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 ISAS Consultants was established in 2003 by Mr. Maraj Ahmed who is also the Managing Director. ISAS Consultants deals with different immigration and visa application for countries like New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the US, the UK, Malaysia and Singapore.

As well as an immigration consultancy, ISAS Consultancy also offers ISAS Travels & Tours. They will help you with all your travel requirements from booking, visas right down to booking a religious tour.


Some problems that we found

When a company deals with immigration to many different countries, you need an agent that is registered with each country’s immigration department and has the knowledge of the immigration policies. The only agent’s that are indicated are Mr. Maraj Ahmed for New Zealand and Emad Elkord for Canada. Emad Elkord’s RCIC number is R410247 and Maraj Ahmed’s agent number for New Zealand Immigration is 201001434.  They both check out asagent check legitimate agents for the particular countries. However there are no other agents listed for any of the other countries.

Another problem that we found as that ISAS Consultants indicate that they have a team of immigration lawyers, immigration practitioners and paralegals yet there are no lawyers listed. The only immigration agents listed are Maraj Ahmed and Emad Elkord. This is a bit concerning as there we are unsure what this company actually does. Are they immigration consultants, immigration agents or immigration lawyers?

ISAS Consultants also has a travel section to their website, ISAS Travel & Tours. As part of this service you can book a tour, a car, get a visa or book a religious or corporate tour. This is a bit strange as they are immigration consultants, not a travel agency.

Social Media

ISAS Consultants has links for their social media pages that all click through to the specific pages. Their Facebook page has 2068 likes which is not a lot considering that they have been round since 2003. The last two posts from ISAS Consultants were cover photo updates but then on the 8th of August they posted an article. In this article they offered free Student Visa processing until the 14th of August. On the Google + page they clearly indicate that they offer 100% free Student Visa processing.

Their Twitter page is private so we were unable to see what their posts were about and when their last one was. The LinkedIn page was very basic and provided very little information about ISAS Consultants. Maraj Ahmed has his own personal LinkedIn page with a little more information on it. There is a long list of universities that ISAS Consultants is apparently allowed to consult with. What we would like to know is why Mr. Maraj Ahmed’s personal maraj ahmedLinkedIn profile is not connected to the ISAS Consultants website?


Can they be trusted?

We are unsure whether ISAS Consultants can be trusted as immigration consultants as there are too many unanswered questions. There is an address for their head office in Karachi, Pakistan. They also have an Islamabad and Kharian office.

We would advise you to proceed with caution if you are thinking of immigration and using this company. They do offer you some testimonials to read over and there are quite a few.

The website for ISAS Consultants has no terms and conditions, privacy policy or a refund policy.


The Review

2 Score


The Good

  • There are client testimonials

The Bad

  • There is no terms and conditions page, noprivacy policy and no refund policy


  • Company Identity 30%
  • Legitimacy 10%
  • Service Feedback 30%
  • Features 20%
  • 100%
  • Published Content 10%
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