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Proceed with caution – Continental Immigration Consultancy Services

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We are unsure about when Continental Immigration Consultancy Services was founded or by who, but we are told that they are based in New Delhi, India.

They claim to be the fastest growing immigration consultancy and they will help you with your immigration process to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Germany, the UK, Poland, Hong Kong and other countries.

The website

The website for Continental Immigration Consultancy Services is very busy and the homepage is cluttered. There is a lot to take in and the information is all over the place. There is a disclaimer at the bottom of each page that clearly tells you that Continental Immigration Consultancy Services is an immigration consultancy company that is not affiliated with any government but that they work with licensed immigration advisers. However, there is no indication of who these advisers could be.disclaimer

There is a privacy policy and a terms and conditions but they are on the same page and they are both about two lines long and nearly identical. They also provide you with no real information. The refund policy is longer and it clearly states that Continental Immigration Consultancy Services are not responsible for any visa issues or that you may not qualify for entry into a country. As far as we can understand, to get any money back from this consultancy company will be extremely hard.

The information provided on the website is a bit limited and unhelpful because they tell you about the options that you have for immigration but there is not much detail in what they tell you.


Social Media

On the website for Continental Immigration Consultancy Services there are social media links to direct you to their Facebook and Twitter page and their LinkedIn page. But when you click on these icons you are simply redirected to the top of the page. They do have a Facebook page with 26 107 likes but the last post was on the 10th of January. They do not have a Twitter page, we looked. Their LinkedIn page is very basic and provides the same information that their website provides.


What do we think?

Continental Immigration Consultancy Services provides both a physical address as well as a company registration number. This is a positive sign as the company clearly has a company profile. The downfall however is the fact that they claim to work with licensed immigration advisers, they do not provide information on who these advisers are. This causes some concern from our side.

There are a number of testimonials from previous clients so that is another plus for Continental Immigration Consultancy Services. The website was only created in January of 2013 so it’s only just over two years old.


“Today is say proudly that I am an immigrant to Canada, yes I have a PR and this is just because I choose CICS as the teacher to reach my goal to be an immigrant. God Bless”



The language on the website is also quite poor, bearing in mind that English may not be their first language. But would you trust a company that gets their website wrong? The overall layout of the website is cluttered and all very the place.

We would advise that you be careful about dealing with Continental Immigration as there are a few problematic features that we picked up from their website.

You can visit their website here:

The Review

2.2 Score


The Good

  • There is a physical address

The Bad

  • No indication of who their immigration advisers are


  • Company Identity 30%
  • Legitimacy 10%
  • Service Feedback 30%
  • Features 20%
  • Published Content 20%
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