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Migrate International is a South African based immigration agency. The company claims to have consultants working for them worldwide who have “a wealth of knowledge” and experience in the industry, offering immigration services to Canada, USA, UK and Australia. Migrate International further goes on to say that their consultants are registered ICCRC agents and are fully compliant with the Australian government as well.

Migrate International does not display their regulated members on their website however, we have been contacted by them personally and we can confirm that they do in fact have regulated ICCRC members. It is questionable as to why Migrate International chose to withhold this vital piece of information from the public as this is what will ultimately win clients over.


Website & Services

We are pleased to report that Migrate International has made some positive change to their website since the last time we reviewed their company. For starters, both their Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy are boldly presented in both the header and footer of the website.  The Terms and Conditions page comes complete with the terms of their refund policy, processing time frames, payment, and other related factors. Their Privacy Policy is clear and precise and the content is easy to read and understand. In addition, their news page which was previously neglected has been updated and done so regularly. The posts are timely and relevant consisting of immigration news related to the countries in which they offer services to. Overall, Migrate International has a good website and is informative as it should be.

Their Canadian services tab briefly sheds light on Canada, their company history, The Canadian Job Bank and immigration. Migrate Immigration offers a free assessment and assistance with applications for Express Entry, Permanent residency, Student Visa, Work Permit, Visit Visa and Family Visa.


Social Media & Online Review

Migrate International has Facebook and Twitter profiles. Both accounts are updated regularly and are well looked after. Their following on Twitter isn’t that large, nonetheless, we applaud them for the efforts shown in their posts. Migrate’s Facebook page seems to have more company-to-client interaction, with visitors posting queries on their page and receiving timely replies. The page has over 20 reviews, some of which are praise reports, some are requests. We’re pleased with the current state of their social media accounts and would like to see the consistency continue.



This is the second time we have reviewed Migrate International and we are pleased with all the improvements, add-ons and changes made. As previously mentioned, Migrate International do not provide any information regarding their ICCRC on their website but we can confirm that they are credible. Migrate International comes well equipped with the knowledge needed to handle your immigration matters.

You can visit their website here: www.migrateinternational.co.za

The Review

7.3 Score


The Good

  • Regulated

The Bad

  • Website lacks ICCRC members


  • Company Identity 80%
  • Legitimacy 80%
  • Feedback 60%
  • Published Content 70%
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32 Discussion to this review

  1. Tesslyn says:

    Hi Gail

    Apologies for the delay. Below please see my review:

    Starting the immigration process was quite dauting at first, but we decided to take a leap of faith and contacted Migrate International.

    Within a day of sending an online request form, Gail contacted me and we started the process. Her professionalism, efficiency and promt responses were definitely a good indication of the great service Migrate International has to offer!

    Our case agent was excellent and guided us throughout the entire journey.

    Thank you Gail, Tammy and Migrate International. Keep up the EXCELLENT service.

  2. Johan says:

    Thank You Migrate International for assisting me and my Family with our application to Canada.

    This has been a dream of ours for many years and we are thankful that you are supporting us with our applications.

    We are very happy with your services and thank Duncan for all his efforts.


    Johan Venter

  3. Allen Muller says:

    I completed their application online and submitted. Received an email confirming this. several days later, received a telephone call on Sunday 11th March 2018 from csr@CanadianVisaExpert.com with all my details and confirm my Credit Card. they expected a down payment of $1024, a discount of $205 and thus only having to pay $819 for registration. Several people talk to you at various times confirming information. within 24 hours, the first portion of $200 was deducted from my credit card. I have no idea who is legitimate adn actually trying to assist with my application. Migrate International or Canada Visa Experts? Are they connected, or are they the same company but under two different names?

    • Duncan says:

      Hi Allen
      Migrate international has nothing to do with this company at all I am not sure why you would think we are affiliated.

      You must never pay upfront fees for an assessment we offer a free assessment for all our clients and only take on cases where we know we will get success.

      I have done my research now on this company and it’s been flagged as a scam company with many negative reviews so please just be careful.

      Should you need anything or want to chat with me please contact me on the below.

