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Who is Kanata Immigration Consultants?

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According to the Kanata Immigration Consultants website, “Kanata” is an indigenous word which means village or settlement and is said to be the origin of the name Canada. But do they really assist people in that regard? Kanata Immigration Consultants claim to be a firm comprising of Canadian Immigration specialists who are “passionate about helping people immigrate to Canada to begin their journey to success in Canada and to achieve their dreams.”


The unfortunate thing about this website is that there are no Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, or any of the basic documents that a company needs to put on their website to assure people that it can be trusted. They  may not seem as important but for potential clients to tell who they are, what they do with personal information and how exactly they’ll be billed, these documents are mandatory.

Kanata Immigration Consultants’ website has a very simplistic design and is sparse in terms of actual images and graphics on site. Personally, we felt that it lacked any real identity or effort.

According to the website, Kanata Immigration specialize in two immigration programs – the Skilled Worker and Professionals visa and the Family Class Sponsorship visa. Besides these services, Kanata also offers Business immigration, Live-In Caregiver visas, Work permits, Student Visas, Visitors visas and more. With a free online assessment, Kanata Immigration also throws in a twelve step process to immigrate to Canada.

How much do the services cost?

Kanata Immigrations Consultants was kind enough to have a detailed fees page where they list all the visas and how much each visa service will cost.  Kanata Immigration Consultants charge a minimum of $399.95 for visa applications and a maximum of $999.95. (please note that this does not include the Canadian Government immigration fees that every applicant has to pay).

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The company also offers an online payment option, with the choice to pay the amount of $999.95 in three installments. However, this payment plan does not have a refund policy. The company does not offer any refunds and because of the lack of Terms and Conditions and  Privacy Policy page – we also cannot tell what the terms are for these conditions they have set out.

Upon further research, we found that Kanata Immigrations has an ICCRC logo at the bottom of the Fees page, which would lead us to believe that the company might just be legitimate, but this was however not confirmed as they did not provide us with a name or RCIC number to cross check this information.

Who are these qualified immigration consultants Kanata Immigration speak of?

Even though the website claims that its firm is comprised of Canadian Immigration Consultants, the company fails to prove or showcase who these qualified immigration consultants are. There is an ICCRC logo on the website, but when you click on it just takes you to the ICCRC website, which does not necessarily tell us anything about their affiliation with Kanata – if any at all. Kanata Immigrations needs to provide us with the RCIC consultants’ names or RCIC Number so that we can check for ourselves if they are registered and qualified.

Content and Social Media:

Two different company names?
Upon further research, we also found that Kanata Immigration Consultants goes by two names . There is one for social media and another for their website which we found a little confusing. kanata facebook

kanata google plus

The company website has social media icons but no social media pages. When you click on the icons, you would have to share the website content on your profile. When you Google “Kanata Immigration Consultants Facebook” you don’t get anything. However, when you type, “Kanata International Visa and Immigration Specialist Co Facebook,” you find their page. So why put icons on the website that do not lead anywhere? Why have different names for their website and social media pages?

The social media pages were opened for Kanata International Visa and Immigration Specialist Co, but there have been no posts to date. Furthermore, their website does not offer enough information about any of the visa services and it does not explain anything about the different visas.

Reviews and testimonials:

There are no reviews or testimonials about the company on the website or online. However, there is a post from one client asking if this is a legitimate company or not.

False Advertising?

In an online forum, a client says that Kanata Immigration Consultants claim that “they can get a client to Canada within 4-6 months.” According to more comments on the popular complaint site, one potential client states that the company says it has connections and that is why they can get people to immigrate into Canada in such a short space of time…our question is who are these connections? Kanata review 1

People who are immigrating, should be cautious of false advertising as no immigration consultant or lawyer have the connections or authority to ever promise those results since the immigration process could often take over a year in some cases.


Unfortunately, very little about Kanata Immigration Consultants can be confirmed reliable. There is a lack of company identity, no trace of reputable RCIC consultants, no active social media page, no reviews about the company, and no real content on the website to assist immigrants.

You can visit their website here: www.kanataimmigration.ca

The Review

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The Bad

  • No qualified RCIC Consultants listed


  • Company Identity 10%
  • Legitimacy 10%
  • Service Feedback 10%
  • Features 20%
  • Published Content 10%
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