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This Indian based company was founded in 1999 and offers solutions to those who wish to study, work and settle in countries like New Zealand, Australia, Canada, UK, USA, Ireland, Singapore and Germany to name a few.

Their focus is on those wishing to study abroad, promising to offer ‘detailed assistance on admission procedures and visa guidance for students and professionals to study, work or migrate’ through registered and authorized lawyers.

Who are these registered and authorized individuals? Your guess is as good as ours. They have provided a list of their board members, but there is no way for us to validate the abovementioned claims about them being regulated and authorized. There is no mention of an RCIC agent either.

The Website

As previously mentioned, they seem to be solely focused on those looking to study abroad. The countries that they offer include: Australia, USA, Canada, Europe, Ireland, New Zealand, Sweden, Singapore and Switzerland. Their site has no terms & conditions or privacy policy but they do seem to have other interesting features on the site such as a photo/video gallery and tons of information about the countries you may like to consider studying in.

Their vision statement, visible on their ‘About Us’ page states: “Our aim is to assist aspirants to achieve the peak of excellence by combating mediocrity with a Global Vision”. We are concerned with the last part of this sentence as it does not really state clearly what their services actually entail.

The Services

What is it that they actually do? That part is unclear. What we were able to understand from the site is that they do have a team of professionals who assist and facilitate the immigration process, but they make no mention of assisting with obtaining a visa. What they do say is that they are 100% transparent in student admission and visa processing. How do they process a visa if all they do is provide general information about applying for a visa?

Social Media

JCaptureubeerich Consultancy’s social media pages are well saturated with regular updated content – even though some of it is irrelevant. They have an active Facebook and Twitter and the YouTube icon they have provided on the site does not link to anything.

Upon further investigation of this consultant agency, we found that Jubeerich was involved in a media scandal in 2012. It was reported that Jubeerich used the image of a murdered US university student body president for advertising on billboards to advertise study opportunities and job placements.


This site’s online reputation does not betray any dishonesty but we do feel that they are being deliberately vague about who they are and what it is that they actually do. As far as immigration consultancy goes, we would prefer to know more about who handles the affairs, whether they are qualified by the correct boards and most importantly, whether we are able to trust them with our personal details.

You can visit their website here: www.jubeerich.com

The Review

Jubeerich Consultancy - Canadian Visa Review

6.6 Score

"This Indian based company was founded in 1999 and offers solutions to those who wish to study, work and settle in countries like New Zealand, Australia, Canada, UK, USA, Ireland, Singapore and Germany to name a few."

The Good

  • Lots of information about countries they provide services to
  • Good social media

The Bad

  • Media scandal
  • No RCIC contact
  • No T&C's or Privacy Policy


  • Company Identity 80%
  • Legitimacy 70%
  • Service Feedback 50%
  • Features 60%
  • Published content 70%
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