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Fast to Canada Immigration Corporation is an authorized Canadian consultancy office situated in Mississauga, Ontario in Canada. Providing consultancy in Immigration, finance and investments, Fast to Canada offers services before and after your arrival in your new home, Canada.

Upon first perusal of the website we immediately noticed the ICCRC logo on the homepage. Before going any further we logged onto the official ICCRC website and we can confirm that Mr. Abeer Qita is a regulated member of the ICCRC. The website doesn’t provide further information on Mr. Qita.


Website & Services

If we’re talking content, this website lacks nothing. They seem to cover everything immigration related. Their Services page is loaded with information in precisely describing all their services. The website is relatively easy to navigate and the design fits well with the cause. On a more serious note, Fast to Canada is lacking in both a Terms & Conditions page as well as a Privacy Policy page which is vital when rendering a service of this nature.

Fast to Canada offers several immigration services and visas including; a free eligibility assessment, helping you find a job in Canada, work permit services, settlement service package, skilled workers program, student visa and others. These services are very detailed and descriptive as to what they entail, which we greatly appreciated.

The website also includes a “Special Offers” option, which is regularly updated with their latest offerings and confirms that the company is still active.

Social Media & Online Review

Fast to Canada display both the Facebook and Twitter icon on their website. Unfortunately the Facebook page was the only link that worked straight from the website. We noticed the vast majority if not all posts, are in Arabic. We tried to manually search on Twitter for Fast to Canada’s account, but found nothing. However since their website is in such a good condition the lack of social media activity doesn’t matter all that much. Their online reputation doesn’t stand out any more than anything else out there in the digital world, which is why we would recommend they boost their online presence.



Fast to Canada seems to have a vast amount of knowledge in the immigration department which makes them more than capable of handling your immigration process. They do have the necessary requirements to legally do so, however their online presence could be given a bit more attention, especially since they do offer online products.

You can visit their website here:

The Review

8 Score


The Good

  • Good website
  • Good content

The Bad

  • poor website design
  • Poor social media


  • Company Identity 90%
  • Legitimacy 80%
  • Feedback 60%
  • Published content 90%
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2 Discussion to this review

  1. Ammar Blich says:

    i wouldn’t recommend her to any 1.
    once she takes your money, she won’t even reply to your email.
    DON’T waste your time & money on her.

  2. Hamoud Maklad says:

    I am interested to join fast to Canada program

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