able to gain access. It took migrate world wide 2 and a half months to re-do our resumes and in 4 months they applied for 16 jobs for me and none for my husband. The advise we received was all found on google and pasted on an e-mail. The only competent person we dealt with was Kim who provided us with IELTS training and Skype interview training. Which was a waste and Migrate worldwide set up no interviews, which is the opposite of what they promise on their sales pitch. They committed to refund 50% of our fee (R15,000.00) and 9 weeks later…..still no refund. No response on all our e-mails and ignoring our requests for the voice recordings. We had no alternative but to seek legal assistance. Every week there is a delay and a new excuse for the delay. We are not doing everything our self and i must say it is going much quicker.

  4. Jaco Greeff says:

    MASSIVE SCAM GUYS, we are heading legal action in South Africa as well as in Canada.

    • Alexei van Rensburg says:

      Hi Jaco.

      We also starting the Legal Route with The Consumer Protector and Canadian Immigration Board. Migrate Worldwide committed to a 50% refund and after 9 weeks not a single cent received. They are extremely incompetent (each person) and the sales Pitch was completely false and the details where completely wrong. They need to be stopped!!!!!

  5. Martin Ndlovu says:

    Which ligitimate agents company can i use to apply for a canadian visa

    • Canadian Visa Review says:


      Thank you for your query. You can take a look at our Trusted Agent http://bit.ly/trustedagents reviews to find a company that will be able to help you.

      Thank You
      Canadian Visa Review

  6. Jon says:

    PETER you are in-correct, like all my other responses on all the different plat-forms you are using, I asked you for a case number as we have no PETER on our database, If you were an existing Client you would have wanted this situation rectified, YES?.. I honestly think you are a rival company looking for a way to slander honest companies like Migrate Worldwide who do have regulatory Agents for the different Countries including CANADA.

    • Alexei van Rensburg says:

      Dear Jon. We are going through exactly the same with Migrate Worldwide. We were promised our refund within 6 weeks. That was on the 5th of February. We are no in week 10. The newest excuse is……we moved premises and that cost us allot of money. The refund will be done at month end. That would then be 12 weeks in counting for a refund???? I am not holding my breath.

  7. Peter says:

    I purchased a visa product through Byron at migrateworldwide.co.za about 9 months ago with the promise of a job in canada or a full refund.

    Obviously he couldnt get me a job or a visa and now nobody will give me a refund or take my call. These staff are the same staff from GlobalVisas with a new name and the same story and products

    Do not trust them

    • Moon says:

      Hey, that’s the grtetesa! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?

    • Alexei van Rensburg says:

      Hi Peter.

      I definitely agree with you. Every single person we have dealt with at Migration worldwide has been incompotent and made false statements. The sales pitch was completely false and we have been battling to get a refund to which they comittied for over 9 weeks. We are now following the legal route through the Consumer protector and the Canadian Immigration board. We are so tired of their excuses. They have given us advise, all of which was found on google, copied and pasted onto e-mails. The service they provide, you can do on your own at no cost. Their “specialized recruiters” apply for jobs on Public sites which you have access to and you would probably do a better job. They applied for 16 jobs over 4 months????? It took them 2 and a half month to redo our resume’s. Someone is always sick or on leave. No one has a clue and this is a scam. they also ignoring all our requests for the voice recordings. We have requested the Consumer protector to get that from them. They are considered to be in-cooperative.

  8. Peter says:

    I have found that the owner Stuart Hendrikse and all the same staff that worked for Liam Clifford at Brightervisas/IXP VIsas and Global Visas. They are selling the same fake products of jobs in Canada and Australia and have been posting fake positive reviews.

    Please be aware you should use professional immigration experts and not these people as you will see more and more negative reviews appearing as they fail to deliver just like their boss at GlobalVisas.


    • Safework says:

      Hi Peter

      I am working with MW and they have provided me with a comprehensive list and breakdown of agents, partners, and lawyers in Canada, Australia, USA and New Zealand prior to accepting the contract to partner up with them.. I approached these parties for confirmation and all confirmed affiliation and a high standard of service. In my business I have come across competitors that have made comments on review sites to slander or undermine companies that are achieving within there field.

      Firstly the owner is a female which out of respect I will not mention her name and I have partnered with many immigration, and relocation companies over the last 15 years and this one has the most intelligent development staff That deliver on there promises.

      • Alexei van Rensburg says:

        I definately have to dissagree.

        Our personal experience has been horendous. I am not a competitor. I am an individual who wants to immigrate to Canada. Due to the incompetence of Migrate worldwide that process has been delayed with 6 months. They committed to refunding us 50% of our fee and after 9 weeks we are still waiting. They are ignoring our request for the voice recordings and reported this matter the the Consumer Protector and the Canadian Immigration board.

  9. Clint says:


    We work with a RCIC situated in Canada itself. Her name is Nargiza Shaibekova and you can confirm this on the ICCRC list of registered agents.

    Thank you

    • Miss Monyeki says:

      Hi there.I, please provide contact details of Nargiza Shaibekova

      • Jon says:

        Migrate Worldwide RCIC details are as follows:
        Nargiza Shaibekova – Member of ICCRC R507002

        Please use the Member number above in the link below this will show you that our RCIC is registered and active. (Ctrl + F for search bar, copy member number & paste in search bar)


        • Alexei van Rensburg says:

          How is it possible that your calls are not recorded. That Clinton Boucher reported my answers incorrectly on my file and after we paid the deposit we were informed that we do not qualify for Express entry. That cannot comply with the Canadian standards and requirements?. I would see that as fraud.

        • Nargiza says:

          Please be advised I terminated a representation for this company since May 4, 2016. If you have any questions you can always email me via link provided above or caneuvisa@gmail.com Thank you

  10. Doreen says:

    The website mentions that you work with RCICs from BDO Canada Immigration Services but that is not the case.

    • BDO says:

      BDO Canada Immigration Services is NOT working with Migrate Worldwide. They have been instructed to remove that information from their website.

    • Doreen says:

      Doreen Buksner and Pavan Kahlon are NOT affiliated with Migrate Worldwide.

  11. Canadian Visa Review says:

    Submitted on 2015/10/20 at 6:53 pm
    Migrateworldwide has a registered rcic. Why would you give a bad review to a company that are actually helping people?

    • Miss Monyeki says:

      I’m scared already as I am Leon Mazheru’s client

    • Alexei van Rensburg says:

      Because whether Migrate Worldwide is registered or not. Their Sales team uses false tactics to get clients to sign up. When this is disputed the calls are suddenly not recorded and we have waited over 9 weeks for our refund. The latest excuse was “we moved premises which cost allot of money. The refund will be done at month end” We have heard so many excuses before this one. This raises further warning bells as to Migrate Worldwide s Financial well being and future?

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