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About CanDream Immigration Consultancy Services

“CanDreams Immigration is a dream of like-minded professionals who wanted to help applicants around the globe to settle in Canada.”

CanDream defines themselves as a Canadian immigration consultancy who operates out of Edmonton, Canada. CanDream claims to be authorized by the government of Canada and is committed to render quality services, from a personal standpoint. CanDreams tells us that their approach is honest and realistic which has helped them win over clients which also aids to their ‘very high success rate.’

Reetu Gupta and Amit Gupta are CanDream’s ICCRC regulated members. They each claim to have a ‘strong’ knowledge of legal procedures, visa offices, immigration regulations, and procedures.


Website & Services

CanDream has an incredibly clean and professional website which could appeal to anyone with or without a technical background. It is easy to navigate and simple yet effective. The website is rich in content yet they still lack information on some vital immigration elements. The website lacks in both a Privacy Policy as well as a Terms and Conditions document, two incredibly important documents in cases as sensitive as immigration. The website isn’t graphically the best, though it does match our idea or professionalism and sufficiency. The content provided is well written and easy to understand for people from all walks of life though there weren’t any features that stood out for us, unfortunately.

The services that CanDream Immigration render includes:

  • Express Entry
  • Family Sponsorships
  • Alberta Immigrant Nominee Programs
  • Live-in Caregiver
  • Canada Visitor Visa
  • Federal Skilled Worker
  • Labour Market Assessment
  • Assistance in Application Refusals
  • Track your application and others

Social Media & Online Review

For starters, we found three Google reviews, 2 of which we are rated 5-star and the other stated the case of a dissatisfied client.




As you can see, CanDream lead clients to believe they have the above shown social media platforms, besides the fact that none of these icon links work, they do not have all of these accounts. We manually searched for any form of social media and found a Facebook page. CanDream’s Facebook page is irrelevant as it is outdated with pointless posts and a small following. Two out of 21 Facebook reviews are praise reports from satisfied clients but even so, those reviews are not rated 5-star.



We’re not displeased with CanDream Immigration but we do feel they could do better, in all aspects. Their social media could be boosted by giving more attention and their website could be modernized tremendously. We cannot deny the fact that they are indeed ICCRC regulated members and are lawfully able to assist you in your immigration venture.

You can visit their website here:

The Review

7 Score


The Good

  • Regulated

The Bad

  • Bad reviews


  • Company Identity 80%
  • Legitimacy 70%
  • Feedback 60%
  • Published Content 70%
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