      021 830 5879


  4. From the online assessment to the team we have dealt with at Migrate International, it has been a breeze and such a pleasant experience.

    The service Migrate international offers is one that is very hard to come by. The service is efficient, comprehensive and so very helpful. The team are timeous in their responses to our queries, concerns and emails and have advised in the best possible way. They are on top of all the new laws and procedures that are being implemented in the various countries and convey this to their clients which is fantastic, we have appreciated this, as it is always good and helpful to be kept in the loop of the happenings in the immigration process and as far as Canada is concerned. Keeping us informed of the draws that Canada has done thus far has been encouraging and really keeps us motivated as we continue with the process of immigration. Its been a wonderful journey so far working with the incredible team at Migrate International, and we highly recommend their services and encourage everyone who is considering Immigration to go through this agency.

    Kindest Regards,

    Kelly Delport

  5. I just started my process with migrate international and i have to say that i am truelly happy with the way ive been dealt with by Gail and Tammy.

    I just started my process with them to migrate to canada and truelly feel im in the most capable and best hands.

    They would respond to any question i have within minutes.It really is such a wonderful feeling to know that i can rest assure that my whole application is being taken care of by them.I would hereby highly recommend migrate international to anyone looking to migrate to Canada. As i truly feel they are so passionate at making their clients happy and taken care of.I am looking forward to a wonderful journey ahead with them.

  6. Nish says:

    Hi, I would like to take this opportunity to provide a brief review of our case manager Nikita.
    This is an honest and fair review of our dealings with Migrate International and our case manager Nikita.
    Six months ago, my wife and I decided to take a leap of faith and finally put into action our immigration plans. We contacted a few agencies after months of research on the process and what immigration to Canada entailed, but managed to find one that stuck out the most for us; Migrate International. We read a few reviews of one particular case manager Nikita that we requested to have assigned to our profile. I have no regrets in the choice I have made.
    Nikita has been amazing from the onset; she has eased us into this entire process, provided incredible insight and has walked us through every step of our application.
    We are more than certain that Nikita has shown us incredible amounts of patience in times where we were extremely persistent in getting into the selection pool as well as a level of professionalism and integrity that goes far beyond anything that we initially anticipated.
    After six months of hard work and dedication Nikita has ensured that every document was completed of the utmost quality and insisted that she was only then able to submit our profile for review and create our express entry profile. We are in the selection pool now, thanks to Nikita and we have no doubt after having such an incredible experience with this lady that we ready to take on our new adventure and settle down in Canada.

  7. I would hereby like to highly recommend Gail for her fast, efficient and professional services rendered to me at all times. Her kind approach, accurate conveying of crucial information, as well as positive demeanor is to be applauded. Her assiduous work ethic, punctuality and effective, clear communication certainly gives her the much accolades she deserves.

    I hereby definitely recommend Gail to all prospective clients. Thank you for Migrate International for facilitating this smooth process for me.

  8. Alvin says:

    Hi Gail,

    Thank you so much for your professional service! You have taken a personal interest in case, you explained everything clearly to me and made sure I understood the process and the benefits of it all. I follow Canadian news and I listen to their radio stations not once did you lie to me about the figures the news or any related information regarding the immigration process. You did not try to make it seem more attractive by lying to me and I appreciate your honesty and up to date knowledge regarding your work. I would recommend Gail to anyone who would want to have an honest, reliable and genuine consultant who will provide the most recent information and expresses a true interest in you.



  9. Sean says:

    Hi Nikita,

    I just wanted to thank you and Tammy for you professional introduction and
    initial consultations. We appreciate that your process is well thought out,
    structured, well communicated and executed.

    We also appreciate that you have both made yourselves available for all of
    our questions, providing responses that indicated your detailed knowledge of
    the Canadian immigration system.

    We look forward to working with you in the future.

  10. Janine says:

    Hi Nikita,

    Max and I are so happy we finally receive our ITA and thank you so much for all your hard work in assisting us.

    It was definitely stressful, especially when my profile changed its status twice and you had to re-do it from scratch again and again. Thank you for doing that so promptly and for being calm and supportive during this time. Your advice, support and willingness to go the extra mile has been most appreciated!

