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Countrywide Visas is an immigration consultancy based in New Delhi, India. With a comprehensive website and an extensive list of services, the company makes many promises to prospective clients. Our Countrywide Visas review investigates their claims to determine if you can trust them with your Canadian visa application.

About Countrywide Visas

The company opened its doors on the 22nd of August, 2015 in New Delhi, India. Since then, they claim to have served more than 10,000 clients with an 80% success rate. The four main principles of the company are professional consulting, valuable ideas, excellent timing and budget-friendly.

Countrywide Visas has an entire page on their website dedicated to the people, referred to as “experts”, who work at the company. It immediately drew our attention seeing as qualified lawyers or Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) are essential to the legal operation of an immigration consultancy. Unfortunately, we could not find any lawyers working at the company nor could we find any RCICs linked to them on the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) registry. This is a big problem because they are the only people who are legally allowed to charge for immigration assistance.

The company offers immigration assistance to a number of countries, these include:

  • Canada;
  • Australia;
  • New Zealand;
  • Hong Kong;
  • U.S.;
  • U.K.;
  • Germany;
  • Denmark;
  • Hungary;
  • Quebec;
  • The Shengen area; and
  • Bulgaria

As always, we will focus on the Canadian immigration services that they provide.Countrywide Visas review of their website

Canadian Immigration Services

We were quite impressed by the extensive information about Canadian immigration that we found on their website. Countrywide Visas goes into quite a bit of depth on most of the popular Canadian immigration programs and for this reason, we believe that the company definitely has at least some expertise in the field. Of course, they can improve by including a more complete list of immigration options available to prospective immigrants but for now, we are impressed nonetheless.

Apart from assisting with the long list of Canadian immigration options, like the Federal Skilled Program, Family Sponsorship and Federal Trades Program, the company provides a long list of relevant immigration services.

Countrywide Visas provide the following services:

  • Form filing and pre-assessment;
  • Language coaching;
  • Immigration;
  • Professional counseling;
  • Profile marketing;
  • Documentation assistance;
  • Refusal case analysis; and
  • Cover letter drafting

It is great that they recognize the importance of these services for a successful immigration application. However, we question the standard of some of these services. Once we entered their website, we quickly noticed how poor the English is on the site. The content is ridden with grammar and spelling mistakes and some sentences are confusing and totally incoherent (in general, the company could do with a complete edit because it is filled with some glaring errors, like repeated information. For this reason, we question how the company will provide language focused services, like language counseling and cover letter drafting? How can you trust in their abilities when they need language coaching themselves?

Countrywide Visas Review of their services

One of many instances where Countrywide Visas erroneously repeats information.

Another great service Countrywide Visas provide is a free Technical Assessment. This form determines your eligibility for the long list of Canadian immigration options. Not all companies offer this as a free service, so this is definitely a great selling point for the company. Let’s just hope the people analyzing the form actually possess the expertise to properly evaluate your case.

Noteworthy Features

Our Countrywide Visas Review would not be complete without mentioning the great number of features on their website. The company has a forum section on their website where clients can engage with their team on, what we assume would be, immigration issues. We think this is a great tool to create public conversations about relevant challenges in immigration. Unfortunately, this feature is underused by the company, there are currently only two questions on the forum.

Terms and Conditions are an essential feature for any company, so we were glad to see that they include this on their website. The downside is that the Terms and Conditions consists of three sentences, offering very few details about the company. This is an area where Countrywide Visas can try to reassure clients about using their services, instead, after reading their document, we were left with more doubt than trust.

Countrywide Visas has a pretty standard Privacy Policy, so don’t worry about your personal information being used for purposes other than what they promise you. Though their Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy is short, their Refund Policy is perhaps one of the most detailed and extensive documents we have ever seen. Please familiarize yourself with this page before hiring their services in case you change your mind.

We really liked that the company includes a complaint and feedback feature. This shows that they are open to learning from their mistakes in order to continually better themselves. We also haven’t seen this feature on many other companies’ sites.

One of the features we were most impressed by is their news/blog section. Here they regularly post up-to-date, relevant information about the world of Canadian immigration. Countrywide Visas truly seem to know what’s happening in their field.

Social Media and Testimonials

Countrywide Visas use quite a few social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, the former two are their most used profiles.

Facebook and Twitter

On Facebook, they have a very modest following of 5991. We found this quite strange because the company has been in operation for three years. Despite having so few fans, they regularly post relevant content on their newsfeed, directing to their website’s blog. The same can be said of their Twitter, which has a tiny following of 98.


Countrywide Visas has a bunch of testimonials on their website from satisfied clients, some of them include video footage. As always, remember to take these lightly, because they could have been written by anyone. No company will include negative reviews of themselves on their website, so do not take these testimonials too seriously.

The End of Our Countrywide Visas Review

All in all, we were left with a positive impression of Countrywide Visas. It is clear that they stay up to date with trends in Canadian immigration and they have an in-depth understanding of the various programs.

We enjoyed that they offer such an extensive list of services, including a free Technical Assessment. However, we question the quality of these services, seeing as they are clearly not proficient at English. This is troubling if you expect your application to be handled by English-speaking professionals.

Our biggest concern is that the company does not hire RCICs. This does not mean they are fraudsters, but it can be a serious legal issue if they do not work with people who are legally authorized to be immigration consultants. For this reason, we highly recommend you proceed with caution if you are interested in using their services.

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The Review

6.6 Score


The Good

  • Comprehensive website
  • Free assessments
  • Up-to-date

The Bad

  • No RCICs
  • Content needs editing


  • Comprehensive website 100%
  • Free assessments 100%
  • No RCICs 10%
  • Poor English 40%
  • Up-to-date with Canadian immigration trends 80%
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