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Larlee Rosenberg Barristers & Solicitors was originally founded in 1993 but was later restructured in 2009 to form a partnership. The Senior Founding Partner is Peter D. Larlee, he has practiced Canadian immigration law since 1986. He is a member of the Canadian Bar Association and the Law Society of British Columbia. Ryan N. Rosenberg is a Partner at Larlee Rosenberg and he is also a member of the Law Society of British Columbia.

There are other Associates and lawyers that work at the firm. The firm offers their services in a number of different languages. We could not find the different languages that they offer services in on the website but we did find them on their LinkedIn page. The different languages that they offer services in are English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese, Tagalog, Hindi, Farsi, French and Hebrew.





The Website and Social Media

The website for Larlee Rosenberg is quite professional looking and it is easy to navigate and use. What we didn’t really like about the website is the lack of information about the various visa options and services that they provide. We felt that the information was very basic and this was off putting.

The fact that the languages that they offer services in wasn’t provided confused us as this is a good draw card for potential clients. Many people would not have looked on Larlee Rosenberg’s LinkedIn account to see this, they would simply have gone to another website.

What we found quite peculiar about this law firm’s website is that they do not provide you with a privacy policy, refund policy or a terms and conditions. As lawyers they should know how important these documents are. These are documents that all potential clients like to read through.

There is a Firm News page that just has short headlines about what has been happening in the firm and what certain lawyers have been doing. We felt that this was a nice touch because the news was short and easy to read through. It gave you information that was interesting and quick to read through.


There are no social media links from the website and we couldn’t understand why. There is a Facebook page that was created in 2011 that has 344 likes. The last post is from the 2nd of October and the one before this is from the 22nd of September. The posts are relevant to Canadian immigration and Larlee Rosenberg but they are not regular.

There is no Twitter account for Larlee Rosenberg but we did find a personal Twitter account for Ryan Rosenberg. Ryan Rosenberg’s Twitter account was created in 2008 and he has 576 followers. His last post is from the 15th of May. His posts are not regular, obviously, but they are relevant to Canadian immigration and Larlee Rosenberg.

We found a LinkedIn account for Larlee Rosenberg but the information is the same as the website, except for the languages that the firm offers their services in. We cannot understand why this information was not put on the website.

The social media presence for Larlee Rosenberg is relatively bad and it doesn’t look like Larlee Rosenberg is worried about that.

Our Conclusion

The website for Larlee Rosenberg Barristers & Solicitors is professional looking but it lacks some important information. People want to be provided with all the information that they need, they do not want to have to look for it. We feel that a few changes to the website would make it more user-friendly.

Peter Larlee and Ryan Rosenberg both check out as legitimate lawyers in addition to this the website states that they like to customise their immigration strategy so that it better suits your immigration process. It would have been nice to read a few client testimonials but it is not necessarily a bad thing that there are none to read through.

On their LinkedIn account they claim to be a boutique law firm, which means more attention should be paid to clients. Yet there quite a few areas that could have had more attention paid to.


If you have dealt with Larlee Rosenberg Barristers & Solicitors please leave a comment below in our comments section.

You can vsit their website here:

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  • Legitimacy 90%
  • Features 60%
  • Service Feedback 40%
  • Published Content 60%
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