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Ezzy2Go review of their website


Ezzy2go Review


Ezzy2go is a visa consultancy company that refers to themselves as a “one-stop solution provider for Australia, USA, Canada and New Zealand”. Apparently, the company has five years of experience in providing legal assistance to prospective immigrants. Our Ezzy2go review will solely focus on the Canadian immigration services they provide.


Ezzy2go’s Website


Our first impression of their website was quite positive. The site is pretty, interactive, well-designed and really easy to navigate. It truly leads you to believe that the company is modern and professional. However, once we read more of the content on the site, we noticed some suspicious details.


Nowhere on their website could we find any information on the legal experts employed at Ezzy2go. In the “About Us” page, they say that they have MARA registered migration agents who will help clients immigrate to Australia. In the following sentence, they go on to say “we can say the same about other major countries of the world as well.”


This really concerned us, because MARA agents are only legally allowed to assist with immigration to Australia. Other countries have separate councils and bodies that represent migration consultants. Nowhere do they mention who these people are or if they are registered with the relevant authorities.


It may very well be the case that Ezzy2go is not legally allowed to provide visa consultancy services to Canada. In fact, we could not even check their MARA accreditation, because they did not reveal any details about who these people are. So perhaps they are not even authorized to provide visa consultancy services to Australia.


However, we did enjoy some features on their website. Ezzy2go gives you the opportunity to sign up for a newsletter on their website and they also offer free online assessments. On the homepage you will also find a handy tally system tracking the number of successful immigrants the company has produced, currently the number sits at 3156.


Additionally, Ezzy2go has a job board on their website that you can browse in order to find work in another country. We also liked that they are upfront with their pricing. For a phone or skype consultation it will cost you:


  • INR 1500 for 15min;
  • INR 2000 for 30min; and
  • INR 2500 for 60 min

If you are looking for more information on the various Canadian immigration available to you, Ezzy2go has you covered. However, we did notice that they should go into much more detail. For example, they do not mention any of the specific requirements of immigrating to each province.


Ezzy2go’s Social Media and User Reviews


Ezzy2go really lacks in this department. We took a look at all the online platforms the company uses to interact with their customers.


In terms of reviews, there is very little to be found about the company. On their website, you will find two nameless testimonials providing very little authenticity. And their Facebook only has three reviews with no additional information.


Ezzy2go review of their website

One of two testimonials on Ezzy2go’s website.


Speaking of Facebook, Ezzy2go only has about 3,728 likes on their page. However, they do keep their newsfeed active with regular, relevant content. Unfortunately, the company has very little Twitter and Instagram followers so there is not much customer interaction on this platform.


We liked that the firm has blogs found on Blogspot and WordPress where they regularly post detailed articles on immigration across the world.



Our Ezzy2go review concludes with a mild warning. If you want to use this company to immigrate proceed with caution. We are not saying that they are scammers, but we found it very concerning that they make no mention of their authorization or licences to perform immigration services to Canada. It may very well be that they are providing this service illegally, so be careful.

Have you had any experiences with this company? If so, please tell us about it below. If you are still looking for a trustworthy immigration service please take a look at our many reviews.

The Review

8.2 Score


The Good

  • Free consultations
  • User friendly website
  • Job board

The Bad

  • No clear legal authority
  • Can add more detail to content on website


  • Free consultations 100%
  • User friendly website 100%
  • No clear identification of legal authority 50%
  • Website content could be more detailed 70%
  • Has a job board 100%
  • Social media 70%
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