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Do you know who Go For Visa is?


Go For Visa is an immigration company whose headquarters are based in Delhi, India. Go For Visa also has offices in the UK and Canada where they have immigration lawyers and consultants that work for the company.

Go For Visa does immigration to Canada, the UK, the US, Australia, New Zealand and Denmark. There is a MARA ad ICCRC seal on the website but there are no agent numbers provided. This is puzzling because nowhere on the website does it indicate who the immigration lawyer or consultants are.

According to Go For Visa, they have had years of experience in the industry and they have proven their trustworthiness and earned the confidence of their countless clients. They also claim to have got most of their clients through word-of-mouth than through marketing.

The Website

The website for Go For Visa is easy to use with a very simple layout that displays all the relevant information, well nearly all of the relevant information. Go For Visa has failed to provide their clients with important online documentation that is necessary to immigrate to Canada.

In order to be able to do immigration to so many different countries, Go For Visa needs to have consultants or lawyers that are qualified to do immigration to these countries. They do claim to have immigration lawyers and consultants in both the UK and Canada, but they fail to mention who these lawyers and consultants are.

As we mentioned before, there is both a MARA and an ICCRC seal displayed on the website but there is no other information provided. We searched on the ICCRC’s website for an RCIC agent using the company’s name and there was nothing. This is a very worrying factor.


For a company that provides immigration services to a number of countries, the information is limited. If you click on Canada Express Entry, you will be able to read about the program and something that we found a bit strange is the fact that they have listed some of their testimonials under 23 Thoughts on “Canada Express Entry 2015 Immigration”.


There is a News page and a Blog page that have relevant posts to them but they are unfortunately not updated regularly. The Testimonials page does not work which is disappointing.

Social Media

There are social media links on the website for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. All the links for these social media platforms work.

The Facebook page was created in 2012 and it has over 40 000 likes. The posts to the page are not very regular but they are relevant to the countries that Go For Visa provides immigration services too. Please note that Facebook like can be bought.

The Twitter account as also created in 2012 and it has over 2600 followers. Much like the Facebook account, the posts are not very regular but relevant to Canadian immigration.

The YouTube account has a few videos posted to it but they are all from a year or more ago. The videos on the page are relevant to immigration.

Our Conclusion

We are unsure about the legitimacy of Go For Visa as they have failed to provide a single name on the website or an indication of who their immigration lawyers and consultants are. We find it very hard to believe that they are trustworthy or have the confidence of their countless clients.

Something else that is puzzling is the fact that the only seals that they have provided on the website are that of MARA and the ICCRC, what about the other countries?

If you have dealt with Go For Visa please leave a comment below and tell us about your experience.

You can visit their website here: www.goforvisa.com

The Review

1.6 Score


The Good

  • Youtube account

The Bad

  • No names of RCIC members


  • Company Identity 20%
  • Legitimacy 10%
  • Features 10%
  • Published Content 10%
  • Service Feedback 30%
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