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Join Canada is a company run in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada.  It is run by Roxanne Jessome, a qualified RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant), who also started the company in 2009.


Join Canada proudly state that they have assisted in over 2,500 successful applications.


The business goes on to say that they “provide expedient service and guidance to clients while always maintaining integrity and the highest quality of work.”


We examined this company in our Join Canada review to see if they were as great as they claimed.


About Join Canada


The company has a very fresh take on immigration. The website is a delight to use and navigate thanks to its simple design.


When we researched the company, we found that they hire a team of RCICs. Well lots of immigration companies have claimed they hired  professionals, so we dug a little deeper.


All three of the RCICs are indeed qualified members of the ICCRC (Immigration Canadian Consultants Regulatory Council). The team is made up of three women:

  • Roxanne MCinnis Jessome RCIC#412519;
  • Eimear o’Rourke RCIC#518841; and
  • Luningning Pagaling RCIC#416879



Each of them are registered to practice Canadian immigration law. However, we did notice that Luningning’s RCIC account states that she works for JDS Immigration Consultants Inc and not Join Canada. This could just be a simple admin error where she has not updated her place of work or that she works across multiple companies.


The company is owned and run by Roxanne, who hosts speeches at CAPIC and IMEDA events.


Join Canada’s Services


We continued our Join Canada review and looked at the services offered by the company. The company has a very straightforward approach when it comes to immigration. Join Canada divides it into the three steps below.



The company offers a range of services  for permanent residency like:

  • Express Entry;
  • Federal Skilled Trades Class;
  • Canadian Experience Class;
  • Federal Skilled Worker;
  • Provincial Nominations; and
  • Spouse, Common-law and Conjugal Sponsorships


Join Canada’s services also extend to temporary residency applications like:

  • Bridging Open Work Permits;
  • Common-law Partner Work Permits;
  • LMIA based Work Permits; and
  • Provincial Nomination based Work Permits


The company also extends it services to employers and offers an array of services from NAFTA permits to Labour Market Impact Assessments.


Consultation Costs


The company is very open about the costs involved for the one hour consultation with an RCIC. This comes to a hefty $175 an hour and can go up to $350 for applications for Express Entry and PNPs.


The call is done through either Skype, WEBEX or physical meeting. You can book a time that fits your schedule. Just note that if you want to have a personal interview with them, you must be prepared to pay at least $245.


Their Website


We tried to track down the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Join Canada but could not find them. These documents are here to ensure that you as a customer are not taken advantage of and that your legal rights as a consumer are protected. It is worrying that these legal documents are not readily available on the site.


We were happy to see that the company has  a news blog of the latest immigration news. The only downside is that the blogs are merely links to the CIC news website, Macleans and other known publishers. At least the company provides links to the original article, but we were a bit let down by this.


Another let down was the fact that the link to their testimonials does not work.  Happy customer testimonials are a way that many people decide on whether they want to hire or buy products from any company.


Yet another issue that our Join Canada review picked up was the fact that the company’s website is not secure against hackers. The site is not HTTPS secure, in other words, if you make an online purchase like booking an online consultation, your credit details are not completely safe during the process. Potential hackers can get access to your personal information if such sites are not secure.



Join Canada Social Media


The company is active on two main platforms, Facebook and Twitter. Although Join Canada has a modest number of followers on Facebook, this does not mean that they have yet to make their presence known to their customers.


They score a very healthy 4.2 rating with their customers with most of the ratings being overly positive.  


What we did notice was that the latest review is from over four years ago with the most recent being in March, 2014. This is somewhat worrying and is quite unusual for a company that seems to have such a good reputation.


There is some interaction between the company and its customers, unfortunately, this is really minimal. In some cases, Join Canada does not reply to customer questions. Below is an example of this.



It links to Roxanne’s profile and even states that these tweets are not to be taken as legal advice.


The Twitter account is a mixture of immigration news and personal  opinions, though entertaining they are not exactly what you wish to have linked to a business site. We noticed that she hasn’t tweeted a lot since 2017 and like the Facebook account, there is little interaction between customers.


Are  you a happy customer of Join Canada? Tell us about your experiences and spread the word of the company’s exploits.
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The Review

6.3 Score


The Good

  • Simple and easy to use website design
  • Open about company pricing
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Qualified RCICs

The Bad

  • Lack of content about immigration programs
  • Little customer support
  • No legal documents like a Privacy Policy and Terms of Conditions


  • Simple and easy to use website design 90%
  • Open about company pricing 90%
  • Positive customer reviews 90%
  • Qualified RCICs 100%
  • Lack of content about immigration programs 20%
  • Little customer support 40%
  • No legal documents like a Privacy Policy and Terms of Conditions 10%
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