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About Lalani & associates

Lalani & Associates are owned by Mr Sikander Lalani who is a chartered accountant and claims to be an authorised immigration consultant (ICCRC) with more than 20 years of experience. Established in 1992, Lalani & Associates has an Executive team of two, headed by the owner Mr Lalani and Mr Azhar Fareed Khan is the senior advisor who has a BSc and MBA and joined Lalani & Associates in 2002. Mr Lalani is a Chartered accountant and a Licenced Immigration Consultant, he is a member of Immigration Consultant of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), a member of Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC). The two executives are supported by a  team of five who all have qualifications in finance and investments with Mr Lalani being the only one who seems to have immigration accreditation.

Although the website of Lalani & Associates states that Mr Lalani is an authorised immigration consultant with the RCIC, they do not provide his consultant identification number which is very worrying for an organisation that claims to be over 20 years old.

Services & website

In their ‘about us’ section on the website, Lalani & Associates claim to have successfully handled hundreds of cases in providing investment immigration, residency and citizenship for its clients to countries such as Canada, the US, UK and a variety of EU member states.

Lalani & Associates offers services in the following visa programs:

  • Investor and entrepreneur visa
  • Skilled worker
  • Student visa
  • Sponsorship and holiday visa
  • Free online assessment

The website for Lalani has very little important information and is a bit too brief and lacking in in-depth content. More disappointing is the fact that the website does not have links to information such as FAQ’s, privacy and refund policies, let alone a terms and conditions document and the aforementioned RCIC consultant identification number.

The website looks too flat and is lacking in a professional tone, however, we are happy that they have a blog section that looks to be regularly updated and contains some well written and informative articles. The website also contains links to their various social media platforms that work properly.

Testimonials about Lalani & Associates are also highly impressive and very encouraging, with Usman Fayyaz from Pakistani who received a Canadian visa through the Skilled Worker Program describing it as a wonderful experience with L & A staff who were extremely helpful and guided him through every step of the process in a very professional manner.

Social media

Lalani & Associates have done a commendable job of managing their social media presence, they have a well updated Facebook page with over 10,000 likes and a twitter account that doesn’t have as many likes or followers but does have over 200 tweets.

We combed through a few reviews on Lalani & Associates and they have an impressive star rating of 4.8 out of 5.


Situated in Lahore and Karachi Pakistani with another office in Dubai, Lalani & Associates with over 20 years’ experience have been around for quite a while. If the reviews of them are anything to go by, Lalani & Associates seem to be a legit organization, we would, however, advise anyone wanting to deal with them to exercise caution especially because of the lack of the consultant identification number for their RCIC accreditation otherwise everything about them is in order. The lack of privacy and refund policies is also a big let-down, though their presence on social media is very encouraging.

You can visit their website here:

The Review

6 Score


The Good

  • Social media presence
  • Experience

The Bad

  • Lack of accreditation
  • Lack of vital information on the website


  • Company identity 60%
  • Legitimacy 40%
  • Feedback 60%
  • Published content 80%
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