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 David Aujla Immigration Lawyer

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David Aujla is the founder of David Aujla Immigration Lawyer and has been practicing law since June 1975. David Aujla is a Canadian and lives in Canada. He has over forty years of experience as an immigration lawyer. He is recognised by the Law Society of British Columbia and is well respected in his field of expertise. His story is a bit different from other immigration lawyers as his father was an illegal immigrant from India. His father was away from his new wife and young daughter for many years but fought to gain residency in Canada.

David’s years of experience are impressive and he was voted as one of the best immigration lawyers by Georgia Straights in Vancouver in Best Of Vancouver 2014.

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The website

The website for David Aujla has beautiful images of Canada when you open it up but upon closer look it is quite cluttered as there is a lot of information popping up, it could be a bit more organised. We felt that the home page could be less busy as there are already options for testimonials, about and contact options in the menu. There is no privacy policy, terms and conditions or a refund policy available on the website. But we assume that because David Aujla is a lawyer that you will pay lawyer fees for his services. He does however give you as the client three different options for his services which is quite nice.

In addition to the information about visas there are links to articles that have used David Aujla as a reference to Canadian immigration stories. On the website it gives you contact numbers if you wish to immigrate from the USA or the UK and then there is a third number for “other countries” but it doesn’t state which other countries.


Social Media presence

The social media presence for David Aujla’s immigration law firm is very poor. There is no Facebook page and no Twitter page. Mr Aujla has a personal LinkedIn profile with all his credentials and qualifications as well as a Google+ page but that too is lacking anything worthwhile.


Client Testimonials

David Aujla has a large collection of client testimonials from clients from all over the world. There are testimonials from clients in Ghana, Congo, Mexico, South Africa and Italy. What this probably means is that David Aujla and his team have made it easier for people from different countries to immigrate to Canada. They are also obviously quite clued up with the different immigration regulations for different countries which is always a positive.


David Ajula and his team were absolutely amazing!they were always quick to respond to all of our questions and the answers were straight forward and thorough. Charles is from Ghana and the wait for permanent residency is 16 months, but thanks to David and his team we received everything in 5 months! We highly recommend him to anyone interested in hiring an immigration lawyer. 


Overall opinion

David Aujla checks out as an immigration lawyer and is recognised as one of the best immigration lawyers in Canada. His client testimonials are positive and all his clients speak highly of him and his services.

You can visit their website here: www.bcimmigration.com

The Review

6 Score


The Good

  • David Aujla is a recognised lawyer

The Bad

  • Poor social media presence


  • Company Identity 60%
  • Legitimacy 90%
  • Service Feedback 60%
  • Features 50%
  • Published Content 40%
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