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Located in the Philippines, Gateway to Canada states that they are managed by a team of skilled professionals that have over 20 years of experience as the “largest and most reputable immigration consultancy in the Philippines”. We put their claim to the test in our Gateway to Canada review to see if they really have what it takes to be the “best”.

About Gateway to Canada

gateway to Canada website

At first glance, we were not particularly impressed with their website as it is not the most visually appealing. We are introduced to the site on their About Us page which explains that they are based in the Philippines but also have other branches across the world.


We also are told that Gateway to Canada is managed by another company called “Proactive Immigration Adviser Corp which is an authorized agent of Canadian Immigration Consultancy.” This could mean that they act as a go between for these two companies.


At least they are open about their website not being written by an immigration expert and state that you should not use information on their site as legal advice.


They also explain what an authorized representative is and that only these representatives can legally charge for immigration services. Most websites do not normally provide this sort of information and this gives us the impression that the company wants its consumers to make an informed choice.

Gateway mentions that Canadian Immigration Consultancy has an authorized representative, Christina Camarce, RCIC number R507796. Camarce is registered on the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) registry as an RCIC, but we did notice that she is not registered as working under the company Canadian Immigration Consultancy. She is listed under another company name, RPCL Immigration Services.


This could be a simple admin issue. Perhaps Camarce merely forgot to update her account to a new employer. We hope that the company can correct this oversight.


Gateway to Canada Services


Gateway to Canada’s services include assistance to study, work and live in:

  • Canada;
  • Australia;
  • New Zealand;
  • Ireland; and the
  • U.S.A.


But in our Gateway to Canada review we will only look at the services they offer for Canadian immigration.


We decided to try and book an appointment with their consultant and were guided to CIC consultants.  We are told that these are agents/consultants, but we know that they are not registered RCICs as none of them are found on the system.


The company does state the times when their agents can be contacted and does supply names of the agents to at least let you know who you are talking to.


The company is also pretty open about its pricing stating that they charge around 500 Philippine Pesos  for a 30 minute orientation or assessment. Signing a contract with the consultancy and consultancy fees costs approximately 30,000 Pesos. We appreciate their transparent take on fees because many companies are very reluctant to share this kind of information.


Gateway also offers a free assessment although it looks more like a sign up sheet than a useful assessment to show how you can move to Canada.

gateway to Canada




During our Gateway to Canada review, we noticed that the company does not appear to have a secure site.


HTTPS secure sites let you browse them without worrying about your personal information being stolen by hackers. We would like to say that Gateway to Canada has a secure site; unfortunately, it does not. This does seriously compromise the site’s security and it is especially problematic if you plan to enter in highly sensitive information like your banking details.

gateway to canada security

Although Gateway does not have the most appealing look, the website is at least functional and links do seem to actually work and lead customers where they are supposed to go.


We couldn’t track down some important legal documents like their Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Refund Policy. These documents are needed to explain how Gateway plans to offer services to their customers, uphold the privacy rights of customers and ensure customer privacy. These documents are legally binding to both customers and the company to ensure that there is no mismanagement of client cases or misrepresentation on both sides.


Under the “how to apply for a visa to Canada” section of their website, we found that the company does not really explain the process clearly. All we know is that we are meant to complete an evaluation before we find out more.


The company has a blog on their site with posts about relevant immigration information. We noticed that they really do not post regularly. We hope that they stay updated on the latest immigration news and draws.


Customer Reviews

gateway to canada facebook

A link on their website led us to their facebook page. With 49,592 followers, it seems like the company is doing fairly well for itself.


We were happy to find that the page enabled reviews, which gives them more credibility. We found it quite odd that there are only 15 reviews when they have such a large following.


The reviews are on the page give a really great impression of the company’s customer service. Customers go on to say that:gateway to canada fb review

People also commented about the company doing the following.

gateway to canada fb review 2

Gateway to Canada replies to customer queries with a generic message, but at least they reply, which does make them seem more attentive to the clients. Below is just one of these examples.gateway to canada FB reply

Our Gateway to Canada Review Conclusion


The site does appear to use an authorized representative to assist with applications.


The company ’s social media presence is pretty strong and the reviews that found seem to support this. We also noticed that the company does reply to their customers and help answer queries, which is always a good sign.


We were also clearly introduced to people who will be assisting with the visa application process and the company is also very transparent when it comes to prices, names and the content they provide on their site.


Personally, we were a bit let down by the site itself in terms of its security and missing legal documents. The site was not HTTPS secure and this makes online payments a real issue. We also couldn’t locate their Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions or Refund Policy so we were left in the dark as to whether it is safe to hire the services of Gateway to Canada.


There are many things that could be improved on their site, but we do not think that the company is a scam.


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If you have been a customer of Gateway to Canada please leave a comment to tell us about your experience!

The Review

6 Score


The Good

  • Use of authorized representatives
  • Strong customer service and social media account
  • Company transparency

The Bad

  • Missing legal documents like Terms and Conditions, Refund and Privacy Policies
  • Site is not HTTPS secure


  • Authorised representative 100%
  • Company transparency 90%
  • Strong customer services and social media presence 90%
  • Missing legal documents 10%
  • Unsecured website 10%
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