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About Future Vision Immigration Services

Future Vision Immigration Services are a Dubai based company that specialize in immigration services to countries such as Canada, U.S.A, Denmark and Australia among others. The About Us page on their website doesn’t give much information about them other than mentioning that they are based in Dubai. Future Vision also claims that they have more than 12 years’ experience in the immigration industry, however, we combed throughout the internet and could not get any further information about them.

Website and Services

In terms of appearance alone, the website for Future Vision Immigration Services is not so bad with a clean and attractive mix of images. But we would not be a reputable review site if we judged on appearance alone, and this is where we notice a few glitches with the set-up of this website.

For starters, their About Us page reads more like a half-hearted attempt at aggressive marketing and the content says nothing about their owners, team of immigration consultants, accreditations or qualifications. The About Us page of an immigration consultancy’s website should at least give confidence and assurance to a prospective client or anyone reading it, but the About Us page on Future Visions website does none of that. The website doesn’t mention whether the company has a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) on their books, or if it is accredited by any of the various immigration authorities of the countries it claims to offer immigration services to.

Despite having a Contact Us page, the website neglects the need to include important documents such as Terms and Conditions, Privacy and Refund policies.

Although the website for Future Vision Immigration Services looks attractive, navigating and locating information is not an easy task. Much of the information links are not clearly labeled and much of the content found on the various pages does very little to explain anything worth of note. An example of this is the About Us page, that for some reason still contains dummy texts adding to the overall confusion and unprofessionalism of this website.

According to the wback 2 xulebsite, Future Vision Immigration offer a free online assessment option, well and good, however, if you click on the Free Assessment page you are sent to a registration page labeled ‘special back to school offer’ and we find this very misleading and confusing at the same time.


Future Vision Immigration Services also mention that they provide visa services to various countries including Canada, these services include:

  • Student visa/study permit
  • Business Visa
  • Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Express Entry
  • Tourist visa

Social Media and Online Review

Future Vision Immigration Services have a social media link on their website and they have Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and Google+ pages. Their Facebook page has just over 10,000 likes, there is not much activity on the page with just a few immigration news articles and was last updated in July 2016. The same theme continues on their Twitter page, with very little activity happening, they have a modest 9 likes, 12 followers, and 22 tweets. Over time, their social media presence has been completely neglected.

In terms of online reviews, there is not much available about Future Vision Immigration Services and we seem to be the first website to do a review on them. However, we managed to run their website through scam adviser to gain further insight and the results don’t paint a good picture about Future Vision Immigration Services.

Scam adviser finds that the website is one-year-old and may be related to a number of high-risk sites and its life expectancy of 366 days is relatively short for a professional immigration company. In registering the website with a short life expectancy, this follows the pattern used by many fraudulent and scam websites.

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Due to the number of unauthorized consultants, scams, and the sophisticated and convincing marketing methods used by immigration agencies, Future Vision Immigration Services have shown no effort to set themselves apart. The lack of a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) should send alarm bells ringing for anyone seeking immigration services from them, as an RCIC is the only individual authorized to handle your immigration process.

If the lack of information about their owners is not discouraging enough, then the fact that they fail to mention anything about accreditation should be reason enough to be cautious when dealing with them. Also, the fact that Future Vision have neglected to add important documents like Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy but have been quick to add a Payment Page to their website and this is very discouraging.

The Review

4 Score


The Good

The Bad

  • Lack of RCIC
  • No terms and conditions page
  • Social media
  • Website


  • Company identity 50%
  • Legitimacy 40%
  • Features 40%
  • Service feedback 40%
  • Published content 30%
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  1. WINTER says:

    Anyone knows about the Al Safa Management Consultants (on its 17th year) . Please help me to find this consultant good or bad. They are work in dubai since 2000.03.08.(only for Canada)
    3rd floor, Office #302, Al Maya Supermarket Building
    25 Street, Satwa, Dubai

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