Canadian Immigration Services Review of WWICS


Canadian Immigration Services Review of WWICS Global

WWICS homepage screenshot

To begin our Canadian Immigration Services Review of WWICS, we start with their About Us page. The company was apparently started in 1993, offering resettlement solutions to help people move/visit:

  • Canada;
  • US;
  • UK;
  • Europe;
  • Australia;
  • New Zealand; and the
  • Caribbean


Their headquarters are said to be found in Mohali, India. The company itself has over 17 offices from India to the UAE and Qatar. The senior directors of the WWICS Global Resettlement Solutions are Devinder and Parvinder Sandhu, both of whom seem to be accredited Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs).


The company appears to have several other group partners for their operations which are:

  • Global Strategic Business Consultancy;
  • West End Diagnostic Imaging;
  • Continental Group of Institutes;
  • CBIS (Canadian Business and Investment Services Inc);
  • WWWICS Estates; and
  • Global Placement Services


WWICS Global Resettlement Solutions’ Website and Services


The next part of our Canadian Immigration Services Review of WWICS takes a look at the website design, which is easy enough to navigate and seems to have some useful information for certain Canadian visas.


Their Recent Blog has current and relevant information about immigration news, although the articles are generally very short, and do not have as much information as they could. There is another link below called News & Media that has not been updated since late December 2016.


The Latest Immigration News link on their Canadian immigration also has not been updated, since they refer to the CIC, (Canadian Immigration and Citizenship) not the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Canadian Citizenship), which is now in charge of immigration for Canada.


The website also has an online Disclaimer, T&Cs and a Privacy Policy provided for the user. Their Privacy Policy claims to ensure that a potential client does not have to give the company their credit details until they are sure that the customer can apply for their services. Their T&Cs also claim to take payment through their site, and not through a third party (unless there are certain issues with the client paying). This is somewhat worrying as the company says they may not be liable for any breach of information or confidentiality involving the client.


The website itself may not be highly secure, as the usual HTTPS code with its green lock does not appear at the top of the website address. Caution may be advised if you wish to make payments on their site.



There is another link to a site that claims to help with IELTF courses from the British Council, where users are warned that their sensitive information may not be 100% safe.

WWCIS not secure 2



Our Canadian Immigration Services Review of WWICS also took a look at the services offered by WWICS Global who supply post landing services like:

  • Applying for Employment Readiness Courses (ERC) which are said to help prepare employees for a new environment. Although the usual description for this course refers to people who have social challenges like Autism and Asperger’s syndrome.
  • Licensing with professionals and registration;
  • Opening:
    • bank accounts; and
    • credit accounts
  • Applying for:
    • drivers licence;
    • government cards;
    • education for children; and
    • insurance etc


Besides claiming to offer post arrival services, WWICS Global Resettlement Solutions also say they provide help with applications for:

  • Business immigration Visas;
  • Family Visas;
  • Skilled Worker Visas;
  • Student Visas;
  • Visitor Visas;
  • Work Permits; and
  • Citizenship applications


WWCIS Global Resettlement Solutions Social Media and Online Reviews


Next, our Canadian Immigration Services Review of WWICS examined the company’s customer testimonials on their homepage, which are all positive reviews. Although the reviews themselves are not dated and do not provide pictures of the clients or any other additional information.

WWICS website testimonials

WWICS’s has social media ranging from Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Although their YouTube channel no longer seems to exist.






The company appear to have three related sites on Facebook

The WWICS Group Facebook page has around 114,000 followers which do suggest that they have a good social media presence. The Facebook page also posts regular, but short articles about immigration, which sometimes link back to their homepage.


The other WWICS Canada Inc Facebook page has fewer followers, with around 16,000, although their response rate seems to be fast.


The last Facebook page WWICS Qatar has 18,800 followers and posts regularly as well. Though most of their posts have to do with people receiving permanent residency in Canada.


None of the Facebook sites has a review option on their pages, which may not help their online credibility.

WWICS Twitter account has around 9,000 followers and seems to have a fairly active account with an estimated 12,000 tweets. Their information appears to be correct and posted regularly.


On google review, the WWICS Qatar branch tends to have a mixed review rating, with ratings of 1 star to 5. Many of the complaints seem to have issues with either fees, and/or unprofessional business conduct.

There are positive reviews for WWICS Qatar, although many do not say why they enjoyed their services.


WWICS Global Resettlement Solutions Conclusion


Overall it does help that the company does appear to have accredited RCICs, like Mr. Devinder Sandhu and Parvinder Sandhu. Their content when it is updated seems to be linked to recent immigration news, which can help the user. Although there are some news links that appear to have been abandoned or forgotten.


Our Canadian Immigration Services Review of WWICS also uncovered the addition of online documents like a Privacy Policy, T&Cs and Disclaimer, which does make the site seem more professional. Although the online security of their site, may not be the safest to conduct online payments on. The site does not appear to be encoded to stop illegal third-party access, and one of their links leads to a potentially harmful website through the British Council website.


