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Questionable Legitimacy


GEPSI Consultancy stands for Global Education & Placement Services Inc., which was established in 1994 and the Directors have provided guidance to thousands of people. GEPSI claims to provide a tailor made, simplified solution to your Canadian immigration needs.

Throughout the website the Directors are spoken about but there are no names that are ever mentioned. The only reason we found Chirag Nanavati’s name is by looking through the images on their About Us page. Mr. Chirag Nanavati is also an RCIC agent (R508604) whose RCIC number is not listed anywhere on the website.


GEPSI Consultancy claims to have helped and guided over 50 000 people with their careers and visas, which is very impressive. There is also information about countries in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the USA and obviously Canada. We are unsure whether GEPSI Consultancy does immigration to these other countries or not as there is no mention of any immigration agents for these countries.


View the website here:


The Website

The website for GEPSI Consultancy is cluttered and lacks the information that people really need, names of Directors, RCIC agents and important online documentation (privacy policy refund policy and terms and conditions). Without this information the company’s legitimacy seems questionable.

What we couldn’t understand is why GEPSI has information, although limited, on so many other countries as they claim to do immigration to Canada. When we looked on the Homepage we saw that they seem to offer study visas to the UK, New Zealand, Australia and Europe too.


The information on the Canadian visas is very limited as is the information on the Directors. The Directors exclusive profile fails to even provide a name. Throughout the website GEPSI claims to have an RCIC agent, there is even a flashing red sign on the homepage stating that the Director is an ICCRC member.

Social Media

There are no social media links from the website but we were able to find a Twitter and a Facebook account for GEPSI Consultancy. The Twitter account has 58 followers and the posts are not regular but they are relevant to Canadian immigration.

We found a Facebook page but there is no activity on the page and it seems that it was only created in 2015.

When we searched on Google we found Google reviews for GEPSI Consultancy that were all very positive about the company’s immigration services.

Our Conclusion

The legitimacy of GEPSI Consultancy is questionable as they have failed to do the most basic job of all, provide their possible clients with the correct information. However, their Google Reviews helped as people do seem to have had good service.gepsi-google

The company is based in India and many, if not most of their clients are Indian. There is a section of the website, Our Achievements where you can see how many visas they have completed for their clients each month. Whether these are real numbers we are unsure.

If you have dealt with GEPSI Consultancy for your Canadian immigration process, please leave a comment below and tell us about your experience.

The Review

4.8 Score


The Good

  • There is a registered RCIC agent

The Bad

  • There is no important online documentation


  • Company Identity 40%
  • Legitimacy 60%
  • Features 50%
  • Service Feedback 60%
  • Published Content 30%
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13 Discussion to this review

  1. Jay Shah says:

    Thanks to GEPSI for providing me with the best support and guidance to get my Visas. Selection, of course, college and location is the most important factor while selecting to study abroad. GEPSI gave me the best college and course in Toronto. I talked with many friends and relatives in Canada and they all said that I have made a perfect selection. I truly respect the Staff of Gepsi Consultancy.

  2. Dharti Shah says:

    I just received my immigration in about 7 months. I had a great experience. This company is very ethical and all the members were very cooperative. I truly believe that people who have written anything wrong, are misguiding others. During my frequent visits to Gepsi consultancy, i met many other satisfied clients.

  3. Amna says:

    Teraron Consulting Inc, Canada, is scam.

    It’s a fraudulent company.


  4. Totally dissatisfied says:

    One of the worst experience . It seems as if the team is not conversant with Canada express entry process and inspite of submitting all documents they unnecessarily delay the process nor they are transparent in approach. Would never recommend any one to register for Express entry or either PNP.

    • Amna says:

      Teraron Consulting Inc, Canada, and cosmos immigration is scam.

      It’s a fraudulent company.


  5. rushabh says:

    Best consultant for Canada. Accurate guidance and support from GEPSI.

  6. There is always hide and seek in this process and they will put us in engragious scenario by dragging money from us . Besides, i feel to apply by own as you can deceive always .

    I am on refutive side as after fetching money you could be able to see your irking stage and fraustated . on the contrary , you had informed by them that people can discontinue their service because our money is with them.

    I passed on through this situation which motivated me to apply by own and than i knew never trust on consultant as this is money business which is against generosity act.

    Even after paying fee you require to struggle hard to connect your call

  7. Brinda Patel says:

    This is one of the worst experience. The person is asking for the fake documents. He takes the registration fees which is half of the total fees and then never reply. If you go to the office for the work, they never work and they don’t have any seriousness with documents. They don’t work according to the time schedule. Because of them, I got rejection in my PR process. The director Chirag nanavati is one of the worst.

    • Kunal says:

      I do not agree to you. Probably you are a competitor or just a client who is not able to score well or produce adequate documents as per the requirements. I am in Canada and have come through GEPSI. I met thousands of GEPSI’s clients who are already in Canada. Not a single client is saying anything wrong about GEPSI. This is the only consultancy which I found completely honest and sincere. Compared to the agencies available in India, I must say that GEPSI is doing tremendously well. Infact, there is no comparison. GEPSI is superb and its results are outstanding. I have been their client for over one year and during this time, i have visited GEPSI frequently. I will say over 100 times. I never saw such problem. Whenever i visited, i found 20 more clients in their office. They all were positive and happy. Mr. Nanavati is a very unique person and a person who works for his words. His entire staff comes from a very well cultured family and I have had number of incidences wherein, they have gone beyond their limits to assist me. I am so proud to be with GEPSI, just like there many other clients. Stop being so political. Negative marketing will never bring you up, if you are one of GEPSI’s competitors.

      • Khushbu Patel says:

        I totally disagree with you Coz now there are many clients who hve complaints about the services for canada visa by gepsi.

      • Harjeet says:

        hi can u plz contact me i want immigration for canada my no. 9818909815

  8. Ekansh bhatia says:

    Please suggest the best immigration consulatant

    • Hiral Shah says:

      Do you even know, whom you are asking? what is the education background of this person? is this person capable of answering you truthfully? My friend, you may go wrong by asking wrong people.
      Just a little advice.

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