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ICC Immigration Canada Solutions Inc. or ICC Canada Immigration Solutions Inc. is an immigration company that is based Mississauga, Ontario. The Directors of the company are Mr. Manu Datta and Mr. Ripudaman Singh and both of these men qualified and registered members of the ICCRC.

The RCIC numbers for each of the Directors are provided on their “About Us” page and both of these individuals’ credentials check out on the ICCRC registry. Mr. Datta’s RCIC number is R409559 and it is provided on the website under a short bio along with Mr. Ripudaman Singh’s RCIC number, R409799 which is provided with the identical bio.

ICC Canada Immigration Solutions Inc. seem to have two company names judging by their logo and what they refer to themselves on their site which we did find quite confusing at first.

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Upon previous review of this consultancy, we noted that the RCIC number of Mr Singh did not match when in fact, it was registered by the ICCRC. As a result, CanadianVisaReview would like to express our sincerest apologies to ICC Immigration Canada Solutions Inc. for any damage caused by this oversight.


The Website

The website for ICC Canada Immigration Solutions Inc. is simple and basic with sparse information provided. On their Homepage there is an option to look at ICC Canada Immigration’s Outside Canada Services but they did not provide any information on the “services” that they claim to offer. Here is a list of the services that will be coming soon:

  • Express Entry
  • Study Permit
  • Spousal Visa
  • Visitor Visa
  • Refused Class
  • Business Class
  • Federal Farmer
  • Travel Document

If you go to their In Canada Services menu and click on the Spousal Visa link, you are taken onto a page that does not exist. This proved to be quite worrisome as they failed to provide even the basic information regarding immigrating to Canada.

We then took a look at when the website for ICC Canada Immigration Solutions Inc. was created, we discovered that it was only created in August 2015. We are therefore unsure how old this company is and what sort of experience they have in the immigration industry.

The website has no privacy policy, no refund policy and no terms and conditions.

Social Media

There are social media links for ICC Canada Immigration’s social media accounts but not all of them work. The link for the Twitter and LinkedIn accounts do not work and you are merely redirected to the top of the page that you are on. We searched for a Twitter account and we couldn’t find one. There is a LinkedIn account but it has no information on it.

The Facebook account was created in 2014 and it has over 108 000 likes. The page has regular posts but majority of the posts that are shared posts are from other Facebook accounts. Even though ICC Canada Immigration’s account updated with “relevant” information, none of this is from their own sources or original.

Our Conclusion

We believe that ICC Canada Immigration Solutions Inc.’s website is in dire need of content as this may dissuade any new viewers looking to immigrate. Even though they have registered RCIC’s on board, there are far too many discrepancies and we are left with too many questions about their quality of service. The lack of important documents like a privacy policy, refund policy and terms and conditions is also a red flag for us, as we do not know what their processes are for refunds, cancellations and private information are.

The information on important pages that are “Coming Soon” is another red flag for us. This information can be found anywhere and on the CIC’s website and yet they have failed to provide it on theirs.

The Review

3.5 Score


The Good

  • They are RCIC's

The Bad

  • There are multiple pages that do not work
  • There are pages that have information lacking
  • The Twitter and LinkedIn links do not work


  • Company Identity 50%
  • Legitimacy 30%
  • Feedback 30%
  • Published Content 30%
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17 Discussion to this review

  1. Ray says:

    if you’re thinking about filing a sponsorship application through them, DON’T. The company is run by the least professional people I have ever encountered. I signed my file with them a year and a half ago and till date it has STILL not been sent to Immigration Canada. Why? because they either continuously filled out the forms incorrectly, used horrible grammar, filled out INCORRECT information OR because they continuously “let go” of the case workers who were working on my file. I have been through three case workers so far. and the amount they are demanding for a file that I pretty much filled out on my own is over $2000. I wish I sent the forms in my self.

  2. Venkatesh Kumar says:

    Hello Friends,

    I am planning to pay USD 2000 to immigration for Q login, please share your feedback about this ICC Coimbatore. I don’t want to loose my hard earned money. After seeing the above comments I m thinking now. Can anyone clarify . Thank you

  3. Sunny says:

    This company is honest and do not give you false hope. If all is good, then only they advise you to apply and through out the process they hold your hand and never let you hanging out there alone. I will recommend this company no doubt for your immigration needs.

