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Experts or Amateurs: Find out where Kansas Overseas Careers lie


Kansas Overseas Careers is a professional-looking immigration services provider. Our Kansas Overseas Careers review shows that the company has an excellent understanding of how to immigrate to Canada and other countries.


A quick look at their content will easily convince you that this company is trustworthy and efficient. It seems that they provide everything you could possibly need; however, we found some areas where they are lacking.

Read further to discover if Kansas Overseas Careers is right for you.

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Kansas Overseas Careers or is it Kansasxpress.com?

Our Kansas Overseas Careers review discovered one of the first issues with the company is the confusion surrounding their name.


In the “about us” section of their website, it is stated that “Kansasxpress.com is an extended site of Kansas Overseas Careers”. However, we could not find two separate websites proving this claim. The URLs on each site shift between titles which led us to believe that there is only one real website.

This makes the company seem unprofessional, seeing as the first sentence of the website makes it unclear who they really are.


What we do know is that this is an Indian company with offices all over the country. You can find them in:


  • Bangalore;
  • Chennai;
  • Hyderabad;
  • Vizag; and
  • Secunderabad


In this review, we will simply refer to them as Kansas Overseas Careers.


Kansas Overseas Careers’ Canadian Immigration Services


The company processes Canadian visa applications and also assists clients to find jobs in Canada. If you are looking to apply for to a Canadian university, they will help you with the application process.


Unfortunately, their evaluation service comes with a fee. If your application is unsuccessful, Kansas Overseas Careers’ promises to refund you if you meet certain conditions. Read their extensive refund and cancellation policy for more details.


Kansas Overseas Careers Website


Next, our Kansas Overseas Careers review took a look at their website, which provides all the information that you need to immigrate to Canada. They have accurate information on the various programs you can use to migrate. We liked that they provide very specific information on the provincial nominee program for each Canadian province.


Be careful of about their claims that they have a 97% success rate with immigration and that they are foreign students’ favorite choice for studying abroad. It is a marketing trick used to bring them more customers. There is no proof on their website that shows this to be true.


The company works with, “independent ICCRC consultants to provide authentic immigration services”. We think this is a little worrying because we could not check if these consultants are registered with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).


People are often scammed out of their money by people who claim to be part of the ICCRC. This is why it is important to be able to check if consultants are actually registered.


Thankfully the firm has a fantastic privacy policy that you can trust. They also have a long terms and conditions page that is definitely worth looking at.

Thief stealing personal information online

Be careful of giving your personal information to unregistered consultants


Other Services Offered by Kansas Overseas Careers


We enjoyed reading some of the excellent content on their website. The site is filled with interesting information like how to raise your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points and includes practice tests for the International English Language Training System (IELTS).


The site has an up to date news section and a blog that often posts useful articles.

The company has a long list of useful questions and answers on their FAQ page.

Kansas Overseas Careers also provides immigration services to:

  • Australia;
  • Denmark; and
  • Hong Kong


User Reviews of Kansas Overseas Careers


On their website, there is a long list of testimonials. Each one of these only praises their services. This is a warning sign because the company can choose which reviews get to be shown and no one would put negative reviews on their own website.


Social Media


Their Facebook page has 6,957 followers, which is quite low in our opinion. Though they regularly post on their newsfeed, it seems that they have disabled the review option of the page. It seems as if the firm does not want you to see what people think of their services.


On Twitter, they have even fewer followers. They tweet quite often, but it only reaches 30 users.


Their website contains a link to a Youtube channel, but the actual page does not exist.

Toronto Skyline with lake

Make sure you use the right Canadian Immigration Services to make your dreams come true




To conclude our Kansas Overseas Careers review the company itself has a lot to offer. We loved all the detailed information on their website and it really seems like they know exactly how to immigrate to Canada.


Their expertise on immigration, privacy policy, terms and conditions, and refund policy leads us to believe that they can be trusted.


It worries us that they do not say who their immigration consultants are, seeing as this is often an indication of immigration fraud.


Overall we, at Canadian Visa Review, recommend using this company. If you are not convinced by this review, do not worry, we have plenty reviews of excellent companies on our website.

The Review

5.5 Score


The Good

  • Website Content
  • Services
  • Regulated

The Bad

  • Social Media Presence
  • Use of Independent ICCRC Consultants


  • Company Identity 60%
  • Legitimacy 60%
  • Features 40%
  • Published Content 60%
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5 Discussion to this review

  1. Sundaresh says:

    Hi all, I live and work in Toronto and had sought services of Kansaz for my wife’s visitor Visa. My case was assigned to Fasiya. Frankly given the complications in my case, I had lost hopes of getting a visitor Visa. And the fact that my wife and daughter are stuck in India gave me nightmares. Fasiya went through my case in detail and submitted application alongwith documents that she considered were necessary. And to my total disbelief, she just emailed me saying that visitor Visa of my wife has been approved !!! I simply cudnt believe this. Complete credit for this goes to Fasiya and team. Trust me, I spoke to lawyers here in Toronto and they had given no hopes. It was the truthful and diligent way that Fasiya represented my case that toursit visa got approved. Big thanks from deepest of my heart to Fasiya. A huge mental block off my head ! Phew ! Thanks Fasiya

  2. Vishwas KR says:

    I engaged with Kansas for a Canada visitor visa for my wife. Right from the start, the team at Kansas were professional, quick and thorough. Our visa consultant was Fasiya and she did an amazing job in guiding us at every step. She helped get everything done in a matter of two weeks. She was very knowledgeable and helped us finish many applications. It was a great experience working with Kansas

  3. Kamal says:

    Dont beleive them they are not doing anything and stop responding to my email as well. I paid approx 1L to them and no services are done so far…

    • Anand says:

      I agree, they are big fraudsters, just fooling people in the name of immigration services.
      Unprofessional and Unqualified people, they fooled me too and I paid them around 1 Lakh.
      Dont believe them, you will just lose your money.

  4. Sundaresan says:

    yeah, as you said kansas overseas careers not showing immigration consultants, because they dont have one with iccrc. they are using other registered consultants RCIC# for immigration services. which is legal. they put some contract between the kansas and registered RCIC member for using their license. thats all. when you ask kansas for ICCRC number, they are providing you with one. through their official email id. if it is illegal, they wouldnot do that, they know legal implication better. i hope kansas is all good with few suspicious attitude.. but that doesnot make them illegal. they are good. they have good reputation in most of the customer review websites.

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