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The Charismatic Immigration Center.

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According to the website, Canadian Center for Immigration Services considers itself to be a charismatic Canadian Immigration firm that has been serving clients since 2005.

Located in the UAE, Canadian Center for Immigration Services has abnormal offices hours, which seem to work for them. They are open Sunday to Wednesday from 9am to 7pm as well as Thursdays and Saturdays from 9am to 5:30pm.

Not only that, but the company’s customer relations officer is available on live chat from Thursday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm to answer any of the questions that applicants may have.

Website and Content:

The website is clean, basic and easy to navigate. The content however, is vague and not very informative as the different visa programs are not explained, only listed. With an immigration news SMS alert, the Canadian Center for Immigration Services also offers applicants a chance to complete a free online assessment form and receive an eligibility report within 48 hours.cscimmigration sms Applicants are encouraged to call the office line if they want to discuss their case with the consultants.

There is also a Job Opportunity and Education section on the website but it does not have a lot of content on it. Does this mean that the company also assists people with finding jobs in Canada and helps students apply to universities?


According to the website, Canadian Center for Immigration Services offers a vast amount of immigration services:

  • Permanent Residence Visa
  • Investors and Entrepreneurs Programs
  • Skilled Immigration Programs and Skilled Trade Programs
  • Sponsorship Programs
  • Study Visas for Canada
  • Canadian Visitors Visa

According to the website, Canadian Center for Immigration Services also assists with attaining visitors visas to the US, UK, Australia, and Europe.

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But who assists with these visas?

Qualified Immigration Consultant:

rcic ccim

The Canadian Center for Immigration Services has a qualified Canadian immigration consultant Mohamad Al-Sakagh – RCIC Number R406759. Mohamad Al-Sabagh is in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and is a former member of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC).

We could not find a single picture of Al-Sabagh on the website, which is strange as most RCIC consultants upload their image onto their website.

At the top of the website, one finds different flags, which would lead us to think that they offer visas to those countries too. Well, according to the website they offer visitors visas to the US, UK, Australia, Japan, South Korea and Europe.cscimmigration flags

However, the company fails to showcase who the other immigration consultants are for these different countries. So the question is…who is doing the immigration for the US, UK, Australia, Japan, South Korea and Europe?

Social Media and Reviews:

There are no reviews about the company online, but there are a few on their Facebook page with clients awarding them high ratings and clients going as far as to say they provide “Great and Excellent Services Indeed.”

The company has a Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus page which are updated regularly. In addition, they also update their news/blog section often on the website.
cscimmigration facebookThe Canadian Center for Immigration Services looks legitimate and it ticks some of the right boxes for Canadian Immigration, however it does not list anything about the other countries listed on their website, so we would suggest that people be careful with the other countries.

Have you had any experience with Canadian Center for Immigration Services? If so, leave us a comment telling us your thoughts about Canadian Center for Immigration Services.


The Review

4.8 Score


The Good

  • Social Media and news/blog section are updated regularly

The Bad

  • Don’t list the other immigration consultants for the other countries


  • Company Identity 40%
  • Legitimacy 100%
  • Service Feedback 30%
  • Features 40%
  • Published Content 30%
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