Maybe because of the size of the WWICS, not all the services offered to clients may be of the same level, like the mixed reviews of WWICS Qatar. It would appear that WWICS may be what it claims to be, a service and consulting company that assists in immigration and settlement. Although one should always be careful when hiring the immigration services of any company.


If you have any experience with WWICS Global Resettlement Solutions company or any of their affiliated businesses, feel free to comment below.

The Review

7 Score


The Good

  • Accredited RCICs
  • Good social media presence
  • regular posts on immigration news
  • T&Cs, Privacy Policy are present

The Bad

  • Website not encoded for users' safety
  • no refund policy


  • Company Identity 60%
  • Legitimacy 70%
  • Service Feedback 80%
  • Published content 70%
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16 Discussion to this review

  1. wissam says:

    a big waste of time, money
    if your considering applying for immigration don’t try wwics
    you will really waste your money and time
    once you pay and then you case is over for them
    you don’t get any guidance or email replies from them, they even don’t take you call or call you back

  2. Ahmed says:

    WWICS is a very bad company. I don’t advise anyone to work with them. They took from me a lot of money and after that they didn’t make a proper job. I have to write all my papers even my CV and settlement plan, I have to fill all the forms, they do nothing. Even if I give them my docs to scan it, they refuse. They didn’t make any follow up, you have to call them. They simply took your docs that you spend effort to prepare it and put it for the express entry, it is a task that can take from you or any clerk just 30 minutes. They told me you will get the visa in few months and now 2 years and they said I don’t have high score. However, they knew my points before taking the money. I don’t advise you to go with them. You will loose your time and money.

  3. Amrut Kulkarni says:

    Hello, I am from india (State-Maharashtra) & want to apply for canadian PR.
    can you suggest well known agency name/ consultancy for the same.
    my mail id

  4. Ms Divanshi Makkar says:

    one of the best immigration companies, shubhransh helped me out a lot with so many things, from getting my visa to getting the right job, he lined up everything as made it so easy. I would recommend him to everyone.

  5. Anil says:

    This is absolute TRUE. WWICS is a pure fraud company. There is a lady called Tanpreet who sits in Dubai office. You call them 100 times, to get an appointment or understand through the process you will never get a response from them and you will never get a clarity on the next steps. Once the money is spent, then you are at their mercy and they will start playing with you, wasting your time and never getting it through your immigration process. New customers, kindly do not go with WWICS and ensure that you have 100% check with other immigration companies before you start your immigration procedure

  6. Vijaya says:

    Hi everyone,
    This WWICS is an absolute fraud and scam, which I experienced from UAE (about 4000 USD). They are just stealing your money. I particularly advise non-Indians who are not aware of the slumdogs the notorious filthy pimps of the Universe !!!. if you ignore you will lose the money and dignity. If someone got success then it is not definitely from these scams. he/she could have achieved by that even by direct application or through someone else.

  7. shady says:

    They call you a lot first, then after you transfer the money they start to create a lot of excuses, it’s a fake company and fake process I advise anyone doesn’t deal with them

  8. logesh says:

    i got an offer from ortis canada and i really confused whether it is real or fake pls help me

  9. George S says:

    How do I find out more?

  10. Dalvara singh says:


    • Dalvara singh says:

      Hallo sir my name is dalvara singh I am working UAE now my supna is canada working plz sir visa geving now my number +971543561680

  11. Amat says:

    Hi, I intend to go for an immigration plan to Canada. I am currently in Qatar. I spoke to Stratix, but due to your reviews, I got discouraged. Would you please recommend a certified or authorized office here in my place? Stratix asked for 12,800 QR, i.e., 4000 CAD (approximately). Plus, I am not really quite sure about how true are the reviews of the people commenting on your web site. After all, we do not know who’s standing behind them. It can be the office itself or an enemy or… Thanks in advance. Any assistance from your side is appreciated.

    • sumith says:

      Well I have been commenting on blog and connecting with fellow bloggers since a long time and I must admit these tips are of great help since it took a long time to get my visa from gold R in sri lanka but i was still getting updated from your website
      Many thanks for your wonderful words about this post.
      Have a nice day

  12. arun says:

    i am Arun from India….. This is regarding an inquiry related to Canadian immigration program, Currently am associated in a Textile company as HR.executive and i have around 2.5 yrs of experience in the industry. Stepping into Canada always been my Dream. So what should i do to get a job offer ??. Could you please recommend some consultants which provides Placement assistance…

  13. Sajid Ali says:

    Hello sir I’m interested with jobs I have my experience 10 year now I’m in Dubai I’m still working in Dubai 4 year so I’m very interested this is my contact number 00971582294549 thanks u

  14. Sudheer says:

    Thank you for all the support. You were really of great help.The confidence that you had about us getting the visa ,kept our spirits high. It was your guidance and prompt response that refrained our tension during the lengthy immigration process.

    I have already recommended WWICS to few of my friends as well. All the best.

    Thanks and Regards,

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