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Filmex Immigration is a consultancy located in Vancouver, Canada. The company offers immigration counselling to those looking to come to Canada.

Wasting no time, Filmex introduces their ICCRC member on the home page. Mrs. Elvira Gangte is also a member of the Canadian Association of professional Immigrant Consultants (CAPIC) which represents and protects registered Immigration Consultant members. The company claims to “protect the clients from unlicensed, unrecognized fraudulent scammers who disguise themselves as Immigration Consultants.” Is this true? Let’s take a look.


Website & Services

Filmex has a visually appealing website, complete with stunning graphics. Though the website is visually well put together, the availability of information is at a low. The site consists of only 4 tabs. This includes Home, About, Contact and Services.

The home page solely speaks about the ICCRC member, Elvira Gangte and her appraised accolades and nothing else, however if you click on the actual page named Home, you’re presented with their mission statement which is well put together and easy to understand.

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Another feature on their Home page is the introduction to their team. We are presented with three people, though we do not know their names or roles at this point. Another page I’d like to discuss is their Contact page. We are pleased to see that clients are presented with two options; to go to their offices and speak face to face or contact them telephonically/via email. This gives the company an interactive and personal feel, which is always greatly accepted.

The Service page caught us off guard a bit. When you click on this tab you’re faced with “Call us to discuss your best option.” There is not even a glimpse into what services they offer which could possibly make clients revert to another agency. Phone calls abroad are costly and not all clients would want to do that first off. But what we do understand is that Filmex offers counselling to immigrants hoping to immigrate. Consultation is raw and personal (from what we can pick up) so clients are given an option that best suits them and their unique situation.


Social Media and Online Review

Filmex has a LinkedIn and Facebook page. Though their latest post is dated back to 2015, their Facebook page seems to contain a lot more information than their official website does. They showcase some of the services and products that they offer while also featuring news articles informing their followers of current news in Canada. They have a very small following, with little to no likes and shares. This isn’t too suspicious as many companies still haven’t caught up to the digital age. Filmex’s online presence isn’t strong and could improve but this is no train smash as they are headed up by an active ICCRC member.



Filmex Immigration Consulting Agency is able to handle your immigration needs as they are lawfully equipped to do so. We do however hope to see more interaction on their pages as well as updated in-depth information on their website. We are content with the information that we have gathered thus far.

You can visit their website here:

The Review

5.8 Score


The Good

  • Registered with the ICCRC
  • Good website appreance
  • Informative Facebook posts

The Bad

  • No Terms & Conditions page
  • No Privacy Policy Page
  • Lack of information
  • Outdated Facebook Page


  • Company Identity 60%
  • Legitimacy 70%
  • Feedback 50%
  • Published Content 50%
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  1. Pritesh Mukhra Bhatt says:

    I came to elvira in 2017, from India. I have to say one of the WORST consultants that I have come across. She is unprofessional, uneducated about the bloody system and only does the work when pushed. I want to complain to ICCRC about her.

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