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 Can Canwrx Canadian Immigration Could Be a Scam

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A little bit about Canwrx Immigration

Canwrx Immigration was founded in 2008 and they deal with both immigration and recruitment for individuals and businesses. They have over 2500 satisfied international workers and they have helped hundreds of businesses fill job vacancies with temporary international labour and through their immigration consultancy program.

Canwrx Immigration has also successfully implemented Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIA). They advertise their jobs to every Canadian Citizen and Permanent Residents.

Canwrx indicates that they have over 50 companies in Canada that trust and work with Canwrx Immigration. A few examples, and the only ones on their website are:

  • Subway
  • Boston Pizza
  • Edo (Japan)
  • Arbys
  • DQ
  • GoTire


Lack of Information on the Website

The website for Canwrx Immigration doesn’t provide much information for us to use. There is not much information on the website and we struggled to find something that was useful.

They specify the different immigration applications with a tiny bit of information on each. You cannot click in the specific applications so there is no more information provided.

Canwrx Immigration also provides you information on another service that they offer like translation services. This service is for businesses and individuals. They are able to translate your documents into over 65 different languages. Which languages you may ask. Well we don’t know because do not specify which languages. Their translators do however have between 15 and 20 years of experience.

If Canwrx Immigration deals with immigration, who are the immigration consultants? Are they registered with the ICCRC? Are they lawyers? This is something that we found very strange because there is nothing on their website about who will be helping you with your immigration process.

Things got a little stranger as we started to take a closer look at Canwrx Immigration. Canwrx Immigration was started in 2008 that gives them 7 years of experience. At the bottom of the home page they clearly state that they have 10 years of experience.

canwrx stats

The social media pages for Canwrx immigration were also quite strange. There are links to all three social media pages but the information on their pages is quite sparse. Their Facebook page has 14 082 likes and the last post was on the 4th of August. The post before that is from the 1st of July. The posts however are all about Canada but nothing that is really relevant to immigration. The Twitter page for Canwrx Immigration has 112 followers and the post dates match those of Facebook. But once again the posts are all about Canada but nothing relevant to immigration. Canwrx has a LinkedIn page but the information on it is the same as the information on the website.

When we searched Google, Canwrx we found some more information, a different address to the one on their website.

canwrx address






We are unsure whether you can trust Canwrx Immigration as there company identity is very poor. Their social media pages lack anything relevant to Canadian immigration. There is no terms and conditions page, no privacy policy and no refund policy. In fact the website lacks so much information that would be helpful to possible clients.

We would advise you to proceed with caution and be careful. We found one bad testimonial from a previous Canwrx Immigration client that definitely sets off alarm bells.

The Review

1.6 Score


The Good

  • They have social media pages

The Bad

  • They do not have a terms and conditions page, a privacy policy or a refund policy


  • Company Identity 30%
  • Legitimacy 10%
  • Service Feedback 10%
  • Features 20%
  • Published Content 10%
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15 Discussion to this review

  1. saifeddine kouiri says:

    hi good morning
    Im looking for emigration to canada . im living in dubai i have 2 years experience . im from morocco. i speak Arabic,french,English

  2. Youssef moussaid says:

    I started my process with them since last february ,I paid 4000 CAD for processing my application for me and my family,and I sent all the documents required for my application,and than they asked me to replenish my account,I told them to submit my application and then I will pay they said my application will be on hold untill I pay the money,I got the job offer,any body can help me or suggest me either I pay again or I will raise the case to the court
    Please write me on my e mail

    • Giovanni says:

      Don’t ever give money to them. They are scammers. They took a lot of hard earned money from the expats here in Dubai for their services but they didn’t fulfill. We paid them in full, after that, they don’t get in touch with you. Shame on the owner Ms. Loreen! Karma will strike on you soon.

  3. Khalid Khabab says:

    Looking for the job

  4. Benjie says:

    I was scammed by canwrx as well. They were very responsive at first but after I paid the processing fee in full, I never heard from them again. The contact information on their website are not all working.

  5. Adil says:

    I like to live and work in Canada
    But how ?!

  6. Veronica says:

    i tried to contact them aswell because they didn’t do anything about my applications they just got my money and I didn’t hear from them at all after i paid them

  7. Giovanni says:

    @NoThanks Can we get in touch with you via email? We are actually applicants from Dubai, UAE and since they left here in Dubai, we haven’t got any updates from them. Almost of us were already fully paid and got nothing from them. We want to sue this company by any legal means. I hope you can help us.

  8. NoThanks says:

    Watch out for Canwrx. They don’t do things by the books. They help business owners get around laws by encouraging them to set up fake email accounts to pretend they are fulfilling obligations to employ Canadian workers in order to hire cheaper labour internationally – friends of the employers for the most part. They take money under the books to push through the applications that pay more. I used to be part of the family who run this business.

  9. albert says:

    Hi there, i have been scamed by canwrx well they got my money and told me they will find for me an employer but they never did. im here in canada staying as tourist I would like to gather information from people that having problem with this agency kindly email me to : so we could have more proof to sue them

    • Giovanni says:

      Did you went to their office in Calgary? They’re still posting jobs in I tried to apply from that website but it seems like the applicants should be in Canada because they are asking for a Canada based number. Let me know if what proof do you need in order for us to sue this agency.

  10. Giovanni says:

    I think we got scammed by Canwrx. They got our money and did nothing for our application. It’s almost 3 years now, and still nothing. Hope we can find legal assistance to sue this company. Especially the owner Loreen McDonald/Loreen Abstreiter.

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