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Career Abroad is an immigration and visa firm that has over 25 years of experience in the business. Career Abroad is based in Toronto and is run by Dharmendra Ramrakhiani who is also the Director. Dharmendra has over 19 years of experience in business management and business research. Dharmendra is also a registered RCIC agent, his RCIC number is R506942. There is a link that is provided to the ICCRC’s website.

Dharmendra understands more than 11 languages and can communicate in 7. There is an option to have the website translated into another language because they have used Google translate as a plugin on their website. Even though the translation will be quite basic, it is a nice feature.

The corporate head office is in Canada and then there are three offices in India and an office in the US.


View website here:


The Website

The website for Career Abroad is quite simplistic but it provides you with a lot of information. There is a great deal of information on each of the Canadian visa options and it is quite useful. The only Canadian visa option that has limited information was the Refugee option.

There is a page on the website called Info About Canada and it has some useful information like:

  • About Canada
  • Economy
  • Job Opportunities
  • Pay scale
  • Education
  • Medical and Health
  • Resources

In the Job Opportunities page there are links provided to different job sites for Canadian jobs. We felt that this was quite a helpful tool.

As we have said, Career Abroad is quite thorough with the information that they provide. Which is why we thought it was quite strange that under their Services and Career Counselling they provide so little information. There is no indication of what Career Abroad actually does to help you find a job in Canada. In this section the tone that is used is also quite aggressive. Career Abroad tells you to use them as your immigration consultant. There are also spelling and grammatical errors.

At the bottom of the Career Counselling page there is information about assisting students and helping them find the right visa and course. We are unsure how this ties into career counselling.

There is a privacy policy but there is no terms and conditions or refund policy. In the privacy policy Career Abroad talks about their terms and conditions but they do not provide you with one to read through.


Social Media


There are social media links for Career Abroad’s social media accounts but they are right at the top of the website and can be easily missed.

The Facebook page was created in 2010 and has 4507 likes. The last post on the page is from the 14th of August. The posts on the page are relevant to Canadian immigration but the posts do seem a bit repetitive. There isn’t much traffic through the page.

The Twitter account was also created in 2010 and has 200 followers. The last post here was also on the 14th of August. The posts are relevant to Canadian immigration but once again not very regular.

The link for the LinkedIn page does not work, it merely opens another page that you are currently on. The same thing happens if you try click on the Blog or Digg links. There is a Google + page but the last post was from the 24th of July 2013.

There is an option to send a Whatsapp message to Career Abroad.



One thing that does worry us is that the website was only created in 2012 so it makes us question how old the company is and how much experience they have.

The fact that Career Abroad fails to provide a refund policy and a terms and conditions raises a red flag for us because if they cannot provide these important documents how will they be able to successfully help you with your immigration process?

There is no image for Dharmendra Ramrakhiani or any mention of who works in the other offices in India and the US.

We are very reluctant to say that Career Abroad is a legitimate company as they fail to provide us with the essential information.

If you have dealt with Career Abroad please leave a comment in our comment section below.




  • There is a registered RCIC agent
  • There is a privacy policy


  • There is no refund policy or terms and conditions
  • There is no mention of who works in the other offices
  • The social media pages for Career Abroad is very poorly maintained

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