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About Multi Dimension Consulting Canada


To begin our MDC Canada review we start with the company’s About Us page.


Started in 2014, MDC Canada is an immigration company located in Vancouver, British Columbia that specializes in Canadian visas and immigration law.


Thanks to their location they are right next door to the Vancouver Immigration Local Office and the Vancouver Citizenship Local Office. This puts them in the best position to personally petition these offices to boost their clients’ applications.


The company handles visa applications with the help of their professional RCICs (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants), who are all legally authorized representatives.


We also discovered that MDC Canada is in partnership with another company called, who we have already written an excellent review on.




MDC Canada Team of RCICs


We found that the company employs three RCICs, who are all authorized by the ICCRC. Each of them is in good standing with the Canadian Government to ensure the best Canadian immigration legal advice is given to all their clients.


We discovered that the head of the company is one of these RCICs, David Allon. David, RCIC no. 1312323, has some impressive qualifications, like being fluent in French, Hebrew and English.


Jimmy Park or Jaehyun Park is also a registered RCIC, no. 51039, and is fluent in both Korean and English.


The last RCIC, Mario Antolinez is by far the most multilingual, speaking:


  • Japanese;
  • English;
  • French;
  • Spanish;
  • Portuguese; and
  • Italian


Apparently, both Jimmy and Mario have had first-hand experience of the Canadian immigration system. Both of them moved to Canada through immigration programs to make a new start in Canada. This has inspired them to helps others migrate through proper legal means.


When we interviewed Mario over the phone he told us that he sees “a lot of different clients, each with a unique situation”, and that “[he] is happy to do [his] best to help them come to Canada.”


In many of our reviews, we mention the problem we have with immigration firms not being clear about who they employ and who their immigration consultants are. It makes companies seem untrustworthy when they do not clearly state that they have the legal authority to practice their services. These companies can learn from MDC, who is upfront about their RCICs’ identity, their impressive credentials and ICCRC membership.


The Website


The MDC Canada website is simple and easy to navigate with informative sections about immigration programs from Express Entry to Student Visas and Business Visas.


They also have a short, but useful, section on their website, where they talk about individual provinces, healthcare and education systems.


We found this really relevant, as it helps users get an idea about what to expect in Canada from lifestyle to province specific immigration programs.


MDC Canada review on their website


We did notice that their blog link did not work on their site due to a coding error, but we could still access their articles from their Facebook page.


We were happy to notice that MDC Canada has a very detailed Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions document on their site


We found that they have updated their new privacy policy to be GDPR compliant. This certification makes sure that you, as a user, know your personal information is handled with transparency, safety and ethical consideration by the company.


Their privacy policy, in particular, was understandable and easy to read, without horrible legal language to confuse you about what you sign up for. It was very refreshing to see a company not hiding behind complex legal language.

We also found a very useful tool on their website that translates their site into French and Arabic. So if these are you home languages you are in luck, with this feature you can get the correct information in the language you best understand.


MDC Canada review on website design for translations




As we continued researching for our MDC Canada review, we found that the company offers a huge selection of immigration options.


These extended to:


  • Provincial Nominee Programs;
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program;
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program;
  • Express Entry;
  • Student Visas;
  • Tourist Visas;
  • Working Holiday Visas;
  • Business Visas like:
    • Self Employment Visas;
    • Investor Visas;
    • Business Visas; and
    • Entrepreneur Visas
  • Caregiver Visas; and
  • Family Visas like:
    • Common law partner Visas;
    • Parent and grandparent Visas;
    • Super Visas; and
    • Spousal Visas


It seems as if MDC covers nearly all of the Canadian immigration programs we could think of. This impressive list leads us to believe in their expertise in the field of Canadian immigration.


So if you are looking for a certain immigration program, MDC Canada may be just the place to get the right legal services for you.

Social Media


We found that MDC Canada is active on their Facebook account with a modest but growing following of 5,929.


The page posts informative and useful information relating to the latest immigration news and a variety of other topics.


These topics range from “How to Calculate Your CRS Score” in a useful infographic to links of Express Entry draws and changes in immigration programs.


We noticed that they quickly and thoroughly respond to users who comment on their Facebook wall.


The company also has a Twitter account that regularly posts content that is similar to their Facebook. Unfortunately for them, they have very few followers.





What we found on their site and social media led us to believe that MDC Canada is a professional when it comes to immigration procedures.


The company does its best to be clear about the steps needed to apply for a visa. The fact that they used easy language for their Privacy Policy does help cement this idea.


We were very happy to see that they keep in direct contact with their users to help give them the best experience possible.


All of their RCICs are qualified and regulated to help in Canadian immigration law.

All we can say is MDC is here to stay. MDC and its management have gone a long way in making sure they make the immigration process simple for their clients.
In the highly competitive world of immigration services, it is sometimes difficult to spot a gem among the many scams. We can say with confidence that MDC is a leading, professional and trustworthy immigration firm that others can learn from.  We found no substantial problems with MDC and potential clients can rest assured that they will be dealing with a highly professional immigration consultancy.

You can visit the MDC Canada website to start your application. For other trusted immigration firms like MDC, read our reviews here.

The Review

9 Score


The Good

  • Legally authorized RCICs
  • Highly qualified team
  • Excellent, detailed website
  • Active social media presence

The Bad

  • News section on website seems to be offline


  • Legally authorized RCICs 100%
  • Highly qualified team 100%
  • Excellent, detailed website 100%
  • Active social media presence 100%
  • News section on website seems to be offline 50%
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