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Excel Immigration claims to be “one of the most prestigious and reliable immigration consulting firms.” With such a bold opening statement we’re eager to find out if they live up to every word. Operating out of Edmonton, Canada, Excel Immigration seems to offer an array of helpful immigration services to hopefuls who someday wish to call Canada home.

In plain sight in the sidebar is an ICCRC option, upon clicking on this we are presented with a brief description of what the ICCRC is and stands for as well as their regulated member. The firm is headed up by Mr. Naresh Dhatwalia who we can confirm is a member in good standing with the ICCRC.


Website & Services

Excel Immigration’s website is clean and clear. In the header you’ll find their two office locations and nothing else. In the sidebar however, is all you’ll need to know about their services, from what they have to offer to what they stand for as well as some frequently asked questions (FAQ). The website contains no footer and that is where we’d normally find the Privacy Policy and also the Terms and Conditions which carries a large chunk of a company’s credibility. These two documents are always highly recommended especially in special cases such as immigration so that clients know exactly what they’re getting into and what exactly will be done with personal information. Though the website was lacking some vital elements, it was easy to navigate and easy to work with.

Excel Immigration offers services that include general consultation, assistance in preparing applications for work study and visiting visas, family sponsorships, investors applications and other. There could be a bit of confusion as not all of the above mentioned services have descriptions which may leave clients muddled. We were also very pleased to see an IELTS test tab explain what IELTS is in great detail, with direct links to the website.

We would love to have seen a testimonial page or some sort of evident interaction.


Social Media & Online Review

We were unable to find any social media accounts for Excel Immigration on both Facebook and Twitter. This does throw us off a bit as we have no feedback from clients which is always good to see and get a feel for the company’s reputation.



Since Excel Immigration is a regulated ICCRC member we can recommend them as a reliable option for immigration consultancy. We would however like to see some client interaction and reaction as the site did lack a few things and we feel a form of testimonial could possibly cover this.

You can visit their website here: www.excelimmigrations.com

The Review

7.3 Score


The Good

  • Regulated
  • informative content

The Bad

  • Poor website design
  • uncomfortable size of text


  • Company Identity 80%
  • Legitimacy 80%
  • Feedback 40%
  • Published Content 90%
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