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About IRA Immigration


IRA Immigration is an immigration advisory company that is located in New Delhi, India. They say that they are a “one stop solution for immigration and visa procedure,” and go on to say that they give expert guidance in immigration matters to countries like Germany, Canada and Australia. They also go on to say that they “believe in honest advise with no fake commitment and promises.”


These are bold claims, so we put them to the test with the help of our IRA Immigration Review.


Their Website


While not the most visually appealing site, the IRA website is easy enough to get around. Links to their pages work and the information they give on their main page is easy to understand.


They have a live chat option which we did like, as it means they want customers to interact with their site. We also noticed an automatic pop up for a call back option, so they can get in contact with customers. They promise that they will call within the day.


Not only that, but the company also offer a free Assessment when you sign up and give your contact details.


Another positive is that the site has a Terms and Conditions, Refund Policy and a Privacy Policy. All of these documents are essential to protect the user and the company from fraud and misuse.


Their Terms and Conditions covered most of the normal aspects that all generic T&Cs cover. It was easy to understand and fairly short. We also took a look at their Privacy Policy. It was pretty basic and is less than half a page in length. It could be a lot more detailed when talking about customer privacy and how their personal information is used by the company, but at least IRA did include one, unlike many other sites.


Next up we have their Refund Policy, where they promise to give a refund within 15 to 20 working days. Although, there are some major issues where you cannot have your cash refunded if:

  • You change your mind after agreeing to a payment; or if
  • Any payment has already been made by the you


As we looked further into their website we found that they have a news blog that you can sign up for. Unfortunately for IRA Immigration, we found that they had copied and pasted articles written by the CIC news blog. The post on August 3, 2018, for the Parents and Grandparents program is copy pasted from this article from CIC.


Even their other articles do the same and are posted at the same time and with the same titles as the CIC’s site.

Copy pasting IRA

Here are the two compared side by side.


CIC news website


We also noticed another issue about the site. It is not secure. Most sites have something called an HTTPS that appears in the URL of the site with a little green lock. This lock shows that a site is secure from hackers and that data cannot be stolen by third parties.


Unfortunately for IRA, they do not have a 100% secure site, as shown below.

Not HTTPS secure


Their Services


Next, our IRA Immigration review looked at what services the company offers to their clients.

  • Express Entry;
  • Quebec Skill Worker Program; and
  • Canada Provincial Nominee Program;
  • Permanent Resident Visa;
  • Canada Tourist Visa; and
  • Canada Working Holiday Visa


We were worried that the site did not spell half of the programs or visas correctly. When we clicked on the links for more information we found that although most of the information they provide does seem relevant, there are many issues in the content from bad spelling to just plain confusing sentences like:


IRA spelling mistakes


The company does not mention that they hired any professional RCICs (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants), we found on the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) registry that the company has two.


Dhillon Devinder R507815 and Sayedain Wasi R418583. Unfortunately, for the company, it seems like Mr Wasi has had his consultant’s licence revoked.

IRA immigration RCIC

This means that Mr Wasi was not meeting his professional obligations in Canadian immigration and has been removed from the council’s list. This does not look good for IRA Immigration as this could mean illegal or dishonest immigration practices were taking place in the company.


Social Media Reviews IRA Immigration


Next, our IRA Immigration review we looked at the company’s social media presence. They have platforms from Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and even LinkedIn. Let’s take a look at their Twitter.



IRA immigration twitter


Their account started in 2016 and has a very small following of 303, even after tweeting over 4,257 times. They post regularly and sometimes even five times a day. Most of these tweets link to their main site and appear to not really be specific or useful. Blogs seem to take a back seat here, with fewer being published.


We did find a customer review from 2018, you can watch it for yourself and see what you think.



IRA Immigration facebook

Next up we examined their Facebook account. We noticed that they also have a very small following here of 548 and that they normally reply to customers within a couple of hours.


We realized that the company has no reviews whatsoever on their page, which is rather strange. They also post up to four or five times a day, like they do with their Twitter account. We were disappointed with the content of some of the blogs we did click on, like their Top places to visit in Canada, which was just a list with little or no useful information.


Google Plus

IRA immigration google plus

Unlike most normal Google Plus accounts, the company posts regularly on this platform. The content is the same as we have found across all their platforms and resulted in the company having a following of 28. This is an extremely small number and besides that, the platform doesn’t offer any additional information that was not posted across the rest of their social media.  


Surprisingly, we found that they had many positive reviews on Google, which scored their company highly. Most compliments had to do with good customer care and helpful staff. The negative reviews we did find did not say why the scored the company a one star.

IRA immigration review

Some customers mention a counsellor called Sudhanshu that helped with the paperwork, although there is no RCIC by that name that works for IRA Immigration, however we did find someone called Ohri Sudhanshu on the registry. Though they seem to work for another company called XL Immigration Consulting Services Inc in British Columbia, Canada.




Can you trust IRA Immigration? Our IRA Immigration review is about to tell you. There are a lot of issues about the company, from their copied content to the fact that one of their RCIC is being removed because of professional and unethical practice. The mention of another RCIC who is not hired by the company also brings a lot of doubt about the company’s image.


It does help that the company has more positive reviews than negative, where most of the customers had good interactions with the company.


Though it did help that the company has a Privacy Policy and other important documents, the site itself is not secure for customers to browse in. Online security is always an issue and the company really need to correct it on their website.


Are you a happy customer from IRA Immigration, or have you had a negative experience? Please comment below and tell us your story.


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The Review

5.3 Score


The Good

  • Easy to use website with free assessment and online service
  • Does have important legal documents like Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies and a Refund Policy
  • One RCIC that has not been removed from the company
  • Good customer reviews from satisfied customers

The Bad

  • RCIC has been removed for either business or ethical reasons
  • Mention of agents who are not with IRA immigration but work for other companies instead
  • Plagiarism and copyright of the CIC blog by the company


  • Easy to use website with free assessment and online service 80%
  • Does have important legal documents like Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies and a Refund Policy 70%
  • RCIC has been removed for either business or ethical reasons 10%
  • Mention of agents who are not with IRA immigration but work for other companies instead 20%
  • One RCIC that has not been removed from the company 90%
  • Plagiarism and copyright of the CIC blog by the company 10%
  • Good customer reviews from satisfied customers 90%
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