  4. Nabi Bajwa says:

    This company is fraud they have very bed customer servicc i went 17 dec2016 at there office 1137 derry road E regarding sponsor latter they told me 100$plus tax i paid them but they didn’t give me any recipt after next day i call them back i change my mind I don’t need sponsor latter please return my money back they told me we will call you back but no body call me back repeatadly i tried them but the result same after one week i went in the office then the reciption lady told me wait some one will call you after two hrs waiting time no one call me when i insist then gentle man came out and told we will call u after four days when i asked about my money or recipt then the gentleman name abhi shake snior consultant start yieling and threating me we will see our process then we will call u back . I lost my money please be carefull this company is not trustable if u gave them money get recipt other wise you lose your money this company is totally un trustable very poor customer service please don’t go otherwise you lose your time and money

  5. uday says:

    HI, i am a medical student of Sheridan college 2017 January session.
    6 months back, i made a decision to study in Canada where my relatives also live. I filed the case from an Indian agent for sprottshaw college in Vancouver, and to my bad luck, i got refused. It was like all dreams turned to ashes. He(Indian agent) chose a wrong course for me and i got rejected. all hope gone but as the proverb goes on “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.” my relatives who were worried about me searched “immigration offices in brampton” and luckily we found “ICC CANADA IMMIGRATION.” At first i thought this would be the same immigration office as before. But after i read the forwarding letter( a letter stating about me, my story and history) written by Mr. Abhishek and Mr. Sachin Vishishth in ICC CANADA IMMIGRATION DEPT., I got excited and a hope was enlightened. They prepared my file and sent it to India(my home country) and we submitted our file on 21 oct 2016 and after 7 days, on 28 oct 2016 i got Visa.

    ICC CANADA IMMIGRATION is the best immigration consultancy to handle international cases. Moreover Mr. Abhishek and Mr. Sachin were never unapproachable to me, they greeted me warmly after i came Canada and offered their further help. even after much of their busy schedule, they listened to my queries and answered them patiently. they have been very helpful to me in making my future. i thank them and also address the readers that it is not like an other immigration company.

  6. gurpreet says:

    “Great immigration consultancy firm, great team members. All I can say is “thank you” for getting my visa quickly. Your team helped me when other consultants couldn’t. Your fees were reasonable and everything went smoothly. Thank you for everything.

  7. Vinoth says:

    Friends help me, whether icc immigration coimbatore is ok or fraud? Because i am going to pay amount 2000 usd for their service, so that kindly please help me

    • Steephen says:

      Please don’t pay anything to them

    • bhuvi says:

      Hai vinoth

      Are you getting the job in Canada.whether icc Coimbatore is true or not please say about ans

    • Mohammed says:

      Hi Vinoth ICC good or bad pls inform me

  8. Rajan says:

    Is there any problem with ICC immigration coimbatore?

    Kindly revert!

  9. Raj says:

    Don’t trust this it’s absolutely fraud. As per the law of India after process completion only we need to pay money. Till then no need to pay even single paise. And Coimbatore ICC is not registered with government of India.

  10. shalini verma says:

    Do not even work or associate with these people, they are up for only money making and false hopes.

  11. Jitin James says:

    Any problem for * ICC migration in coimbatore ?

    • bhuvi says:

      Thanks for your comments because I get lot of confused if I relief my stress and I got a clear decision about my life thanks to following commands

  12. Jamal says:

    As one of my friends asked me to find out the genuineness of this company because he wanted to pay for the services — getting an immigrant visa and getting his CV posted on government job websites — in the company’s branch in Coimbatore, South India. My friend was given to understand that he would certainly get the job when his CV would be viewed by a government department in Canada. This seemed a bit fishy and when I called the company in Canada to inquire whether they have a branch in Coimbatore and whether they will take the responsibility if something goes amiss in Coimbatore, the person who answered the call was very rude. This reveals everything.

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