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Global Migration Services Review


We start our Global Migration Services review by taking a look at the company and the services they claim to offer.


The company is located in the United Arab Emirates and seems to have two offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


They state that they offer professional immigration services to:

  • New Zealand;
  • Canada;
  • Dominica;
  • Europe;
  • The U.K.; and
  • The U.S.


Their Website


After claiming that they deliver so many services across the world we found the company’s website to be highly disappointing.


Not only is there a lack of useful information, the site also seems to have many spelling and grammar errors on their main pages. Like: 

spelling error


spelling -error-2

When looking for information about Canadian immigration, we found no mention of any program names or concrete information about the process.


The website has an option we have never seen before. The Refer a Friend feature, which encourages you to give out a friend’s contact details and interest to the company for a voucher. This seems a bit like an invasion of privacy.

refer a friends voucher

We noticed that they include a Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and Refund Policy. This does make them appear more credible as a company, since these documents are there to help protect both the user and the company.


Unfortunately, we noticed that these documents are very short and do not cover a very large selection of cases. In their Terms and Conditions for example, they state that any “50% retainer fees of (contract value)” are not refundable, no matter the circumstance of the client.


Their Services


It seems that the company has a RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant).  Mr Farooq Imran, R410607, is registered with the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council).


Mr Farooq works for two companies, Premier Management and Consultancy and Global Migration Services.

RCIC Global migration services

Our site did a review on Premiers many years ago, and it seems that they are still causing trouble for their customers. We found multiple complaints about the company on different sites. Here are just a few we located.

complaints premier consultancy


more complaints about premier


We are worried by these complaints seeing as both companies hire the same RCIC. All the complaints seem to have the same underlying issue – misinformation.


We continue our review by looking at what other services Global Migration Services offer. The company says they can help with applications for:


  • Students visas;
  • Citizenship by investment;
  • Skilled immigrants;
  • Business immigrants; and
  • Passports


We cannot find any real information for Canadian immigration programs like Express Entry, Provincial Nomination Programs or any other immigration program on their site.


Social Media Reviews


Our Global Migration Services review continues with a look at the company’s social media accounts. The company says that they have a Facebook account, however, we could not find it.


Besides their website, we only found one real mention of them elsewhere



This video we found on Youtube is seriously outdated and the program they refer to as the Investor Immigration Program was closed down in 2014. This puts serious doubts on the company’s ability to deliver real immigration services.


We did find one complaint about the company’s services by an angry client.

youtube review global migration


The only positive reviews about the company are found on their own website.

customer review global migration services 1




To end our Global Migration Services Review, we would suggest extreme caution when you hire their services.


Although they have a RCIC that does belong to the ICCRC, there seems to be many issues with Global Migration Services and Premiers Consultancy.


Furthermore, the website of Global Migration Services contains very little information that is useful, and there is no mention of the most popular immigration programs like Express Entry.


There also seems to be a great deal of trouble around miscommunication between the company and its clients. One of the common complaints is that customers are told that they can qualify for programs, but then their applications fail afterwards.


We are also seriously worried about the outdated content we found, specifically on their YouTube account, which is four years out of date.


If you have had any experience with this company, please comment below. We want to hear your story!


If you want to choose a dedicated Canadian immigration company, you can check out our trusted reviews to find the right immigration company for you.

The Review

2.8 Score


The Good

The Bad


  • 1 Registered RCIC 50%
  • Poor immigration information 20%
  • Poor social media presence and history 20%
  • Inadequate Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy 20%
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2 Discussion to this review

  1. Nesreen Khalid Al Jezawi says:

    We chose Global Migration Services company because it is one of the most reliable and reputable companies in Dubai. They have excellent experience in delivering the service of immigration and visas. They gave us professional advises and precise information on all our inquiries. Their team swiftly replied to our queries in a transparent way, which gave us confidence throughout our journey with them that we will get what we aim for, and we did indeed.
    We simply want to thank you all for your support and assistance.

  2. Sabrina says:


    I’m currently a registered client at this agency – Premiers/Global Migration Services. The ONLY reason I signed up with them was because my brother who had applied through them in 2012 (and was successful in moving to Canada in 2015) recommended them. I had a LOT of misgivings about them, but went ahead anyway.

    I paid a lump sum of 10,000 Saudi riyals (I was offered a discount of 5,000) – yep, I was naive enough to pay for the headache I now have! However, I feel like I am in this entirely on my own. They have a portal in which you drop your documents, however, there is no one really ‘available’ to answer your questions or offer advice. I have signed up on other sites and Whatsapp groups to get answers to my questions.

    As mentioned on various forums, they are TERRIBLE when it comes to follow-up! I have been trying to contact them for 2 weeks just to ask about the ECA. The caseworker is always busy with ‘other clients’ – makes me wonder what i am then, chopped liver?!

    Their idea of a follow-up is an automated email ‘update’ for the documents you should be submitting or dropping into their portal. I wish I had the ability to have done it all on my own! Sad all around.

    Thank you for your review. I am sure it will help others.

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