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About MacroGlobal Immigration Services Ltd.

MacroGlobal is an immigration consultant agency, with over 11 years of experience. Their head office is based in Ontario, Canada with an additional office located in Punjab, India. According to their website, one of their main priorities is to give young hopefuls the opportunity to study in Canada. The website speaks of Ms. Seema Bhayana as the company’s regulated ICCRC consultant which we can confirm is true, however, the ICCRC website mentions another consultant under the MacroGlobal name, who’s status stands as ‘Leave of Absence.’

Website & Services

MacroGlobal’s website is not technically the best we’ve seen. The website does not fit your entire screen, lacks creativity and has an abundance of grammar and spelling errors. Regardless of the mother tongue of the assigned content writer, English is the language in which they chose to present the website, therefore, it should have been checked, thoroughly. The website is easy to navigate because it doesn’t contain much nor is it high-tech, in our opinion, the website is too animated as all pictures are animated gifs and it honestly throws you off completely. This website does not contain a Privacy Policy or any other formal documents. To add onto the already mentioned animation, they have a rolling ‘News Releases’ tab which is incredibly outdated. The content presented on this is unclear and confusing, to say the least, but we managed to get this gist of what they are trying to convey.

The services they offer include; Business Visa, Canada Visitor Visa, Family Sponsorship, Living in Canada, Provincial Nomination, Skilled work Immigration, Studying in Canada, Work Permits, and Visas, Free Online Assessment, Translations, Employment Opportunities, their services also extend to New Zealand which is found under an ‘Australia’ tab.

Social Media & Online Review

MarcoGlobal has a Facebook page, though their posts are inconsistent, outdated and have no relevance. The images used are of poor quality and is not captioned to elaborate on what browsers are looking at. Their following isn’t all that little with over 400 likes. There is no structure to their post nor does the post shed light on immigration or the company. In addition to the Facebook page, we found 7 Google reviews, reigning with praise reports and genuine recommendations. One review did mention their lack of ‘work ethics’ and this reviewer finds MacroGlobal to be unprofessional.


We can conclude that the reasoning for MacroGlobal’s poor execution of their website and social pages could be due to a language barrier of some sort. Though this may (or may not) be the case, it is no excuse to produce such poor content. A lot of what we have seen seems unprofessional and rushed. With this being said,  we cannot take away from the fact that they are regulated and are therefore legally able to assist clients in their immigration process. There are many things we wish MacroGlobal would change in the future but the reason for their current poor work is unclear.

You can visit their website here:

The Review

4.8 Score


The Good

  • Regulated

The Bad

  • Poor website


  • Company Identity 50%
  • Legitimacy 60%
  • Published Content 40%
  • Feedback 40%
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