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A Woman Of Many Talents


Global Advising Group was started by Maria Campos in 2010 and the company is based in Vancouver. Global Advising Group offers their immigration services to individuals and businesses that are wanting to either live, study or do work in Canada.maria-campos

Mario Campos came to Canada for the first time in 2005 for an academic exchange program to the University of British Columbia. She returned to Mexico and completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Law and then her Master’s Degree in Corporate Law.

Maria Campos immigrated to Canada first under the Working Holiday Program and then permanently in 2008 under the Federal Skilled Worker Program. She has worked as a lawyer for large transitional corporations in Mexico and as a legal adviser in the US.

Mario Campos is also an RCIC agent, her RCIC number is R507929 and it is provided on the website. We searched on the ICCRC’s website and Maria’s RCIC number does check out.



View their website here:


The Website

The website for Global Advising Group (GA Group) is professional looking and easy to use. The website has all the relevant information that you need but one thing that we can fault GA Group on is the lack of important online documentation. There is a privacy policy provided, although it can be easily missed, but there is no refund policy or a terms and conditions.

GA Group not only does immigration but they are also a translation consultancy. The company offers translation services in French, Spanish and English. One of the other lawyers at the firm, Said Gonzalez, is fluent in French, English and Spanish.

Another feature that GA Group offers its clients is the help with writing a resume and cover letter when looking for a job in Canada. On the website they state that their professionals have great, persuasive writing skills. This is a helpful tip as many people forget to put relevant information on their resumes or do not lay it out correctly.

GA Group has recently started offering their legal skills Pro Bono to people that cannot afford to pay for legal advice. It obviously does not just given to anyone, you need to put your case forward and indicate that you cannot afford to pay for their legal services.

On the website there is an option to read through Immigration Articles and there are articles in English and Spanish. However the last article is from the 1st of September so this is disappointing.

Social Media

There are social media links from the website for Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. The Facebook page was created in 2011 and it only has over 700 likes. The last post to the page is from July of this year. What we did like is that the account’s articles are interesting and relevant to Canada and Canadian immigration.

On the Google+ page we found a few reviews for Maria Campos and GA Group which were all positive. The page has basic information on it along with an address and contact details.


Our Conclusion

GA Group and Mario Campos seem like a trustworthy company that has their client’s best interests at heart. Maria Campos is a knowledgeable woman and she has the experience and know how to help her clients. She is not only a lawyer but a registered and recognised RCIC agent too.

Although there are some problems with GA Group’s social media and online documentation, these are things that can be dealt with and we don’t feel like they hinder the company’s ability to help you as their client.

If you have dealt with GA Group or Maria Campos please leave a comment below and tell us about your experience.

The Review

6.4 Score


The Good

  • Maria Campos is a registered RCIC agent
  • Maria Campos is also a lawyer

The Bad

  • There is no refund policy or a terms and conditions
  • The social media presence is poor


  • Company Identity 60%
  • Legitimacy 90%
  • Features 50%
  • Services Feedback 60%
  • Published Content 60%
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