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About Global Network Associates

Global Network Associates is a private Canadian immigration consultancy, operating out of Toronto, Canada. The company provides services in “all matters of legal immigration to Canada” as well as additional assistance once you have arrived in Canada. David Weinshtein is GNA’s regulated ICCRC member, though the website does speak about ‘members’ so we assume there is more than one representative.  However, David is the only member found on the official ICCRC website, which is misleading.


Website & Services

GNA’s has a relatively good website, but it has an uncomfortable design. The content has no set formation and is scattered all over the place. As for the content itself, that seems to be in order as it is informative and useful. We struggled to find both a privacy policy page and a terms and conditions page on their website. These documents of great importance especially when you as a client, are giving out personal information and it is vital that you know what is being done to those documents and how they are being protected. We did, however, find “something” that indicates privacy, see below.


The services they offer are:

  • Consulting
  • Evaluation
  • Document preparation
  • Post-arrival settlement services
  • Canadian job searches services
  • Canadian job offers support services and a few others.

Our overall exploration of their website was pleasant, even though the website appears to have some technical glitches.


Social Media & Online Review

Global Network Associates has Facebook and Twitter accounts. Both accounts hopelessly outdated, as their Twitter account hasn’t been touched since May 2013 and their Facebook seems to have been abandoned. We often see clients overlooking the effectiveness of a well-run social media accounts, which can often be an asset for first-time visitors to their site. This could easily send the wrong message to clients, and it so often does. Though we saw plenty of interaction on both profiles, we would have loved to have seen consistency. They could be appealing to a Spanish market as most of the posts are in Spanish. The profiles have a fairly small following, which could improve with some attention. GNA could definitely create a lot more traffic to both their website and social media accounts if they tried, the social media accounts are accessible from the header on their websites which would lead you to think this is one of their most prized possession, which in fact is the complete opposite.



Global Network Associates seems well and able to handle your immigration needs as they do have a regulated ICCRC member. However, some information may come across as misleading, we would like to see them clean that up in the future with more accuracy. As always, we advised clients to do thorough research on their own as well.

You can visit their website here:

The Review

6 Score


The Good

  • Regulated
  • Modern website

The Bad

  • No terms and conditions page
  • No privacy policy page


  • Company Identity 70%
  • Legitimacy 70%
  • Feedback 50%
  • Published Content 50%
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