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About Immigration Pros Consultants

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If your dream is to migrate to Canada then choosing the right immigration consultant is of great importance. Finding a regulated consultant to handle your immigration process will be the difference between successfully moving to Canada or not. One such company that you can count on is Immigration Pros Consultants.


This company is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where they provide specialist services for immigration to Canada. The company is fully committed to helping individuals migrate to Canada either on a permanent or temporary basis. They are authorized by the Canadian government to provide immigration services.


According to their website, Galo Castillo is their Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) who is a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). Through the ICCRC’s website, we managed to confirm that Mr. Castillo is indeed a registered member with consultant identity number: R408519.


It is not clear if Mr. Castillo is the only RCIC working for the company or if they have other consultants.


On their website, Immigration Pros Consultants claim to have a “wealth of experience” in Canadian immigration matters. They also insist that they have a network of agents in a number of countries. We noted that these agents and countries have not been mentioned.


Website and Services


Their clean, simple to use and a clearly labeled website offers detailed information on the services that they provide. They offer quick client assessment either through their email, website (they promise to give feedback within 24 hours) and by telephone.


Immigration Pros Consultants are very transparent in terms of charges. They have clearly stated the costs of each of the Canadian immigration services that they provide. This is very impressive, as it gives any prospective client the exact cost of services. There are no grey areas, no hidden costs.


The company offers a range of immigration services such as:


  • Canadian Work Permit;
  • Permanent Residence Applications;
  • Spousal Sponsorships;
  • Express Entry;
  • Provincial Nominee Programs; and
  • Labour Market Impact Assessment


They have a clear and well written Privacy Policy page. However, they do not have a Terms and Conditions page or a Refund Policy.


Social Media and Online Reviews


The company has a very limited presence on social media. They have a Facebook Page with a very modest following of just over 70 followers. The last time they posted on the page was over 8 months ago.



In terms of reviews, we, unfortunately, could not find much on Immigration Pros Consultants. We did find one Facebook review of a client who just gave them 5 stars with no explanation.




From what we have learned, Immigration Pros Consultants are a reputable company providing various immigration services to Canada. They have a registered RCIC member on their books.


The lack of social media presence and interaction is very concerning and they need to improve on that. We also feel that with the number of immigration services they provide, having one RCIC handling them cannot be enough. This makes us wonder if the company employs anyone else to assist with the workload. If they do and that person is not a registered consultant, it is very concerning.


Have you had any experience with Immigration Pros Consultants? If so, leave us a comment below telling us what you thought about their immigration services.


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The Review

6 Score


The Good

  • Regulated
  • RCIC

The Bad

  • Social Media


  • Legitimacy 70%
  • Website Content 50%
  • Features 60%
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