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Cobus Kriek and Matrixvisa Inc.

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Matrixvisa Inc. was started in 2001 by Cobus (Jacobus) Kriek. Cobus is also the managing director for Matrixvisa and the company has been practicing immigration law for over a year. Cobus graduated from Stellenbosch University in 1989 and then completed his post-graduate studies in immigration law in 2001 in Canada. Cobus is registered with the ICCRC and is in good standing with the organization. His RCIC number his R413711.


The Website
The website for Matrixvisa Inc. is modern and easy to use. The colour of the font is a bit light and may be hard for some people to read. The language used on the website is also quite poor as there are a lot of grammatical errors. The images used on the website are very beautiful but that is not why were on the website.

The information provided on the website for Matrixvisa seems a bit vague and never really tells you how they actually help. Matrixvisa is an immigration law firm and a recruitment agency but once again there is no information about how Matrixvisa can help you with these processes. On the Jobs page there are guidelines on how to find a job and links that you can visit. However not once does Matrixvisa indicate WHAT their role in the process is.

There is also a news page that list jobs that are available in Canada. The news articles that Matrixvisa provides are written by someone in Matrixvisa and not actual news articles. The Policy Updates page has no content on it.

Matrixvisa Inc. has no terms and conditions page, no privacy policy and no refund policy. But there is a disclaimer page.

Problems We Have

On the Matrixvisa Inc. website it is clearly stated that Cobus Kriek is an immigration lawyer that is authorized by the Canadian government to represent clients with immigration matters. It is also clear on the website that Cobus is based in Quebec. When we did a lawyer search for lawyers in Quebec we could not find anything for Cobus or Jacobus Kriek. We are unsure whether Cobus is a lawyer or if he merely has the qualification from the ICCRC post-graduate course.

Matrixvisa is and immigration law firm as well as a recruitment agency so we found it a little strange that the website would provide links to external recruitment options. The social media presence for Matrixvisa Inc. is also quite poor. There is a Facebook link on the website and the Facebook page for Matrixvisa Inc. has only 118 likes. The last post was on the 27th of August and it was about Cobus’ trip to South Africa. Cobus Kriek also has a personal Facebook page and his posts are related more to South Africa.


We don’t think that Matrixvisa Inc. is a scam, however we are not sure where the company is based. Even though there are no client testimonials on the website or online, there are no bad testimonials. This is always a good sign. The fact that Cobus Kriek has an RCIC number is definitely a good thing.

It seems that Cobus is the only member of the Matrixvisa Inc. team and he does provide an image of himself with his dog. There is a lot of effort that has gone into the website and cobus kriekis helpful. There are however some improvements that can be made.

The Review

5.7 Score


The Good

  • Cobus Kriek is registered with the ICCRC and has a RCIC number

The Bad

  • There is no privacy policy, terms and conditions or a refund policy


  • Company Identity 40%
  • Legitimacy 60%
  • Service Feedback 20%
  • Features 60%
  • Published Content 60%
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3 Discussion to this review

  1. Hanlie says:

    Not recommended, very bad service and NO communication with clients whatsoever.

  2. Henri Thompson says:

    He does not follow-up nor give any feedback. Not recommended.

  3. Duncan Peters says:

    He does not follow up and he generally provides bad service.

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