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Let’s begin our Global Tree review to see how much you can trust them with your immigration dreams. The company was created in 2006 by the Alapati brothers and is located in Hyderabad, India. Global Tree says that it helps with “foreign exchange, air ticketing, and pre-departure, immigration services and post-landing support.”


Let’s put their company to the test with our Global Tree review. See if these entrepreneurs can help with your Canadian immigration.

global tree directors


Their Website


Our Global Tree review took a look at the company’s website. We found it easy to navigate and that there is a lot of useful information about Canadian immigration. We did notice that some of their content was copied directly from the CIC’s website.

plagiarism by global tree


Here is the same information from the CIC page.

cic website


We noticed that some of the content on their site was also outdated with certain information talking about key requirements from 2013 that have no doubt changed in the past four years.


We were happy to find that they have a blog on their site with updated immigration news. We were quite happy to see some useful information like what life is like in Vancouver and several other articles. Unfortunately, Global Tree fell short again by copying word for word content from other sites. It is extremely worrying that a company does this. It could mean that the company is too lax about legalities, like intellectual property rights.


As we continued our Global Tree review we discovered that the site has  Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and even Refund and Cancellation documents. The Privacy Policy is pretty basic and easy to understand, although, it may not be updated to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) status yet for EU based customers.


GDPR focuses on protecting and educating customers about how their data is used, stored and controlled. Although we do not know what customer base Global Trees works with, we can estimate that at least some of their customers may be from EU countries, since their immigration services are offered to Canada, Australia, Denmark, Hong Kong and even Quebec.


We took a better look at their Terms and Conditions and saw that it is a standard agreement. Next, we moved onto the Refund and Cancellation documents and we were disappointed again. There is no information given on the link at all.


Their Services


We found that besides offering immigration options to Canada, they also included immigration services to Australia, Denmark and Hong Kong.


Most of these services were linked to:

  • Student visas;
  • Travel visas;
  • Retirement visas;
  • Family visas;
  • Business visas;
  • Green cards;
  • Application processing;
  • Interview preparations;
  • Permanent residence applications;
  • Airport pick ups and drop offs;
  • Accommodation agencies;
  • Job agency services; and
  • Starter kit issuance


The company does not hire an RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants). No RCIC could be found in the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) registry. This is extremely worrying, because only a licenced representative like an RCIC or immigration lawyer may charge you for assisting with your application.


They do have an Immigration Adviser, Rajni Garg does work in New Zealand immigration and that they have an MARA agent called Neha Singh.


Their Social Media


The company is active on many sites from Facebook and Twitter to Google Plus and YouTube. We noticed that their link to Facebook did not work.




It seems their account has a very decent following of 79,294 and they are responsive to customer messages, which is always a good sign.


It is great that they keep their review option open so that we can honestly see what some customers have said. Overall their Facebook reviews are pretty positive, they have an average rating of 4.2. Some reviews like the ones below talk about how happy customers are with their services.

global tree review facebook


Other reviews seem to talk about reviews that are paid for by the business and that the company is a scam and not to be trusted.

global tree review facebook 2


We noticed that on their Facebook they appear to offer immigration services to South Africa and even the U.S. This was not shown on their main site, there they only advertised Canada, Australia, Denmark, Hong Kong and Quebec. Whether this was an accident or not, it is still a worry that the website has not updated its content and services.


This problem was also found on a customer review for the company, that talks about offering immigration to New Zealand and Ireland, neither of these countries were mentioned on the original site.

Facebook inconsistencies



Global Tree has a very small following on Twitter of only 350 people.


The account has not been active since 2016, their last post was about Australian migration legislation. When they did post, the information was relevant to immigration topics and most of the articles linked back to their site. There was little or no customer interaction on this Twitter account, which could be because of the low number of followers.




We discovered that the company has a very small following of 68 subscribers on their channel. There are only nine videos here and while they mostly do short presentations about immigration programs they are around three years out of date, like the one video that talks about Express Entry to Canada.


We also found two reviews from customers about the company. Here is the videos below, so you can see for yourself.


Google Plus


Like their Twitter account, Google Plus has not been active since 2016, although the site has more followers than its Youtube account. Information provided on the site is the same information that was published across all its social media at the time.




To finish our Global Tree review we found that the company seems to have many positive reviews that support the company as a good choice for those who live in India, although we noticed that many of the complaints came from people located in Hyderabad.


We were happy with the fact that the company has some basic Terms and Conditions and a Privacy Policy on their site. It was disappointing that their Refund and Cancellation document does not exist on their website when we attempted to click on the link.


We did try to find mention of any RCICs on the site but came up with no names or references on the ICCRC registry site. We checked both the company name and its different branches and still got no results. This is extremely worrying as it either means that the company has not registered its staff on the system or that no RCICs exist in the first place.


The website itself is in need of serious updates when it comes to programs like Express Entry since it looks like some parts of the website have not been updated since 2014. It was also highly disappointing that the company copied other articles directly from other sources.


Have you had any experience with this company? Please tell us in the comments below.


If this company is not for you why not check out other companies we have reviewed over the years.

The Review

5 Score


The Good

  • Customer interactions on their site
  • Good following on Facebook with positive reviews
  • Legal documents like Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

The Bad

  • No refund policy
  • Outdated information about immigration
  • Unable to locate RCICs hired by the company


  • Customer interactions on their site 70%
  • Good following on Facebook with positive reviews 80%
  • Legal documents like Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions 80%
  • No refund policy 10%
  • Outdated information about immigration 50%
  • Unable to locate RCICs hired by the company 10%
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