    I would and have recommended Migrate International to anyone wanting to try emigrate! I give permission to MI to post my testimonial on your website.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  11. Theron says:

    To Whom It May Concern
    After making my application to start my immigration process both Gail and Tammy have been with me through every step clearly explaining each of the required processes and trying, where they can, to expedite it as much as possible whilst being considerate of my daily requirements in a professional capacity.
    This was highly appreciated as life can be demanding but their assistance makes ease of all of the hassles one might incur (if any at all that is).

  12. Steven says:

    Hi Niki,
    Thanks for the opportunity to review;
    “Nikita has been wonderful to work with since the beginning. Her work ethic is just brilliant and her advice has been superb. I have no regrets whatsoever concerning the decision to choose Migrate International and having Nikita as my agent. Thanks Nikita and keep up the very good work. You should be proud of yourself!”
    Kind regards,

  13. Grant says:

    To Anyone looking to Migrate to Canada, Migrate International are top class!

    I have only been working with migrate international for the last 2 months but I can only say good things.

    They are very helpful, punctual and have great insight.

    I am currently Working with a lady named Nikita and I must say she has been more than just a Immigration Case Manager but someone with seemingly endless volumes of energy and who I believe is really passionate about what she does. That passion spills over into how I go about doing the things I need to do in order to achieve my goal of working in Vancouver.

    It is still early days but thus far I cannot suggest them enough to someone who is looking for the full package to get oversees quickly and effectively.

    Grant de Sousa

  14. Ryan says:

    Hi Duncan,

    I was very happy and impressed the great service that you and your team provided.

    Its not often I deal with a service provider who provides such great service.

    What I really liked was that you listened and made informed decisions based on the information I provided.

    Thank you for this and all the best for 2017.

  15. Susan says:

    Great Company to work with and we are getting ready for our Move to Canada.

    The staff at Migrate International are fantastic and always had the time to see me and my Family at there luxury offices which I might add are stunning in Cape Town.

    I would like to thank everyone involved on my case and especially Nikita for all the extra effort you put into our case your a star!!

    Regards Sue and Family

  16. Alexei van Rensburg says:

    Was this company previously known as Migrate Worldwide?

    • Michelle says:

      Hi Alexei hope you are well today.Migrate International has nothing to do with this company i do believe they were shut down as we have heard terrible stories from some of there clients who are still wanting to Immigrate abroad that have contacted us for assessments etc.As you can see above from the review we are fully registered and licensed to handle your Immigration matters and have all the necessary affiliations for the Countries we represent.Hope this clears things up for you.

    • Duncan says:

      Hi Alexei

      Hope you are doing well today.

      There is no affiliation with us at all to this Company and in fact this company has been shut down due to fraudulent activity steer clear from them at all costs and any other Company that has not been reviewed by the Canadian visa review Team.

      Kind Regards,

  17. Kendall says:

    I started the immigration process in December 2015 with Migrate International and have now been invited to Apply for my Canadian Permanent Residency which is the best feeling in the world as me and my family have been wanting to immigrate to Canada now for the last 5 years.

    I would like to thank everyone at Migrate International that worked on my case especially Duncan and their agent Heather in Canada for making this happen for me and my family, we are truly grateful.

    The services I received were outstanding and the support from everyone was fantastic at Migrate International and we thank you for never giving up on my families case even when we felt we would never get our visas.

    Your expertise and professionalism on my application was second to none and we recommend you to anyone out there looking at the immigration process.

    All the best and keep doing what your doing.


  18. Johan says:

    I would like to say a big thank you to Gail for her outstanding customer service!

    She has been a pillar of strength for me and my family during our decision to immigrate to Canada and has been very helpful explaining the process to us and what we can expect along the way for our big move to Canada.

    We have started the process and have been introduced to our lovely case manager Nikita who is very professional and knowledgeable and who is currently guiding us through the immigration application we are submitting for the Canadian Express Entry Program.

    I would like to thank everyone at Migrate International and especially Gail for all the hard work you have put into my Family’s case to Canada.

    Your services come highly recommended.

