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CanadaXpress is a ‘Canadian’ based immigration consultancy. “If there is a way to get you in Canada we will find it” is this company’s slogan of choice, regardless of their success rate, this is the kind of promises consultancies should steer clear from. Promising clients a “way in” is misleading as they cannot keep to a promise of this scale, it promotes false hope.

The company’s website states the company has a “team of experts and legal partners” yet the company name is not recognized on the ICCRC’s official website, nor are we provided with any information on these regulated members. The company claims to be affiliated and registered with the ICCRC but shows nothing to prove this as fact. CanadaXpress has too much mystery which is not welcomed when dealing with sensitive matters such as immigration.


Website and Service

Upon accessing all there is to this website we found its ‘appearance’ to be too good to be true. CanadaXpress has all the right things we as reviewers look for except for one truly vital element, their ICCRC accreditation or regulated members (as mentioned before). This had us discarding almost everything we found on this website, finding that their ICCRC details sets the tone. However, we can not discard the fact that CanadaXpress has an exquisite website. The website includes; a well-written Privacy Policy as well as a Terms of Use document. Still, we are left unsatisfied and skeptical. The website has 16 pictures of people who we are lead to believe are the team of ‘experts’ they claim to have. We suspect that the website  is dressed-up enough to prevent clients from asking questions, as the company mentions their ICCRC members but fails to name them.

The immigration-related services CanadaXpress have to offer includes; Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trade Program, Canadian Experience Class and a range of Provincial Nomination Programs. CanadaXpress offers study and work permits too.


Social Media & Online Review

We found that CanadaXpress has both a Twitter and Facebook account. Starting with their Facebook account, the company has a large following of over 51 000 likes for their page. We find this to be quite odd as we cannot understand why a page that has very little activity has that much traffic. Posts date back to 2014/2015 and don’t consist of much other than picture updates. Could these likes have been bought? Another strange phenomenon is that the page has absolutely no Facebook reviews.. The Twitter profile consists of one tweet and has under 10 followers, also dating back to 2014.

CanadaXpress has made quite an impression in the cyber world and not a good one might we add. Entering the company’s name in Google resulted in the following:



As you can see this company has raised many questions including “is a scam or legit” as well as “Canada Xpress- Stay away.” These are not the types of results one hopes to find when considering a company to handle your immigration matters. CanadaXpress has a poor online reputation and after thorough research it is easy to understand why. We have also received personal information on the company further exposing their scam-like methods.



We cannot confirm whether this company is a scam or whether it is in fact legitimate, but we would recommend clients steer clear until we are given a more solid foundation to work with. Clients seem to be either dissatisfied or uncertain about CanadaXpress. With that being said, do proceed with caution.

You can visit their website here:

The Review

4.5 Score


The Good

The Bad

  • Not recognized by the ICCRC


  • Company Identity 50%
  • Legitimacy 20%
  • Published Content 60%
  • Feedback 50%
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7 Discussion to this review

  1. Lilly Wils says:

    I understand you all guys have some issues with #canadaxpress. they are located at Gurgaon, India, DLF Cyber city. company name OPK..They are nothing just a scamming people. Very fake company..

  2. Misael Gomez says:

    They have called me as well and i also paid the $750, later on i received the report and a women contact me for additional payment. at this point i did some checking regarding their RCIC and shopping around to understand what is the cost for entire immigration service to Canada and actually the total amount they asked me was more or less the same of other agencies. So made the additional payment and the RCIC submitted all my documents to the programs. In the meantime i’m pleased from the service regardless of some bad review.

  3. roms says:

    never ever give your credit card online, and you would never know the person who called you really working in the legitimate company. don’t be stupid, so many scams on internet. do your research first.

  4. Mei Ling says:

    Omg! they have just called me and asked for the same amount of money (USD 750) and I did not give them my credit card no as I find it very strange. I told them it is not very appropriate to ask for my credit card no without giving me any details. I requested an email to be sent to me on their request and list down the details of the info they want and they did it! I decided to check the reviews of their company online and it is lucky for me to found this website and your comments. Action shall be taken on this company by Canada authorities.

  5. Miranda says:

    Hi, unfortunately for me I paid the 750 USD, but I remember that the girl who contacted me told that it will be the unique payment that I have to do, but after one week they sent a “report” with my evaluation and possibilities to get in to Canada and after i have received this report they call me again to continue with the process, but she ask for another payment of 2700 USD, i said that it is too expensive and after w with her supervisor, the price goes down up to 1800 USD, so it sounds to me very strange, so I decided to put in hold this process to look for some information about them.
    It is a pity that I found your website so late, I’m sure that I have lost 750USD.

    • Sunny says:

      Hi. Miranda.. well I receive call from them as well 2 days after I submitted application online.
      This lady’s name was Grace Walker, she ask me details n later even took my debit card number, she ask to pay 750$ .. well I said not enough cash,I felt suspicious coz in first call without even filling any documents, why ask me money? Well she called me few times did I arranged the said amount, I said no n guess what no follow up calls after that..

    • Jse says:

      I too was bamboozled into making a payment of 250 USD, I only paid that amount because its all I had at the time. They will probably be calling soon for the rest of the payment. I glad I have read all of this now.

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