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Who is Marg Holding Co. S P C?

Registration-as-Ohio-foreign-LLC-K0496755x7AC2ABased in the kingdom of Bahrain, Marg Holding Co. claims to be an investor company which specializes in ‘helping others realize their dream of immigrating to Canada.’ According to the ‘about us’ page on their website, Marg Holding Co. is registered in Ministry of Industry & Commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, member of Chamber of Commerce, Bahrain. They further go on to say that they are registered in Canada, Ontario & USA, State of Ohio and provides a document as proof thereof. Marg Holding Co. allegedly offers legal immigration services which includes immigration appeals, skilled worker applications and Canadian citizenship.

Other than the information mentioned above, there is little else that gives away who we are dealing with. The site has no ICCRC seal and when we did a RCIC search for them, we came up with nothing. They do not mention who handles their services, let alone who their legal representative is. So who exactly are they?

The Website

According to, we discovered that this website is registered to an individual named Naveen Poojary who also owns another site called ‘Simply Bahrain’. We also noted that this website has only been in operation since October 2015. As previously mentioned, the site is seriously lacking not only in the content department, but also information-wise. Marg Holding Co. has no privacy policy, terms and conditions or refund policy present. What we also found odd was the use of poor English on this site.

The Services

Under their ‘Our Services’ tab, they state:

“Marg-holding” Co. S.P.C. provides, as its primary business, Canadian immigration consulting services in every category available to you. Whether you are an employer, worker, immigrant, or student, MHI will provide professional advice, and comprehensive facilitation of your application process to move to Canada”.

If Canadian immigration is the primary business, what exactly is the secondary one? They make mention of a whole range of other services like imports, exports and general trading. What exactly are they trading in?

With regard to the ‘primary business’, Marg Holding claims to offer a range of Canadian immigration programs which includes citizenship, studying opportunities, work opportunities and tourism prospects. Under their ‘Go in Canada’ tab, they claim to “help you find out which immigration program is better suited to your situation” with a free evaluation. But do they help you obtain a visa after the evaluation process?

Marg Holding Co. gives a detailed explanation of all the different visa programs that one could apply for when looking to immigrate to Canada and they also make mention that they can assist with placement opportunities and in applying for your LMO (Labour Market Opinion) which is said to be a requirement for the foreign worker program. Under the ‘Manpower’ tab on the Marg Holding Co. website, we also noted that they claim to offer free recruitment services. How they actually go about doing this is the bigger question here.

Social Media & Online Review

This site has absolutely no social media presence at all but we were able to uncover that Marg Holding Co. has developed a poor online reputation for their services. According to the scathing client reviews online, it has been confirmed that Marg Holding Co. is not a trustworthy site. One user expressed that this is has been an ongoing scheme since 2011, previously being named M98.



Taking the above mentioned points into account, we would not recommend this service to anyone. The fact that they are not transparent about what their terms are and the multiple scam reports online makes even more reluctant to do so. More than anything, we also do not trust any websites that claim to assist in immigration without having an RCIC member present.

You can visit their website here:

The Review

1.2 Score


The Good

  • free assessments

The Bad

  • scam reports
  • no company identity


  • Company Identity 10%
  • Legitimacy 10%
  • Service Feedback 10%
  • Feedback 10%
  • Published Content 20%
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12 Discussion to this review

  1. Norhannah says:

    I am very much satisfied with their professional approach towards my case. I will surely recommend them.

  2. Praveen says:

    Fast and profesional services ! Big thanks from me and my family ! It takes only 9 months .
    best regards team .

  3. Nez says:

    I agree.My friend and I once a victin when I was still in Oman.

  4. Bella jj says:

    Is there any legit agency ere in bahrain that helps with canada visas and the like,,, if so please share,thanx

  5. Zeeshan says:

    Can you tell me about Marg Holdind. What is the type of company.
    Is it true or Fake.
    Please tell me About this company.

  6. MOhammad says:

    Hello dears friend.

    thank you so much for the news today i got call from them i have interview with them. same things they told me we will find job for you in UK and you have to pay for paper work etc i say ok when i have to pay when my visa ready they say no before so this 100% fraud .

  7. Scammed says:

    Now these 2 above are new game in the fame… Scam

    Aint it funny Everyone claim themselves as a manager. Lachezar was the first one …Kristien was second now this fake face lining up next …i guess its you Kristien behind this i right.?….


    I know Mate you might not able to access the link but you can SEE all the details when you guys type * margarita dimitrova kirilova * on facebook search engine you will find all the details there….

    please do not forget to share

  8. Mohd says:

    Yes Even I am also one the big victim I Lost 10, thousand riyals, Ms. Margrita Dimitrova Kirilova M98 office, from Bahrain is a completely fake. Don’t trust her she is big fraud. she cheated many poor people in Saudi Arabia. who ever victims must go head and complaint.

  9. Bahrain Fraud Exposer says:

    It’s a scam run by Margarita Dimitrova Kirilova – I wouldn’t be surprised if her friend from the Kanoo family is involved as well – after all birds of a feather all flock together…….and we wonder what HE Dr. Hassan A. Fakhro, Advisor to His Majesty King Hamad Bin Isa Bin Salman Al Khalifa For Economic Affairs, Kingdom of Bahrain. thinks of this……… here is her latest scammy website……..hope those policemen you are sitting next to in the photographs realise who you are and lock you up – Margaret Dimitrova Kirilova – you scammer fraud……..

    This is a clear scam being run out of Bahrain by Margaret K aka Margarita Kirilova
    Margarita Dimitrova Kirilova aka Margaret Kirilov aka “Margaret K” Advance Fee Fraud Scammer

    Originator of the following companies:-

    M98 Manpower SPC Advance Fee Fraud Immigration Scam

    Bahrain CR Company Registration 77999-1

    Marg Holding SPC Advance Fee Fraud Immigration Scam

    Bahrain CR Company Registration 82335-1

    Euro Gulf Events Protocol SPC Bahrain SPC

    Bahrain Company Registration 87966-1

    Margarita Dimitrova Kirilova
    Personal Bahrain CPR Number 591124432

  10. Max says:

    True. I am one of the victims.

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