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Canadian immigration consultancts review

Canadian Immigration Consultancy Review


Our Canadian Immigration Consultancy review starts with the company’s history and their services.


This company is based in the Philippines and states that it has over 25 years of experience in the Canadian immigration field.


The company goes on to say that it is one of the “largest, most recognized and reputable Canadian immigration consultants in the Philippines.” They appear to offer immigration services to Canada through:

  • Express Entry;
  • Family Sponsorship; and
  • Provincial Nomination Programs


The business also states that they have helped over 50,000 clients since the company opened. We take a closer look at this claim later on in the review.


Their Website


At first glance their website seems very well made, unfortunately, that is all it has.


The website provides general information about Express Entry, Provincial Nomination Program and a few other programs. Most of their information links off to other sites and it is not written by the company, which we found to be a bit lazy on the company’s part.


We also noticed that some of the external links no longer work, so we ended up on dead end pages with no redirects. This did not improve our experience of the company.


We discovered that their content is also outdated, specifically when it came to Express Entry. They supplied old information from 2015 and have not updated other relevant information like the faster application times of 60 days for permanent residency, rather than the 90 days listed on the site.


canadian immigration consultancy is outdated


The site is also missing some very important documents, namely a Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and a Refund Policy. These documents are meant to protect the customer and the company from fraud or misuse of services. The fact that these documents are missing is a major issue for the website.


Their Services


Next in our Canadian Immigration Consultancy review we take a look at the company’s services. These services are for:

  • Express Entry;
  • Provincial Nomination Programs;
  • Family Sponsorship; and
  • Student Visas


We noticed a major issue, although the company states that they hire many Canadian immigration consultants, none of the apparent RCICs (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants) are registered with the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council).


We found no trace of any of these registered RCICs on the council’s registry:

  • Rowena Andrade;
  • Rosemarie Moradilla;
  • Grace Soriano;
  • Apol Apuntar;
  • Jay Araneta;
  • Dianne Sy;
  • Regina Aguilar;
  • Madellene Matienzo-Puig;
  • Marvin E. Manalo;
  • Ruth L. Pialan; or
  • Fe Gorio


All of these individuals are meant to be regulated representatives, which means that they can legally charge for immigration services. None of the company’s consultants exist on the ICCRC system. The company cannot legally charge for their services.


If you hire them, your application will fail when IRCC (Immigration Refugee Canada Citizenship) discovers you have used illegal consultants.


Social Media Reviews on Canadian Immigration Consultancy


We continue our Canadian Immigration Consultancy review by taking a look at the company’s social media, starting with their Facebook profile.


facebook Canadian immigration consultancy


For a company that claims to be one of the biggest Canadian immigration consultants in the country, they seem to have a very small following of only 204. Not only that, but we also found that they last posted in 2015! If you are looking to keep updated on the latest immigration news, you should not use this company.


The company also disabled the review option on their Facebook page, so we cannot see what their clients actually say about the company’s services.


To make matters worse, we found that they have another Facebook account for their company.


facebook number 2 for Canadian immigration consultancy


This page has more followers and posts updated information, although it has the same name and logo from Canadian Immigration Consultancy SM North Edsa, it leads to another website Canada Visa 101.


This website claims that a visa could take only two months to get. None of Canada’s immigration programs offers a two-month visa. Only one program offers a two week processing time and that is Global Skills Strategy program. Most visas take a minimum of six months to apply and qualify for.


Another company


We did more research and found there is an article written by the GMA News that warned customers to avoid a company called CIC that illegally used the Canadian Immigration Canada logo to fool people.


We did notice that the Canadian Immigration Consultancy does shorten their name to CIC on their Facebook page. This could be the very company that GMA warned about, so beware.




Do not use Canadian Immigration Consultancy. They have too many problems, from their website’s outdated information, RCICs who do not exist, to the conflicting Facebook pages that lead to totally different companies.


Choose the Right Immigration Company


Avoid immigration fraud and do Canadian immigration right the first time. Take a look at some of the trusted Canadian immigration companies we have written reviews for right here.


If you have any experience with this company, please comment below.

The Review

1.7 Score


The Good

The Bad


  • Multiple accounts leading to different websites and social media accounts 10%
  • No authorized representatives like a RCIC or immigration lawyer 10%
  • Basic information about immigration 30%
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