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Scam Alert: Don’t trust Canadian Visa Expert with your money.

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Reviews like the one above are not uncommon when it comes to Canadian Visa Expert.

When you get tired of scamming people that want to move to America, why not scam the people that want to move right next door? Canada! Which is exactly what Canadian Visa Expert is doing.

Mistakenly trusted by many, Canadian Visa Expert has managed to embezzle money from countless people for years. On November 4 2014, Canadian Visa Expert received their 100th complaint., yet this corrupt institute is still up and running and manages to take and take without giving anything back.

100th complaint

Who is behind this legal team of “professionals”?
The first red flag thrown up by Canadian Visa Expert’s website is that it gives no indication of who will be assisting applicants, so we do not know if you will be assisted by a qualified immigration lawyer or a qualified RCIC consultant, or if they even are qualified to help with visa applications to start with.

Affiliated with other Scams.

Alarmingly, after doing some research, our team has discovered that Canadian Visa Expert is tied to the infamous – a notorious American Green Card Lottery spam and scam website, which charges for entry into the Green Card lottery.CNV

How did we discover this? The footer of Expert’s website clearly states they are “owned and operated by the EU company, PRONET Online Marketing GmbH” – the same company responsible for

A quick Google search reveals that the company identity of Pronet Online Marketing is an untrustworthy one.

This, plus their affiliation with (sister site) makes Canadian Visa Expert’s legitimacy very questionable indeed.



Need more convincing?

Search online for “Canadian visa expert review” and the number of negative reviews about this company are frightening. Yet, despite this, their website features a single positive review from 2012, which is odd as most of the reviews about them are negative.

Video “testimonials”

With all the negative reviews about them, it would seem that Expert has attempted some reputation management, or dare we suggest it: fake testimonials.

There are a number of these so-called video testimonials about Canadian Visa Expert showing up on Google.

For example, the testimonial above was made by “Claudia”, and may be authentic. But is it? Watching the other three reviews quickly reveals a common theme: unlike reviews posted elsewhere online, these reviews are all VERY positive and sound more like sales pitches than true experiences.

This woman, apparently Jenny Roberts, keeps looking to the side as if reading a script and does not seem to be very authentic. She claims to have started the immigration process with a lawyer, but changed to Canadian Visa Expert because “things just weren’t moving fast enough”.

She fails to explain just how much faster Canadian Visa Expert was. While she doesn’t say where she was originally from, or how long she has been in Canada for, she has a very strong Canadian accent, which is odd if she really has only immigrated recently. Which we doubt she ever did.

Who is Sharon Visa?

Normally, when there are online testimonials about a company, people either post them on their own accounts, or the company will upload it to the company’s YouTube account.

Oddly, all of Canadian Visa Expert’s video testimonials are hosted on the same account, called Sharon Visa. You’d be forgiven for assuming that the account belongs to one of the people posting the videos. However, reading the single-line description on the YoutTube account’s “About” tab shows that the channel actually does belong to Canadian Visa Expert. Why isn’t the channel CALLED Canadian Visa Expert then?

And why are all comments disabled? Are they afraid of what people may be saying about them?

Dedicated Scam Facebook page

Nothing shouts SCAM ALERT louder than when someone has created a Facebook page dedicated to people who have been scammed by a company.

facebook fraud

Canadian Visa Expert Arnaque/Scam FRAUD is an entire Facebook page with well over 1000 likes/followers dedicated to telling people that Canadian Visa Expert is a scam.

If that is not enough to tell you that everything about this company is fraudulent, they are also not a BBB Accredited Business.

How much does Canadian Visa Expert cost?
No one can truly answer this, as the company seems to charge different people different amounts. Rather, you can expect to lose whatever money you do pay, and never see a dime again.

All we can say is SCAM, SCAM, SCAM. Stay away from these frauds!



The Review

1.8 Score


The Good

  • N/A

The Bad

  • Facebook page for people who have been scammed by them


  • Company Identity 10%
  • Legitimacy 10%
  • Service Feedback 20%
  • Features 30%
  • Published Content 20%
Canadian Visa Review


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8 Discussion to this review

  1. Aly Rustom says:

    We got scammed. First a guy called Gabriele Marsh called me out of the blue and told me that the whole process would take $2000 from start to finish. Then after we paid that, HE disappeared and a woman by the name of Mia Morgan called me and told me that the 2000 we paid was just for the assessment. They wanted more money and ended up scamming us out of more than $3000 in total. We tried to cancel our application and get a refund but they refused to refund our money, offering us only a $700 discount but still insisting we had to pay the full amount. We are in the process of filing a formal complaint against them.

  2. Alan Wilkinson says:

    Seems i have had money taken from me aswell.

    Excellent that you have set up this review site. Well done.

  3. Francesca Aservi says:

    they are a fraud !!! they stole my money, be careful!!

  4. Bolaji Bello says:

    need all the help i cn gt regarding this…i am an electrical and security systems. Pls get bk to me asap

  5. oscar gutierrez says:

    buenas noches disculpen me interesaria saber como aserle para poder obtener una visa para ir a trabajar en canada me encantaría pero no tengo la suficiente informacion cuento nada más con pasaporte de antemano muchísimas gracias y espero pronta respuesta

    • Canadian Visa Review says:

      Gracias por su respuesta. No somos una agencia de inmigración , sólo hacemos una revisión de las agencias de inmigración . Si usted visita nuestro sitio web se puede elegir entre una de las empresas que hemos revisado como , Bellissimo Law Group, VisaPlace y Visa Canadiense de Examen

  6. please i need your help and i like to be in canada thanks

    • Canadian Visa Review says:

      Good Day Odugbesan
      Thank you for getting in touch with us. We are a review site and therefore do not provide visas.
      We do give top advice on immigration services, so please visit our site and read our reviews at

      Kind regards
      Canadian Visa Review

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