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About GES and Associates Consulting Inc.

GES and Associates Consulting Inc. is a Canadian specific immigration consultancy. Promising to “help with all your Canadian immigration needs.” GES claims to have more than 5 years of experience in the immigration industry.

Glenn Stewart is a professional member in good standing with the ICCRC and the company expresses that Glenn is “widely sought after” for her expertise in the field. Glenn has plenty of industry-related experience and accolades, all coming in good use when assisting you in your immigration experience.


Website & Services

GES’ website contains a lot of useful information for the most part but it is lacking some vital elements. They have a question and answer approach to all of their posts, which is great but in-depth detail would be greatly appreciated as this is a rather sensitive matter. Content is lacking greatly as they are just about touching the surface with many of what they claim to offer. The website contains a blog which is accessible from their website. Sadly,  this blog is hopelessly outdated with the last post dating back to November 2014.

Their Immigration Services are poorly presented and there are no descriptions or explanations to any of the services offered. The services they claim to offer are Immigration consultations, temporary residence (Visitors, workers, and students), renewal of permits, family class sponsorship, spouses, common-law, international adoptions, permanent residence (skilled workers, Canadian experience class) Alberta immigrant nominee program, live in caregivers.

Their website doesn’t contain a privacy policy or terms and conditions page which already makes us second guess their service and credibility. These two documents set the tone for what you’re getting into and even if you’re like to go forth with the chosen company. Another tab worth noting is the ‘Login’ tab which is where these two vital documents could be hiding. Though this website is a fountain of information if it is not the correct information, what good is it then?

Social Media & Online Review

GES has Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Strangely, their Twitter account is way more updated than the Facebook, which is something we don’t see often. The latest post on their Facebook page dates back to November 2015 and they have a following of 77 fans. The posts seem relevant but once again overflowing with unusable information. Their Twitter page, on the other hand, seems to be their chosen tool for social media. The posts consist mostly of news updates and informative posts driving traffic to their website. Their tweets appear on the website’s homepage as well.


GES and Associates Consulting Inc. seems fit to handle your immigration needs, as they are and we can confirm regulated ICCRC members according to the official ICCRC website. Though we would like to see more social media activity as well as the privacy policy and terms and conditions documents.

You can visit their website here:

The Review

7.8 Score


The Good

  • Regulated
  • Good website content

The Bad

  • No privacy policy
  • No terms and conditions


  • Company Identity 80%
  • Legitimacy 80%
  • Feedback 70%
  • Published Content 80%
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