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Is Canadian Recruitment Trustworthy?

Canadian Immigration has 35 years of experience in the recruitment and immigration field. Canadian Recruitment deals specifically with Skilled Trades Recruitment and they deal with national companies and construction companies. They state clearly on their website that the companies they deal with vary in size and the construction companies’ deal with commercial, residential and industrial construction.

The team at Canadian Recruitment consists of two people, Catherine Samuels and Warren Green. Catherine is a licensed Canadian Recruiter and Warren is a Canadian Immigration Consultant, he is registered with the ICCRC and in good standing with the organization. His RCIC number  is R411311 and the number is legitimate.


The Website
The website for Canadian Recruitment is easy to use and quite modern. The layout of the website is clean and all the information is easy to read. One problem that we did find with the website is that it was only created in February 2015. This company’s website is not even a year old and they claim to have 35 years of experience. This raised red flags for us straight away.

On the website, Canadian Recruitment has a list of possible jobs for you to apply for that are all in the trades field. However the last job posting is from the 2nd of August 2014. There is nothing after this job posting and we find that very strange. How is Canadian Recruitment supposed to provide you with reliable help if they can’t even update their job postings page? There is also only one page of job postings. There is also a page for Trade Jobs that they support and there are quite a few.

The website has no client testimonials and we couldn’t find any online anywhere either. We would like to think that a company with so many years of experience would have some satisfied clients. There is no terms and conditions page, no refund policy and no privacy policy. Warren Green does not list his RCIC number on the website either.


Problems We Found and No Social Media Presence

The Canadian Recruitment website has no links for any form of social media and when we looked to see if there is any social media presence for Canadian Recruitment we came up with nothing. There is no Facebook page, no Twitter page or a LinkedIn profile. Warren Green does have a personal LinkedIn Profile but there is barely any information available on the page.

If you are starting to recognize the name Warren Green, then you too are going to have that Eureka moment. Warren Green is also the founder of Alberta Immigration that he ownsalberta immigration and runs with his wife Sara Green. If you read the review that we at Canadian Visa Review did on Alberta Immigration you will remember that that website and company had similar faults. The only plus for both of these companies is that there is someone that is registered with the ICCRC.

Most the job postings on the Canadian Recruitment website are from the 2nd of August 2014. There is one from the 1st and one from the 5th. This is all good and well but the website wasn’t even created then. We have to wonder how lazy Warren and his team were that they couldn’t even find job postings from 2015.

job postings

We are unsure about Canadian Recruitment as they have quite a few issues with their website. We are leaning towards Canadian Recruitment being a possible scam because there are simply too many things that are wrong with the company. There are no client testimonials, no terms and conditions, no refund policy and no privacy policy.
We would advise you to proceed with extreme caution.

The Review

2 Score


The Good

  • Warren Green has a RCIC number

The Bad

  • There is no terms and conditions page, no privacy policy and no refund policy
  • The website is not even a year old
  • The Job Postings page has no recent job postings, most of them are from the 2nd of August 2014


  • Company Identity 30%
  • Legitimacy 10%
  • Service Feedback 20%
  • Features 20%
  • Published Content 20%
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