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Canadim Global Immigration Law Firm


Canadim was founded in 2001, it is an immigration law firm based in Montreal, Quebec. Renaud Dery is an attorney that is recognised by the Quebec Bar Association. Canadim is a law firm and not an immigration consultant agency so their knowledge about immigration is vast and they are able to argue your case in a court if need be.


The team

The Canadim team consists of ten people with various skills that will aid you in your immigration process. Renaud Dery is the Managing Partner and the Attorney for the company. There is a Senior Case Manager, assistants to Attorney Dery and an immigration specialist. The team seems capable and equipped to deal with all the immigration renaud deryprocesses, which is comforting for anyone looking into immigration.



The website

The website flows well and is easy to navigate. It provides a great deal of information with regards to specific visa applications and the necessary requirements. It is well laid out and provides quite a few client testimonials about Canadim and its services.


There is a privacy policy on the website and its is easy to find but there is no refund policy or terms and conditions available. They do offer a free online assessment and it is made very visible.


Social Media

The social media presence for Canadim is very good. Their Facebook page has 358 941 likes and it is updated regularly with interesting and relevant news about Canada and its immigration policies and laws. Their Twitter page is just as up to date and interesting as their Facebook page. Canadim also has videos posted onto YouTube that are interesting and informative that answer possible questions that you may have about immigration. They also have a Google + page and a LinkedIn account where you canadim social mediacan read more about the company.


Overall feeling

Canadim has 14 years of experience as an immigration law firm and from what we can see they are very knowledgeable about the processes that are involved in immigration. Their diverse team has experience in many fields. They aim to assist you as the client in every way that they can and believe in personalised service.


Their company is easy to find when you search for them and Renaud Dery is a recognised attorney, so as far as we can see, you do not need to worry about Canadim scamming you.

The Review

7.8 Score


The Good

  • Knowledgeable about immigration laws

The Bad

  • No refund policy or a terms and conditions page


  • Company Identity 100%
  • Legitimacy 90%
  • Service Feedback 70%
  • Features 60%
  • Published Content 70%
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2 Discussion to this review

  1. Adnan Zafar says:

    Many thanks, Nadia Bhuptani/Canadim Team for being the bearer of the good news for my Student Visa Approval from the federal government of Canada. I am glad all this work paid off and now I finally have the door open to Canada. I would like to thank you and your team for helping me achieve this milestone.

  2. Sylesh M says:

    Is Canadim a RCICs Firm ?

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