    Johan Meyer

  19. Bashia says:

    Migrate has helped us to understand the Canadian Visa Application process and we are getting ready for a move. Very professional and knowledgeable staff! Thank you!

  20. Elandre says:

    The services I have received from this company have been nothing less than brilliant. the staff are friendly and always keep me up to date with my visa application to Canada.

    There agent in Canada has assessed all possible routes for me and my family to gain entry into Canada I have been advised that family sponsorship will be best as my daughter already lives in Canada and they will be submitting my application before the new cap opens in January. 2017 for the family sponsorship applications.

    I want to thank everyone involved in my case and I have recommended you to other friends and family due to your excellent services you have provided me and my family.

    Elandre Lourens

  21. Elandre says:

    The services I have received from this company have been nothing less than brilliant. the staff are friendly and always keep me up to date with my visa application to Canada.

    There agent in Canada has assessed all possible routes for me and my family to gain entry into Canada I have been advised that family sponsorship will be best as my daughter already lives in Canada and they will be submitting my application before the new cap opens in January. 2017 for the family sponsorship applications.

    I want to thank everyone involved in my case and I have recommended you to other friends and family due to your excellent services you have provided me and my family.

    Keep up the good work you all do.

  22. Greg says:

    The services I have received from my agent Nikita are outstanding.I have been to there beautiful offices in Cape Town and they have delivered on all of there promises.I would like to thank Duncan and his team for the excellent services I have recieved thus far.keep up the good work you all do.Greg and Family

  23. Andre says:

    Good day, I just had an unpleasant call and email from Duncan Andrew from Migrate International. When I said we don’t want to make use of their company because they are not an ICCRC member, a simple matter of NO, not interested turned ugly and having a response like this from him and making something big out of it, is very unprofessional. He made a threat that he will report me for something he interpreted it the wrong way. Luckily I have the email as proof to who is right and who is wrong. His service started good and ended really bad and very unprofessional.

    • Michelle says:

      Hi Andre.Hope you are doing well today.Your case with Duncan has already been reported by him and all the correspondence you have had with him has been reviewed.The misunderstanding that you had with him is that he himself is not a regulated Canadian agent Migrate International use a fast amount of different regulated ICCRC agents in Canada as per our site to assist our consultants with the visa application process to Canada.Sorry for the misunderstanding and should you require anything further from us please call myself Michelle 021 830 5879 and we can go over things further.Thank you.

      • Andre says:

        Hi Michelle, thanks for the feedback. It was just really unprofessional how Duncan reacted when I said that we are going to use someone else, for me that was totally unnecessary and would by no means use or suggest their service to anyone. I will let yo know if I need anything else, thank you.

        • Michelle says:

          Hi Andre.

          I think you are confused as I am one of the Directors here at Migrate International and this forum that you are on is the Canadian Visa review & is not the Canadian Government website this is just a website that review immigration agency’s like ourselves and who make sure we are authorized and regulated to handle our clients Immigration matters to Canada which we are as you can see on the review above. I have reviewed the mails you sent to Duncan and one of the emails you sent Duncan stated that “Going Legit is the only way forward” and our consultant took offense to that. If you read the review above it clearly states we are working with regulated RCIC in Canada who assist our clients with there visa applications to Canada. I trust that you now have a clearer understanding of this matter. Should you require to consult with me, please contact me on info@migrateinternational.co.za 021830 5879

    • Rion says:

      Andre. . .i am also using migrate international. . .and the lack off the ICCRC is also bothering me. . .
      Who did you end up using???please let me know. ..
      My email is rionmalan@gmail.com

      • Michelle says:

        Hi Rion.
        Migrate international use numerous ICCRC agents in Canada and agents do change from time to time.All clients will need to sign a separate retainer agreement with our regulated agents in Canada upon use of our services as per our site.Should your require anything further or want to speak with one of our agents in Canada give me a call and we can take it from there.Kind Regards Michelle

      • Andre says:

        Hi Rion, I would suggest Deanne Acres from http://www.canadaabroad.com
        She is at least a verified ICCRC agent.
        Hope she can help you.

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