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The immigration company that has been around for over a decade and reaches out to people in every corner of the world – CanReach Immigration Consulting.

Based in Ontario, CanReach Immigration was established in 1998 with the primary objective of providing quality Canadian immigration consultancy services for immigrants from all corners of the globe. RCIC accredited immigration consultant, Jag Farmaha; RCIC number: R 410599 guides the company in assisting clients wishing to immigrate to Canada.
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According to the website, CanReach’s Jag Farmaha also specialises in Real Estate and Business Investment, so if you are ever thinking of buying a house when you move to Canada, CanReach may just be able to help you find a new home in your new country. Jag Farmaha, may also be able to assist you in your business ventures and help you with investments.

CanReach – reaches out:

CanReach seems to reach out to more than just every country in the globe, with a specific focus on Nigeria. It has a strong relationship with Nigeria and, according to their website, their local offices currently have over 1000 Nigerian family’s immigration applications in process, which include business and skilled worker applications.  CanReach - Nigeria


The company website looks legitimate and is easy to navigate. It is an informative site, providing details on the company’s services and available visas. However,  the website content is a little sloppy as the “About Us”, “Canada Visa” and “Our Services” have the exact same content about the company and no additional information.

With a live chat on the website, and a free online evaluation form, the company is able to contact the clients that meet the requirements to immigrate to Canada.

CanReach Services:

Upon closer investigation of CanReach, we have found that CanReach targets mostly business professionals – not to say that they do not offer assistance to everyone else, but entrepreneurial businessmen benefit from getting help through CanReach. CanReach - business

It seems CanReach services are not limited to just Canadian visas. According to their website, CanReach reaches out to the USA and Europe. The company offers the EB5 Program to the United States and it offers assistance with immigration to Europe through the Portugal Golden Visa Program. Unfortunately the company does not say how much any of these services will cost. In addition, even though it does offer the RCIC consultants for Canada, it fails to showcase the qualified immigration consultants for the USA and Portugal.

Content and Social Media: 

While the company has a Facebook and LinkedIn profile, it is not very active on any of the social media platforms. The Google Plus page that is showcased on the website belongs to the owner – Jag Farmaha (who has not posted anything since 2013) and not the company. There are no social media icons on the website to find the pages, so you have to find it the old fashioned way – Google.

On the upside, there seems to be an active blog on the website concerning the immigration news in Canada – but nothing about the US and Portugal.

Unfortunately, there are no reviews about the quality service that the company has to offer anywhere on the website or on the web. This is odd because the company has been around for over ten years.

There is no indication of a Terms and Conditions page or a Privacy Policy page so that clients can know what they are getting themselves into. There is no refund policy mentioned and nothing about the costs involved. CanReach

With this being said, the website seems to have a few hick-ups but looks reputable. Our advice would be to obtain a contract and read through the terms and conditions carefully so that you know what you are getting yourself into before you sign.

Do you have any experience in dealing with CanReach Immigration Consulting? Let us know what you thought about their services in the comments below.



The Review

3.6 Score


The Good

  • Live chat with an immigration consultant on the website

The Bad

  • Not sure who are the immigration consultants are for the US and Portugal


  • Company Identity 30%
  • Legitimacy 90%
  • Service Feedback 20%
  • Features 10%
  • Published Content 30%
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15 Discussion to this review

  1. Seyi says:

    Very bad experience. Regret wasting my resources. Company is just like a post office, just a platform for submitting your application. I have just requested for a service today, same request I sent months ago, still not got a response.

  2. Vic Rey Famindalan says:

    I really want to work in Canada

  3. Afiza says:

    People are just lazy. They don’t want to take their time to read the official website but they have money and time to waste with a consultant to help them do what they have refused to. Not all consultants have our interest and all those details they collect from you are what you can input yourself if you are patient enough. You don’t want to come to another man’s land ill prepared. That is psychologically depressing.

  4. Mrs ola says:

    Canreach is fake and not reliable av paid them several thousand of dollars for two years . They have not done anything.when there is opening they will tell you they are overwhelmed.the have dooped many Nigerians. They are scam.

  5. Celia Enye says:

    I want to live and work in canada how do i go about with my applications


    I am a Nurse by profession and would like relocate to Canada with my family as a skilled Labour. I would like to know what are and what are entails. My husband is an IT Professional or Engineer.

  7. Hi Guys, I’ve processed my PR through CANREACH last year and after waited for so many months finally they have done something exceptional, I’ve just received ITA under provincial nominee program . I had only 340+ CRS but CANREACH initiated provincial nominee program to boost my score from 340 to 900+ and likewise managed to get ITA.
    They were responsive and helpful throughout the process , during the transition I was almost hopeless that it wont go through due to low CRS but CANREACH team hasn’t given up and did the great job.
    Not sure why there are many negative comments about them , Many of my colleagues also got PR through them ,What i understand its all about patience , understanding and wait for the right time.

    However, I highly recommend CANREACH to those who are really looking to start a new life in Canada.

  8. Queen Warmate says:

    Hi ,I’m currently going through a refund issue with this company since last month and I will share the details if not refunded soon. Like you said, their costs and refund details are not spelt out on their website. Their retainership agreement is flawed. It only mentions the grounds on which you are not eligible for a refund. It doesn’t state the refund procedure and duration. Customer service is very slow and no genuine concern. No clear details on how to handle a complaint or resolve an issue on their website. All these need to be spelt out.

  9. gafar salahudeen says:

    I want to live and work in Canada

  10. Tunji says:

    How will someone know if it is scam or not, through the stages of application

  11. OJO KOLUPO says:

    How to apply for Cadana visa

  12. Tunde Olowofela says:

    Can you advise if I can use Canreach for professional services for Canadian immigration or study?

  13. Bahij says:

    I want to work and live on canada

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